Addiction Treatment Reputation Management in 2014.

Addiction Treatment Reputation Management in 2014. Is reputation
management part of your addiction marketing strategy? Marketing drug treatment programs has changed
drastically in recent years. Recovery businesses are able to communicate
directly with their prospective residents through the internet and they are able to
review their options before choosing the best addiction treatment center for them or a loved
one. It’s crucial to pay attention to your brands’
influence online to make sure the sentiment is positive. The more positive the sentiment, the more
effective your addiction treatment lead generation plan will be. Your business depends on positive reviews,
positive social proof from all over the web. Google Plus Local has become an important
place for reviewing drug rehabs, and review sites such as Insider Pages and Yelp have
become a commonplace practice for the public to express their sentiment about recovery
programs. If you haven’t considered monitoring, managing
and repairing your addiction reputation, (if need be..) now is the time! As one of few companies with almost a decade
of recovery specific experience, we are positioned as the results driven addiction marketing
and lead generation agency. We understand online marketing for your addiction
recovery center and can likely help you. If not, we’ll point you in the direction of
someone who can. As Ben Franklin quoted; “It takes many good
deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad
one to lose it.” Schedule your no-obligation consultation and
web presence audit. Addiction Treatment Reputation Management
and marketing can be affordable and productive regardless of your previous experiences. Like yourself, we’ve heard almost all of it,
and can clearly show you how to keep your beds full each month. Make this your last call… @


  1. It can. As part of a marketing mix, G+ Local business pages gives you a Free and central "Google dashboard" to monitor, measure and interact with your audience on the Google social network, as well as YouTube and Hangouts (live video conference). Keeping your page populated with content and active can give you a natural authority boost online so you'll be seen more often. Communication with prospective residents is very easy. Check out our website above to discover more on this powerful tool.

  2. In a sense. Creating fresh, valuable content in the form of blogs, videos, etc. will feed search engines the food they require. Monitoring and managing your 'recovery brand', the search engines recognize your authority status and show your web properties (and phone number) more often to the families who need you. These efforts can replace negative sentiment left by reviews with messaging your audience needs to understand. A client booked an admission last week from one of our reputation videos.

  3. Yes we do. In fact, we're focusing more in this area due to the conversions (quality phone calls and admissions in) our recovery clients are experiencing. Video works great for communicating solutions to urgent family/personal needs. Our video system is compelling and delivers. Would you be open to a Complimentary trial? Call us today and we'll take care of you: 1-424-653-6073

  4. Thanks Eduardo! You can call us to discuss your most pressing needs. Schedule soon, the holidays are around the corner and demand is higher. Should take 15 minutes or so to hear if we can work together, and we can point you in the right direction whether we work together or not. Call: 1-424-653-6073

  5. Hello Agape. Due to the sensitive nature of seeking recovery help, strategies are different than in other businesses. We recommend our clients take an integrated approach similar to recovery. Start with one relevant network, test and understand if the audience is responsive. Then, consider other channels based on the plan. Our clients are driving revenue through several, the social video site SoberLivingVideos, Facebook and Google+ Local (including YouTube) are producing solid results.

  6. The addiction marketing app will be released soon! Please email us here to get a private invite.

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