Alcoholism’s Weird College Connection (Study)

Alcoholism’s Weird College Connection (Study)

i think we’ve all heard the joke that
you’re not alcoholic until your out of college i call that drinking is finding
colleges only called alcoholism once you’re in the real world but in this
study is actually kind of proving the opposite which is insane alcoholism
rates could actually planet with higher our college education which believes
country to the job thinking that while all the drinking that you’re going to do
in constant crates future alcoholics yeah and this is our study coming from
pennsylvania state university sponsored by a research associate professor
stephanie lands act and this survey participants found that
people who enrolling college on that issue we need to adapt uh… much higher levels of
responsibilities with alcohol adults who did not enroll in college or
six times more likely to develop a drinking
problem by age thirty three than people who did in role in college
uh… did that shock you will devote a six times i i i
don’t know if you just asked me who’s more likely causes an on-call seems to
be securely on their screens in college i would say and infirm any students i
know that this is kind of an american thing like you do that there is a binge
drinking culture a lot of universities and so maybe you either being introduced so
that there’s a possibility that effect after college or maybe you know you get
out here system while you’re in college and it seems less appealing afterward i
would say that that judging by my facebook feed by people of the people a
new anthology this’ll drinking quite happily afterward but i guess that after
five ten years that tails off but what’s really don’t know exactly why this is
happening but i would say that it’s probably has to do with a sin economic
difference between people who graduate college into those who don’t and also the the career that they and
they end up with and i mean i assume that they’re less likely to be in a
situation where they feel like constant consumption of alcohol is a necessity uh… i don’t think it’s a police but i
had to have stressed out that’s always the case for everybody addresses all saying they missed the bonds here i
think that’s that’s a good job on but yesterday is a nice school with me as as liberals take typically
would be the position where better for more people to go to college and i never
been this this country shares that opinion ibiza nestle silver lining and once that that i want to go over
that’s interesting i i i have not not imagine this but they’re actually
like their estimates of the economic costs of excessive drinking like i said
you’re talking about the car accidents per also product to be lonesome intended
you know how complication and yet totally health insurance is but also the
products and he’s pretty big michael lindsay lohan estimate of rehab she’s
not making movies during that time that’s also a silver lining uh… that’s what we have uh… stats
for this being on the cost in nine in two
thousand six i assume there they’re saying nearly
unlimited explicitly clear is two hundred and twenty three billion dollars
for one ninety perjuring yes um… which is a significant cost of each drink
except in l_a_ or certainly how cute so it’s costing us a lot of the nation
so whatever we need to cut that is good one of those ways seems to be setting
where people to come right and one other quick sad that according to the national
institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism they estimated about eighteen million
americans identifies alcoholics or admit to having a drinking problem and i’m
sure there’s you know at least hundreds of thousands if not millions more that
do have a drinking problem but wanted minutes i’m sure that like with most
active actually i’ve attached a little lower than than the actual number an
s_l_ clearly alcoholism is a pretty big
problem not only in america but around the world


  1. It's not really heavily enforced on most college campus unless you go to a conservative school or your caught driving while drunk.

  2. I don't think college is entirely responsible for that. If I was 30 without a degree, I would be drinking more too.

  3. "this is an american thing" you drink light, watery and to be honest, shit beer, come to Sweden, have a couple of beers and you will be wasted (no joke)

  4. So… people in the US are so unhappy they become alcoholics… It doesn't really have much to do with college itself.

  5. Alcoholism is fairly strong in certain parts of the US. Certain geographic regions and cultural subgroups are known for it. Where I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania for instance has the 4th highest rate of binge drinking in the entire country. The biggest city is Scranton, then my Wilkes-Barre. The coal mining tradition has entrenched hard Eastern European drinking into the culture. When I lived in Eastern Europe, the culture there just accepts alcoholism and public drinking as a part of life.

  6. How is this shocking? Uneducated people tend to be more poor and therefore more likely to abuse all kinds of substances…

  7. You kinda misunderstood the phrase. It means that it isn't alcoholism in college because everyone is always drinking constantly anyway and it's not viewed as an issue.

  8. Things like speaking your mind, drinking, lack of structure, smoking pot and being a free spirit are fun until you get out of college. Afterwards, you are bluntly rude, an alcoholic, lazy, pothead, a loose cannon. It sucks.

  9. I'm almost certain it is as John said at the start, which is because at college they do all the crazy drinking and don't see it as appealing later on in life as opposed those who didn't have that chance. 🙂

  10. Dogthedog2, I totally agree. If it was cheaper, and I didn't need a damn flash to get me going I would have drank a lot more. I just saw no point in spending money I could use on more practical things.

  11. i went to college for 1 year, and a different college for 1 year, and that was it. started drinking frequently at age 28 and ended up an alcoholic at age 30 for a little over a year.

  12. I drink maybe once a month, but its been about a year since ive been "drunk/wasted" just don't find fun in it, but I like the social gatherings, and watching drunks be stupid. Weed is safer, mentally and physically. You can die from to much alcohol, to much weed, and you just take a much need nap.

  13. There's a binge drinking culture at several New Zealand universities as well, notably Otago University, where it can get out of hand and lead to confrontations with the police, and couch burning.

  14. People who go to college get drunk but they get dunk on week end nights. not on weekdays and during the day

  15. Hey john, just so you know Alcohol is a sleep inhibitor. I suggest taking melatonin for a healthy way to sleep.

  16. It is probably a form a self-medication. Wouldn't you drug yourself if the only employment options are hard manual labor or fast food?

  17. Correlation, not causation.

    Problems with drinking to due to depression/anxiety or prioritizing partying over school could be just two of many reasons people don't make it to college in the first place.

    Also, alcoholism is an actually disorder.. you can't "learn" how to not be an alcoholic by going to university.

    I know all of this, and I'm 25 and have never went to university. 🙂

  18. Interesting, I can see a tolerance being obtained by the binge drinking. Or that your body gets used to your limitations and knowing when you need to stop. Whilst if you dont develop that, you will be more likely to be less able to control your drinking. I can see the possibility of that.
    Lol Binge drinking huge problem in the UK not just american problem. I dont drink them regularly but I have done some mighty binge drinkings. Have to see if my liver is destroyed.

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