Addiction Recovery│My Brother Using Applied Behavior Analysis

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about addictions the underlying factors and then a little bit about actionable treatment steps that may be rooted in behavioral science some of the lows I hit I was drinking more than a 1.75 liter bottle of vodka a day I was unable to go anywhere because after three hours I were beginning to get tremors and shakes my speech I couldn’t put together a sentence I’m an English major theater major had lost my vocabulary I’ve had seizures as a result and I’ve had a heart attack Jake was working in the office one day and there was some kind of withdrawal effect I think and he had a seizure and it was scary as hell man what I do is I have a replate I call it replacement therapy and where I’ll give myself another small reward to build for sobriety but the sobriety goal there’s never an end game it’s a continuing thing so it’s a series like in the I go to any meetings sometimes Narcotics Anonymous and you know for certain amounts of time you get a keychain and you would think Oh keychain but it means so much just to shoot for that and being acknowledged by other people who have been in the same boat as you yeah talking about their issues but I I use it could be a cup of coffee it could be you know like today I’m gonna go and treat myself to a meal after I’m done here these things so when you’re you’re craving when you’re an addict you’re craving instant gratification you need to replace your instant gratification x’ with healthy things things that aren’t detrimental to you and others and that’s what I try to do Jay is hitting right on one of the most important factors that behavior analysis focuses on which to decrease any behavior to decrease any behavior it’s almost required to increase some alternative behavior at least for sustain change not always but most of the time and and earlier you touched on how at a a there’s like a key chain and different like token type things different hours yeah for the amounts of time so that’s also behavioral science principle where it signifies the end the long game so you’re getting small immediate reinforcers that are valuable and just like in a you know in behavior analysis talks practice the practice of behavior analysis often uses token systems I mean even a dollar bill is a token that later is exchanged for something but you’re it’s even more meaningful in some ways that you’re getting these tokens when you go to an a a meeting not only do you have the social reinforcement of other people that have been through what you’ve been through that can kind of like relate to you but you’re also getting a physical token which is symbolic of the long-term success date usually before right sure and they they start it’s it’s just so obvious to me that addiction in ABA I mean ABA can be directly applied to it like you just pointed out with na you get first for your 24 hour one and then it goes into increments of you know 30 days 60 days 90 days and then for the rest of your life as long as you’re going you get yearly ones I know guys that have keychain chains this long yeah and they’re just you know I love it because it get it makes something salient which is saliency is an important behavior analytic factor for things that are long-term goals you see tangible small steps making something concrete which is very difficult to do sobriety is not easy to make tangible well you know how addicts tend to make it tangible at least this addict is you use the term when you say how much time you have I have six months I have a year and a half I have as if it’s a possession which it is you’ve earned that time you can generally say that that’s the possession that’s what you’re working for is more and more time time alive time to live live experience life and you really do experience life a whole lot more I mean when you’re messing around with prescription pills or alcohol especially you know or both the Saint in the same boat alcohol and pills you uh you really numbed out to everything around you and I always say that alcohol and drugs aren’t the answer they just make you forget the question

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