Am I Enabling My Child By Helping Them If They Use Drugs Or Alcohol? | The Partnership

Am I Enabling My Child By Helping Them If They Use Drugs Or Alcohol? | The Partnership

Parents are often told that they’re
enabling their child when all they really want to do is help them. Actually,
enabling refers to inadvertently rewarding your child’s using. So, for
example, say your child is hungover and in bed and you call work to give an
excuse for not being there or you give your child money because they’ve run out
from using substances, it’s natural to want to be able to help your child out,
but it doesn’t help them learn from their choices and decisions. We like to
teach parents how to reinforce positive behavior and ignore unwanted behaviors.
So, for example, there is a dad who wanted to make his daughter waffles for
breakfast on Sunday mornings. But she was still smoking pot on and off. He didn’t
want to inadvertently reward that behavior, so what he decided to do was he would make her waffles in the morning if she didn’t smoke pot the night before.
But, if she didn’t smoke pot the night before, he wouldn’t make the waffles for
her. Now, in another example, say you give your child a curfew of midnight and your
child hits that curfew for a two-week period, you might want to buy them a tank
of gas. And in this case, what I’d recommend is that you go to the gas
station with your child and buy it for them, rather than give them cash. So
understand that this is a difficult process and you need to be patient with
yourself. It’s okay to do something nice for your child. After all, you love them
and you want to stay connected with them. [Music]


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