Adult Disney Fans Are Weird (Hot Date)

Adult Disney Fans Are Weird (Hot Date)

– So since we are flush with cash from that go-cart settlement. – It did not say anywhere that
those things couldn’t handle sand dunes. – I think we should go on vacation. – You thinking what I’m thinking? Disney World!
– Europe! I was thinking that we could
see the world and experience new cultures. – Like at Epcot. – No like expand our minds. – Like an Imagineer. – Somewhere like Spain
or France or Germany. – Like at Epcot. – I’m sorry, why would we
ever willingly go to Florida? – Emily there’s something
I need to show you. (dramatic music) – Ew I’ve had sex with you. – It is the mark of my people,
the mark of House Mouse. E’er since I was a boy, my
brethren and I would make an annual pilgrimage to the mouse. Now, e’en though I am grown,
my heart still yearns for the red rocks of Frontierland
and the enchanted falls of Splash Mountain. – So you’re from one of those
Disney families that goes there every vacation instead
of venturing outside their comfort zones? – That would be an
accurate assessment, yes. – Cool, well I don’t want to
waste my vacation time going to Disney World. – Emily, Disney World is not a vacation, it’s a state of mind. – All the more reason not to
go there, just go in your mind. What do you even want to do? Do you want to walk
around wearing Micky ears? – (laughs) Please, I’m a grown man. A tasteful Jack Skellington hoodie and a light saber is all I need. Leave the mouse ears to the women. – Is this why you don’t have a passport. – Um, I have a Disney passport. Stamped by every margarita
vendor in Epcot’s world showcase. Citizen of the World Showcase. – Disney is just another
corporation that doesn’t care about you, and they don’t care about their employees.
– Cast members. – What? – Disney doesn’t have employees,
they have cast members. – So the guy shoveling shit
out of the pool drain at one of their resorts is – Part of the cast. – That sounds like a cult. – Just because I was indoctrinated
as a child, I ignore all the bad parts about it and
yield fully to its influence over me does not mean I’m in a cult. I just like it, okay? Real life is stressful
and Mickey Mouse isn’t. I like Mickey Mouse. – Ah, I see. Disney World isn’t just
a theme park to you. It represents the magic of childhood. Okay, let’s do this. We’ll do a European vacation,
but before we do, we’ll drive down and we’ll spend a
weekend at Disney Land. – Disney Land doesn’t
even have Spaceship Earth. – Alright give me your arm
I’m gonna cut that tattoo out. – No no no no. – What’s up, the world? From award holders Murph and
Emily comes a new webseries called Hot Date. – That’s right it’s gonna be
coming to you weekly, and if we play our cards right, maybe
we’ll actually win one of these. – Yes, these are other peoples. – These are other peoples. – But, we’re holding them
so, who’s the real winner?


  1. I thought it was so funny when he did the whole “I just like it ok” part that’s so me with other things not Disney

  2. Honestly, Disneyland, World, whatever is overrated in my opinion. When it all comes down to it Disney is just another amusement park, overpriced for literally anything, you stand and wait in lines for over 2 hours while hearing screaming kids. Yeah that totally sounds fun. I would much rather go to Ireland or something.

  3. I don't care what this video says. I'll go to Disney world at 80 years old with prostate cancer and my back broke.

  4. I could never date someone who doesn’t like Disney, like amazing movies and music, if you don’t enjoy that, I don’t like you

  5. "Why would we ever willingly to to Florida" TBH, I've lived in Florida for eight months now and I still can't answer this question.

  6. I'm 23…never been to Disney World, I both want to for the experience and because I grew up with Disney, but I also don't want to because of the amount of people….I'm not very good in large crowds of people, plus lines…and I hate just..standing around.

  7. This is how non white people feel when people say they've traveled the world . . . Meaning North America, Europe and Australia

  8. Yeah, I was a Disney kid once; but then I upgraded to Universal Studios, and now I’m much happier. Plus Disney doesn’t have the Harry Potter world, does it? Didn’t think so!

  9. Sister just got a $200,000 settlement with the City of Salinas in Cali and she’s a Disney’s fan, it reminds me of this 😂😂😂

  10. I love how he says mickey isn't stressful, but planning for disney land is one of the most stressful things, not to mention planning fast passes, avoiding huge lines, and getting dinner before all the restaurants are bursting at the seams

  11. Not gonna lie, I went to Disney World last year with my school music program and i was 100% Murph and i loved every goddamn second of it.

  12. There are so many places that feed a person emotionally, that contribute to a persons growth. I just don’t get… Disney.

  13. I’m a teen and u know what’s wrong with adults these days? they don’t know how to have fun at Disney! I love Disney and I still have fun in me.

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  15. Her: We could take a tour of the Amazon rainforest!
    Me: Like on Jungle Cruise?
    Her: …or go on an African Safari…
    Me: Like in Animal Kingdom?
    Her: …go visit the Himalayas…
    Me: Expedition Everest!
    Her: …what about Mardi Gras in New Orleans?
    Me: We could stay at the Port Orelans French Quarter resort!
    Her: ….nevermind

  16. Ok I can kind of understand this video and I am a Disney nerd. But i’m not one of those over obsessed fans. I study I go to college. I do clay pigeon shooting and rifle shooting and this video is calling me weird. Seriously no surprise since this channel is a SJW propaganda channel demonising any one who disagrees with your left wing mania stupid opinion.

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