Are humans becoming machines or are machines becoming human?

we’re relying more and more on
technology in our daily lives and artificial intelligence largely make up
that technology but how healthy is dis dependence is it depriving us of our
humanity our Oh Sooyoung explores the issue in London from automation taking
jobs to chatbots that replace row conversations and algorithms that track
and even determine our activities it’s hard to tell whether machines are
becoming human or if we’re losing our humanity this existential question is
posed by acclaimed French artist Cyril Dakar mark most people are abandoning
this with no control and this seems to not mind so much but if you abandoned
your personal sphere you also abandoned your capacity to refuse and I think it’s
very dangerous and perversity for our societies titled artificial s the
installation provokes soul-searching on what could soon be a dystopian future
where humans have lost control over privacy and free will to artificial
intelligence such larger philosophical questions are at the center of debate in
London how the growing use of AI M machines in jobs and daily lives will
affect people not just economically but socially and ethically large
corporations for instance could manipulate algorithms and connected
devices to trap consumers into what spend coins as surveillance capitalism
but we don’t have to be doomed to disturb here finding human centered
applications for AI and robotics it’s leading to breakthroughs in medicine
elderly care and education as well as in the workplace I’m also interested in how
technology can be integrated into our teamwork and then how it disrupt or
reshape our social interaction so one of my study actually showed that if you
were emotionally attached to your robot your performance was actually increased
the ethical standard still needs to be established
one I think citizens need to be provided with information that you know ensures
that there’s a transparency with how things work which we don’t have at the
moment I don’t know those how the Facebook algorithm works
secondly we needed it to look at FX behind you no artificial intelligence so
you know most of this code is written by you know young white guys in North
California is this you know the right way to proceed how can we ensure that
there’s you know diversity and inclusion in these kinds of algorithms because
it’s baked in at the very beginning so we have to ensure that you know
minorities and people of color women are part of these conversations too AI isn’t
just going to change our industrial landscape and make our lives more
convenient the growing presence of smart technology in our lives and how we
interact with it could change the core of who we are and we still don’t know
whether these technologies will ultimately empower us or in chained us
Oh Sooyoung Arirang news London

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