Attraction Marketing Network Marketing Leads Generation Strategy and Does Bandit Signs Work?

Attraction Marketing Network Marketing Leads Generation Strategy and Does Bandit Signs Work?

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hey my friend this is Ola coming to you
live from my Empire pro studios on this episode we’re gonna talk about does
bandit signs network marketing leads work stay tuned hey what’s going on on
this episode I want to talk to you about bandit signs I’ve seen quite a few
people given our tips out there and how to generate network marketing leads for
your network marketing to bandit signs if in case you don’t know what bandit
signs are bandit signs are those signs that you see on the pole and inner
cities and on the pole yellow with the black text on it that says wanna make
money online call this number and things like that right and I wanna give you an
update on how that works now we use that obviously some people use that I don’t
use that anymore and I’ll tell you why in a second some people use their
network marketing some people use it in real estate to generate leads or
motivated sellers distressed properties some people use it to generate
quote-unquote motivated people looking to generate money income from home and
things like that uh you know I’ve been online for I’ve
been in business for is going to 11 years now it’s gonna be loving years
this October 2017 and I’ve tried pretty much anything under the Sun alright and
one of them is bad science and I made hundreds of thousands of
dollars on bandit signs during my real estate wholesaling days and it worked
you know but here’s what I’m gonna tell you right now anything works if you’re
consistent enough okay anything when it comes to marketing can work even
knocking on doors work if you’re consistent enough if you can keep doing
it now the question is can you keep doing it right and that’s the question
that most people get stuck how long are you knock on doors how long would you
have to put a bandy science and how long does it last when you put them all
online so are these questions that came in actually and I’m gonna answer that
question and uh and let’s see here okay so there was a question that came
in about bandit signs and the question was if he still works if he doesn’t work
here’s the deal okay if our city officials gonna knock on my door I’ll
call my number and pretend to be a lead and then threaten me with possibility of
getting tickets in the mail $1,000 $1,500 ticket that’s not a pleasant way
of running my business and that’s when I decided that it wasn’t worth it
because in the first case when it comes to network marketing the leads that were
being generated from bandit signs we’re not that good okay they were not good so
there were people that were just couriers and I prefer to work with
serious people I prefer to use attraction marketing these days and I’m
funny enough another person sent in a question with regards to attraction
marketing I wasn’t sure if it’s a question or contribution but I felt like
they need to address it and that’s what I’m gonna read I’m gonna spend some more
time on right now when it comes to generating leads for your network
marketing business I absolutely will continue to recommend attraction
marketing which means you’re leading with value okay it’s not just in network
marketing it’s everything in life is when you want to pick up a beautiful
girl using if he’s an attracting the best deals for your life is in
negotiating the best deals attraction marketing it’s not something
that is more of a choice or not okay and that’s where this person’s key question
came she said some people desire to set up a passive stream and do not have the
time to use attraction marketing principles to bring in leads hmm
I don’t know what that means right passive stream but do not want to spend
the time or do not have the time to set up attraction marketing principles what
do you mean by attraction marketing principles what do you mean by thought
when you say something like that that’s somebody that’s trying to dis put the
validity of using attraction marketing in business and marketing and in life
you can’t question leading with value just stop if you’re one of those people
that question attraction marketing stop already okay
attraction the the science of attraction is not
that you get to choose when you use it or not either you’re doing it
deliberately or not attraction the law of attraction has that play and how you
show up to the marketplace in order to attract leads for your business it’s
gonna determine your success rate it’s going to determine your conversion rate
okay how much value you bring into other people’s life into the market but it’s
gonna determine how much money you make it’s gonna determine if the leads the
lead you’re bringing in equality if they are qualified to even work with you in
your business so we still have people that go back and forth with debating if
that you use attraction marketing or not listen attraction marketing is not a
technology it’s not the systems it’s not the funnels it’s simply the idea of
leading with value it’s simply the idea of making sure you’re communicating with
the person with the lead right with the prospect like making sure that what you
have to offer is in congruence right with what they want that’s attraction
marketing attraction marketing is not the fancy software’s and that’s when
people make statements like this right the person again says some people desire
to set up a passive stream what is that all right can we just store terms all
over the place right and do not and he says and do not have the time to use
attraction marketing principles to bring in leads you don’t have any other choice
if you do any other alternative to attraction marketing principles to bring
in leads your leaves are simply gonna be lower quality and you just have to work
a lot more numbers in order to convert to sales you have to be a master closer
oh don’t go closer what is closing closing also involves handling
objections how do you end ándale objections you found you find
out what they’re thinking about what they want and what they’re saying
sometimes what they prospect is same it’s not exactly what they mean to say
and it’s your responsibility to dig in deeper find out what that is
all of that is attraction marketing okay so I mean attraction marketing we
telling you to lead first to value make sure that all those things are answered
upfront by simply targeting the right type of people right targeting people
that are quality to they’re qualified for what you
to offer that means people they’re already searching or maybe possibly
