Apex Legends Addiction…

Apex Legends Addiction…

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and today I have an unbelievable Apex legends video for you guys So obviously last Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and we ended up just no lifing apex legends I even had an Instagram post with big chunks with the intense focus like pose We might just be a little bit obsessed with apex legends on Valentine’s Day We ended up getting three wins two of them were back-to-back and the last game I’m going to show you was just insane I think I’m gonna title this video as a solo when it wasn’t completely solo But they’ll just have to watch these games and see how they play out There are some moments in this video that will just blow your mind and some that are just downright hilarious especially since andrew is working on a new beat and I came up with some lyrics so with that being said I hope you guys enjoy I’ll just if I can get a flank And Watch effectively I’m gonna let them live early on you can completely eliminate them and it makes it basically impossible for their team to come back I think I hear feet upstairs maybe They got you, too Yep, right here on me. No, I’m gonna get back out there trying to finish them. I’m finishing them Isn’t going for it They’re out. I’m gonna make this just for the sake of it. I only have six shots so we can Oh shots over there Okay, almost dead just go heal I can only get shields back furthermore give top yeah the thought yeah, he’s up top over there I have a Medicaid. Okay, I can use a med kit. I’ll be fully back. He jumped more shots Oh, yeah shots from the building across Yeah, we don’t have to fight them we could go out Oh, he ran under he had to run under if there’s the guy the right He’s very lit Thrown affirming. He jumped down above me I’m almost dead. I’m dead knocked one right here behind you and you’re injured behind you nice I killed the holes Oh guys we’re parenting someone sites Louis right here right here cuz I’ve dealt with Andrews going hot And Thurston, he’s out only two Knees almost knocked. I’m pushing with the Mastiff latest ease the portal he’s out There dead only one adjust Plus Ones a red one chasin And back in the portal you buy you Come to you back he’s gonna be behind this rock Just gonna chase him you dead. He’s not he’s not wait. So there’s another one then. Yeah to the left. Oh my goodness Killed the whole swamp, but look at the resurrection on knockdown shield Oh neon purple shield just landed there. Let’s go not too far Person, there’s a person they’re going towards it Andrew coming back. Yeah, thrown the roof on the roof. I can’t do anything about that. I Know I injure can now Check there, right? I Don’t have any extra grenades. They have me in a frickin awful spot right now All right. Don’t be the one up the one up. Here’s hit pretty hard. They’re running away There’s another another group. Okay, let’s see what then let’s see what then and said How an ox are making the frick outta me I’m getting that hit really hard to stay up here to stay up here. God, they’re hitting me so many times the resin They’re okay, they put a fire shield down I’m almost out of heavy. If you want to we could just or the let’s go. Let’s just go to the left I just wanted to bring some extra attention to this decision here because sometimes Repositioning can make the difference as to whether or not you win or lose because we have to get in the circle And we can pull off like on the other guys. Let’s do it I think that’s the way to go for sure unless they’re already. Yeah, they’re right here Good call come knocked Come knocked Watson’s here. Yeah. He’s almost done push him He’s out, he’s out he’s Done. We’re good. I need to get heavy mo. Oh my god Please have some heavy mo. They do taking all of it in the last cars gonna be coming in Neither the left of the right probably behind us It’s also really important to try to anticipate where enemies are coming from because you can position yourself better for the fight Yeah, they’re right there. Knew it Rock run on me right on me They put some drops down throw me Got one knocked knocked one He’s out he’s dead. He’s dead. Oh My goodness knocked one Kill this one, it’s over nice Just play your technique so oh my god Jesus their pathfinder was like an absolute nerd by the way. I’m so glad I was able to kill him He was doing like the ultimate like strafe side to side kind of thing save you eyebrows for like $15 Which is actually really cheap. So what exactly they do. They shape your eyebrows off like Voldemort shape I’m just kidding Oh champion squad. That was absolutely ingenious though that we decided to go around that team It’s okay, there’s only like 45 people dropping on the same thing. Oh, it’s a party. Let’s kick them off Should I kick them off kick him. Oh oh, oh My god get a I fell off. Are you kidding me? Well great. This will go Well, I next to someone who got a guy. Oh, yeah hide you Prettier drop that motherfuckin It very dead gun there’s a how many in there Jason we were in the business of You’re out Daddy here Tungus. Oh My god, this is eliris. Oh my god. I can’t my game won’t let me choose between reloading and taking poo. They’re young That’s frustrating. It’s extremely I don’t is that right there? That’s a gas thing. Yeah, can I destroy? Yeah Yeah, I in set it off set the fart off. Someone’s watching us, sir. Oh nevermind. That’s the trap thing decent load Yeah, there should be some defense. I hear their shots behind us, but we can we can focus on loading this okay? There’s not a barrel stabilizer for it. So that’s why it was like oh Recoil, so it wasn’t good for me. Personally. Oh no. Oh, they hit me. They’ve got a trouble take That down It’s gonna be tough fucking me up bro. I’m trying to see I can do for support and get out here They’re kind of pushing down. I see I saw one of them moving One of them’s by this truck they down here knocked one. Well, I’m torn to you once the bottom Kayrina he’s done. Thanks. They’re done Awesome to work guys person here Getting on the redeploy They died ha put in the body, oh My god, where’s the death? We’re wobbling off. Oh No, there’s still there’s still more they’re down here. They’re down here bones bump They’re dead Wow, I am taking fire friends good job me whole squad down I’m dropping the turbo charger I have to do it for ammo. Wait a second. I got a bigger backpack I want to take that turbo charger and can just in case there’s a devotion Really? Yep, and this guy? Oh my god. I wouldn’t need a demo. I don’t need it Dropping out here If you okay it’s down there if you guys need or have energy just let me know I also really wanted to point this out here because it is one of those things that doesn’t seem this is important But it’s definitely very important You are only as strong as the weakest link of your team and you need to do your best to share your gear Especially your ammo. I know there’s a lot of ammo complaints do your best to share everything I have to um, yeah that person was trying to use it until I can kill them. Oh My god, that was awesome. And I guess we’re gonna go like around here to caves. Maybe maybe like over there That’s probably good place to go. Let me know if you find better armor. Oh, I have a white Yeah, for sure a thing body armor. There’s someone watching us guys – yep – I’m gonna Mirage your way to the right and Then try to get closer to him once I wish they got there getting pushed this person’s gonna die That person is knocked Oh right. Next me right next to me I’m just trying to get in right now Do the circles gonna fuckin kill us now? what I did here was one of the toughest decisions that I’ve had to make when playing apex legends because I had to decide am I gonna fight with the team in the ring or am I gonna try to escape and survive the ring and all the enemies behind? me and I made the decision to just leave it was a poor one as far as it goes for the team because you know Everyone else is dead And now I’m left to try to get the win but I just didn’t feel like fighting in that ring was going to play out Well, I thought that if I went for it, I was just gonna die as well everyone out There was just going to die and it wasn’t really going to amount to anything I kept Earley to survive this you think they’ll come out this way Here To practice die That was one person right How’s your celebration music that was here Congrats you have a hundred and 99 headshots and 216 kills I know I’m a nerd with a Lose guy right there. Oh, I know. Yeah, where do you went to a portal? here, what do you Do I do it do it you hear? otherwise one thing I really want you guys to pay attention to is how the enemy rates use their portals because some of them don’t Use them all that great and I had thermite spree natives so that would they take damage when they come out I think you were trying to throw it through the portal Wow Down here tonight and leave the girl probably kiddin if you he’ll love and poo, you probably go run and grab Kayrina No, she just timed out my mind, but nobody can ruin the Silla probably not he got seven kills on your sleeve though I don’t think I can do it reassure a team has dropped in over here my god Redeploying you haven’t gone out. Nope They’re all just redeploying over there. I don’t know what to expect anyone They’re gonna be over there. If I really am gonna clutch this solo. I have to be like the last person to do something Oh, yeah epic robot Wait shelters are yeah. Yeah What have I been seeing them female doggies all around that? I had no idea what the frick they were a cold wing, man Well, the last fights happening, I gotta give a portal here. I Should go through this portal. We’re going through the portal Haha, yep now I go because they’re dead Yep I weighed Genius 900 IQ play I’m a nerd absolute nerd. Oh my god. I did it for us That’s your butt yeah that’s gonna do it for this video. Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this apex legends video. I personally have been loving playing apex legends I actually feel like I’m really good at it I want to try to get a variety of different videos out for you guys Whether that’s some crazy win some funny moments or some tips and tricks I’ve just been loving playing this game and I hope you guys are enjoying these videos as well as per usual if you guys did Enjoy this video and you want to see some more apex legend stuff. Make sure to drop a like and I’ll see you guys later


