Are you a phone addict? | Dr. Betina Chandolia #Nomophobia

Are you a phone addict? | Dr. Betina Chandolia #Nomophobia

Betina..Betina.. Should I record the video or leave? Oh…Hey…wait.. Hey guys ! How are you folks? Me..Perfect… The thing that just happened now This happens for about 100 times in a day.. Someone comes to you to talk but you are busy on your phone.. and the person speaks his thing and leaves.. Its not that we do this only with our friends.. We do this with our family as well.. Mom will come and tell you about neighbour’s daughter marriage.. What do you think about marriage? and what are you doing? You are messaging your friend..’Dude, get married soon, I want to dance’..Seriously Dude? Do you realise what are you doing in all this? You are violating the phone manners ! O yes ! There is something known as phone manners.. If someone has come to talk to you.. You should keep your phone on side..and listen to what the other person is saying attentively.. The other person will also feel important.. If you are doing some important work.. can ask for few asking..’Please give me some time, I will get back to you’ The other person will feel..genuinely.. that you are caring for that person.. Anyways..this is a very small thing..what’s in trend today? Husband on one side, Wife on other side.. They are messaging each other in spite of sitting in front of each other…Why don’t you talk to each other in front? Has your phone become more important than your relationship? Dude, Seriously..You need to think about it.. All these things which are happening.. These come under ‘Phone addiction’..You don’t believe it..right? There are so many apps in the market today which can tell you.. how many times have you unlocked your phone? how many times did you visit different types of social media platforms? will realise that.. an average person unlocks his phone 200-300 times a day ! and..know what..some people will press the phone button to check the notifications.. Even if there is no notification, they will move and tilt their phone.. because they think that their phone forgot to give them the notifications.. Why don’t you get married to your phone? Because you spend more time with your phone rather than your partner.. You require phone..when you are driving..eating food.. even when you are bathing.. and when you go to sleep.. Seriously is a very important issue to be looked upon.. how to get rid of phone addiction? What you can do? Set a time for usage of phone.. Take out one hour..from your morning schedule to reply to all your messages..mails and calls.. For 3-4 hours, don’t touch your phone..until and unless you receive any emergency call.. Phone addiction can be very dangerous for your health.. not only for your physical but mental health as well.. because it is ruining your peace of mind.. Signing for now..till next time..bye guys..take care


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