struggling in trying to make money from home right when you do that a lot of
your closing is done and there are more than enough people searching already
that’s what attraction marketing is the principle is not just a principle okay
it’s pretty much a way of doing business and it’s the best way to do business if
you’re listening to me right now just take it from me the best way to build
your business is to serve people that already are searching to be served
already it just makes your life a lot more easier and in the amount of energy
or money or resources that you’re gonna be spending on behind leads right on
buying these they don’t know who you are on buying these that you have no idea
what they the amount of resources you’re gonna spend on that
you must well use it or in the form of time in the form of your skills to
attract the right type of people to your business okay
and he says if that’s you that means if that’s you and you want to use traction
marketing if that’s your cool purchase and prosper just make sure to maintain
some presence on social networks to build trust and increase conversions you
know again we’re beating around the bush here by debating with attraction or the
law of attraction we were using it anyway attraction is neither created nor
destroyed it’s not something that you have a choice it’s just a matter of
learning the skills and using it to your advantage okay it’s either you have
attraction where you’re trying to attract the right process but so you
don’t and if you don’t have attraction if it doesn’t work if you you’re already
gonna lose them already okay and just having the presence on social media
what’s that everyone already have that anyway okay I mean there are strategies
to put in place to build brand and trust equities I get that but the truth is
that most of all ready have that in place where you lead with value right
when you lead with value you win the game all day long you win the game all
day long lead with value simply means find out what your ideal prospect wants
very simple it means find out what do you want your ideal prospect you either
be already searching for something or they’re struggling in some
there is some kind of pain I mean go check go do research all around this
life in business in lifestyle in relationships check everywhere the best
success the biggest successes comes from pain that’s not a coincidence
okay that means there’s something feeding the desire for someone to want
to work with you okay pain it’s already there we all have some kind of pain we
already have a place all of us have a place where we struggle so your ideal
prospect already have a place where they’re struggling and network marketing
your ideal prospect is already searching for a way to make money from home your
ideal prospect is already in network marking probably in network marketing
probably making less than 10 dollars per month
like the 98 percent of network marketers so what is it that they’re searching for
online find out what that is and give it to them in the form of information right
just give them the information you’re not gonna help them as a cute okay if
they want to execute they may seek your help and that’s where you come in that’s
where you make your money right but give them to give it to them in the form of
information and take it from there and then some people would decide they want
to work with you personally so we say no thanks
let me just get that software over there that you’re using and you still make
money you make Commission’s from that okay that’s what I’m going to talk about
affiliate marketing another in in another video I’m going to talk about
affiliate marketing and how you can use that to leverage and enhance the
recruiting into your business you use that to enhance the building of your
distribution channel which is what network marketing is all about right so
with that being said passive stream what is that the you know we all have to
deliberately build something okay but when you build something want to put a
bait on it you want to be official official of man you want to put some
kind of bait on the net you wanna cast a net and then you’re you’re fishing okay
I supposed to hunting so now you go out there you go spend some money on buying
leads and then you you start calling those leads
it’s a strategy if you’re consistent enough you’re gonna make money you’re
gonna be fine but most people don’t want to be caught
calling people okay and that’s the person I’m talking to if you eat cold
calling absolutely I’m talking to you you don’t have to cold call you can
absolutely use attraction marketing the law of attraction
and you can set up your business in a way that you attract people that already
want to work with you into your pipeline and you can have tons of pipe or you can
have tons of leads and prospects coming to your pipeline on a daily basis and
that’s what I teach and that’s what I think is the best way to build your
business it’s the best way to attract quality leads people that are qualified
because they already want what you have to offer and know it’s not just some
fancy stuff it doesn’t take more work it’s just a strategy okay in my opinion
is the best strategy it takes the same amount of work if you’re gonna go to all
energy if you wanna if you will right if you spend money by means now you have to
spend energy right trying to tell them hey I used to open to making money and
then you stuff to close them right they don’t know who you are that means
there’s no trust equity they probably got called by a bunch of other people
too and in other words you’re not standing out your brand is not standing
out right it’s just another strategy if you do that long enough like an average
person you will quit not only that you would have lost money but if you set up
your business with Law of Attraction in other words you’re leading with value
you will win the game so if you want to learn how to do that I have a free class
that that allows you to use law of attraction to generate the free leads
and free traffic and let’s sign up for your business or you can attend that by
simply going to our dub-dub-dub that’s all I talk comm slash
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you on the next one and these


  1. Hi Ola, I watched a couple of your videos on YouTube and I'm interested in working with you. I run a Web to Print e-commerce and we print Bandit Signs, Door Hangers, Postcards, etc… Let me know if there's an opportunity for us to promote to your audience using an Affiliate link where you earn Commissions for the referrals.

    Feel free to call or text me anytime at 832-889-2259. Thanks!

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