Alcoholism Kills: Anne and David’s Story

Alcoholism Kills: Anne and David’s Story

Alcohol is only the solution to an underlying
problem, and it’s not really until you take care of the problem that you can relieve yourself
of the alcoholism. Anne was the spitting image of the late movie
actress Ann Sheridan. She had that nice red hair, and just a beautiful girl. Lovely, well-developed
figure, except that she had an illness. The illness is called dropsy; her legs at the
ankle were just as wide as they were at her hip. And she was very self-conscious about
that. She always wore lounging pajamas, slacks, or long skirts to hide her legs. When she
used to go swimming, she’d wait until night when everyone was gone. As a matter of fact,
the light that is up there was put up by her boyfriend so she could go up there late at
night to go swimming. We made an exception for her on account of how ashamed she was
of herself. She always said that she drank because when
she drank, she forgot that she had this thing with her legs, and remove the embarrassment. Well, they found Anne dead in the travel lodge
at Fisherman’s Wharf, apparently overdosed on alcohol. But the reason I bring her name up, is that
her boyfriend is up here too. You always say to the alcoholic, “Don’t ask for too much,
you might get it?” Well, he used to come up here and say, “The reason I’m drunk is because
I got no job. I’m just hanging around waiting to get a job, and I’m drunk. As soon as I
get a job, I’ll be alright.” By golly, he got a job. He got offered a hell
of a job in Hawaii. And his plan was to marry Anne and take her over to Hawaii, and they
were going to live happily ever after because he had solved his problem. But he had to go out and celebrate, because
he got the job. And he never put in a day’s work because he died during the celebration.


  1. Good story. There is always an "underlying problem." Absolutely correct. That is why just not drinking does not work. Dry drunks are usually prety miserable. One has to do the work via AA to discover what made one want to do  what was against ones own interest over and over.

  2. "Dropsy" is old fashioned term for "Lymphedema", swelling of the limbs due to fluid accumulation from several different causes.

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