  1. I went BEAST MODE in the last game! ᕙ(˵ ಠ ਊ ಠ ˵)ᕗ

    Hope you guys have an awesome weekend and are enjoying the Apex Legends videos! I'm gonna be working on getting more wins, funny moments and other types of content out for you all soon!

  2. M3rk, i have a question. Why do you loathe games such as call of duty ghosts but love argublly worse games such as infinate warfare, and call of duty WW2?

  3. 9:34 “some people don’t use them great,” AND SOME PEOPLE DONT USE THEM AT ALL… he legit could of saved his team if he used his portal earlier on in the fight😤

  4. This game is extremely easy to win in to be honest it's amazing how many times I can win in a day, I wonder why?? Oh yeah because there's a thing that exists in this game, AN ACTUAL SKILL GAP!

  5. Are PlayStation battle Royale players braindead or something? Like seriously, I know there are some good players but 90% of them miss 30 shots from 5 feet away like wtf?

  6. Good to know you semi-listened to your OG fans and only push your gf down our throats a little. Good to know that you're improving and at this rate you might get your OG fans back

  7. I think he is good at games because he has better than adequate aim. However his movement isn’t the best or anything. But his aim is pretty nice

  8. Hey M3RK could you give me some tips I just got into apex and was wondering if their is anything that could help me get a little better

  9. Hey m3rk, could you please mention that people shouldn't quit if someone takes their favorite character pre game, it's a real problem on ps4.

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