Alcoholic Learns What His Addiction has Done to His Body

Alcoholic Learns What His Addiction has Done to His Body


  1. I have stage 4 liver disease I have Non Alcohol liver disease I was diagnosed when i Was 25 but I keep fighting and I've never touch liquor in my life

  2. I don't think my sister will ever get sober. She drinks because she's depressed and she's depressed because she's morbidly obese. She doesn't have enough determination to lose weight because of her depression so she continually spirals down the path of self destruction. I believe her excessive drinking has caused her to reach a point of alcohol-induced psychosis. Her behavior is erratic and frightening at times. It's such a vicious cycle I fear will never be broken. She's only 34 and I don't think she'll make it to 50.

  3. Why were they surprised when she told them that the liver can rebuild itself if they let it doesn't everyone know that or are they just that stupid.

  4. I wish I would've seen this a year ago my dad sadly passed away last year of cirrhosis of the liver and it's hard for me.. I'm only 13

  5. Glad I have never drunk it or ever wanted too.
    Alcohol addiction runs in my family and all my family drink it but me. And it's such a everyday thing to do here in Australia and they think it's normal to get drunk every day (the people that over do it) I'm fine with people drinking though as long as it does not affect anyone negatively .aka them being so drunk that they hurt people or them self's.

  6. I lost my high school sweetheart , bestfriend and father to my only child at the age of of 36. Its a tragic disease to watch take their life. He didnt stop even after we knew . Moral to this story is STOP YOUR LOVED.

  7. I'm not surprised at what alcohol does to the liver because I learned what alcohol does to the entire body but I am surprised how so many people are clueless about their own bodies, just knowing what alcohol does to the brain is enough to make someone want to stop, now talk about the junk people stuff into their mouths sending millions to early graves because their livers also suffer a beating.

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