APATIA / APATHY (short movie about social media addiction)

Apathy: the state significantly reduced susceptibility to emotional stimuli and physical. Is accompanied by a decrease in mental and physical activity, loss of interest, reducing the number of social contacts # New message
# Wyspa Slodowa
# Cloudy Let me know when you come back from work
– MOM Olaf likes your photo Olaf: You looked so sweet today I’m in home, everything is fine
– Ola Rember about your sisters birthday
Buy: two cucumbers, cheese, pasta OLA: Look at this meme MAGDA: OMG IGA: So funny! Magda: hell yeah! #One new message AN: Are we going somewhere?
OLA: I’m studying πŸ™ It’s a pity that you are not with us #Many has published new video #One missed call
#Alarm 5 am APATHY

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