1. Amanda was my friend and neighbor. These three are lying through their teeth. They knew about everything. The rapes, abuse and drug use was constant. They kept her working. When she finally hit rock bottom, they moved her back to Colorado. Her daddy fixed the holes in her nose from all the drugs. Mommy kept everything under control by giving her just enough of her royalty money for rent and drugs. They enabled her to death. Notice no one brings up the real victim….Stella. I think of her often, she is about 12 or 13 now. I hope someday she knows what really happened to her mother, and the truth about the kind of people her grandparents really are.

  2. who wants to be a rape victim in the news, forever to be remembered as the rape victim? i bet 99% of women dont press charges becouse of this

  3. Amanda Peterson was known to play Cindy Mancini and I have this movie and I saw this movie back in 1987 and she had a career and she was in Annie Explorers, Sliver Spoons (TV) and she did some TV I Posed For Playboy (TV) and Cant Buy Me Love came along . She stopped acting in 1994 she died at the age of 42! I hope your in heaven and she died alone. Amanda should have told someone about what happened to her. I will always remember Amanda Peterson in Cant Buy Me Love.

  4. I remember Amanda with longing, you could see in her eyes how sad and alone she was and how she wanted to find someone to share, to love and to be Loved….. she was a wonderful person but she was not lucky enough to find what was he looking for, right moment, wrong place … people …? with all my love for you Amanda.

  5. They played it off that it was just prescription drugs. Opiates and marijuana also were found in her system.

  6. I am a rape SURVIVOR and everyone handles the assault differently. It took me many year’s to realize that I had nothing to be ashamed of, and share my feelings with my family and my children.
    I hope sharing my assault will help other’s realize that they have nothing to be ashamed of!!! Take back your life by turning any shamed feelings back towards the assaulter. Free you spirit and your mind that you are Strong and a SURVIVOR!!! You have NOTHiNG to be ashamed of 💖.
    I plan on sharing my assault and rape on my channel, in hope that it will help other’s. Stay strong, keep on believing that this was not your fault nor should anyone that was assaulted feel ashamed of the assault!
    Take you mind and your spirit back into throwing, any shameful or dark thoughts, and emotions towards the attacker that they need to live with guilt and shame. Be strong and BELIEVE in your self worth! 💖

  7. Sad my her dad tried to go full tilt but apparently she did not want press on the whole thing to get out so the rapist won. There is a guy out there nameless who knows he is the one who raped her and probably threatened her to keep it quiet or he kill her or maybe her family esp to a naive 15 year old and it started her decline into drug addiction and ruined relationships or dating or maybe continuing to make moives was an escape for awhile till it spun out of control.

  8. And Hollywood eats another soul. Who knows, Harvey Weinstein?…or one of the multitude of others just like him…

  9. The only problem with prescription drugs is two things.. Your taking more than prescribed or your mixing the prescribed drugs with alcohol or off the corner drugs

  10. When i was a teenager i wanted to be her. she was in a show that was on for maybe a year, i cannot think of the name right now, but she dressed so cool!

  11. America's sweetheart rest in RIP Amanda well never forget u always well be in our hearts, that movie put tears in my eye u know the one 😭

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