Auctions Anonymous “AA” Meeting, for those addicted to Treasure Hunting and Making Money

Auctions Anonymous “AA” Meeting, for those addicted to Treasure Hunting and Making Money

I’m here says way towards pirate the
button here is that it says real life I don’t see it on the screen there goes oh
right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls a storage addicts of all ages
what’s up it’s me your captain speaking storage
pirate um if everybody could introduce themselves I guess looks like Jack will
be first wondering why I’m wearing this time we’ll get to that soon enough
you’re definitely addicted to storage auctions yes
yeah we got the hails I’m George and I’m Jeremy and if you’re wondering why I’m
wearing this attire we will get to that soon enough as well we’re here tonight
because we are also addicted to buying storage units we’re addicted to buying
selling and making YouTube videos and I have a problem I’m also addicted to an
Egyptian not sure there’s a 12-step program worked through it so far hasn’t
helped boot camp all right grants fines I’m Justin from Grimes fines this is my
beautiful wife dinner while we’re addicted man lord have mercy women say
I’m I can’t buy it enough stuff I gotta sell other people’s stuff and you’ll
hear more about and I’m Mike and I wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world
because I am truly addicted to buying storages hunting treasure and this is
the best place to come for that addiction problem we have so um I wanted
to a lately I’ve been I’ve been reading a lot of comments and videos and I
watched a lot of people on YouTube and a lot of people seem to believe that we
don’t emphasize enough sometimes how much work is put into our actual job
between being a storage buyer and a youtuber etc cetera and I thought it’d
be cool if we each took a little bit of time to actually just
what an average day from what time you wake up what you do the time you go to
bed like really what you do every single day like the amount of actual time so
we’ll start with jack on that one hi right can you add Lorien brain or iam
Regan are in the back room I see that hold on a second here let’s let them
introduce themselves did that work are they coming in at
Ustream welcome guys introduce yourselves I am Lori Brennan from
storage hunters Vegas well I don’t know if you just caught or not but I thought
I thought was gonna spend a little time each of us discussing our daily routine
from time we wake up to a time we go to bed being a storage buyer slash youtuber
and all the actual amount of work and everything we put into this you know so
uh yes alright with that Jack was gonna go ahead and start first all right yeah
I mean doing the lockers takes a lot of time time especially the speed I move
which is not nearly as fast as the speed that Michael music I work with my cats
you know more but the as YouTube into the mix and it’s it’s crazy I feel like
this is pretty much all I do I do this I go to the kids soccer games most time go
to church right and there’s not a lot of time for really anything else I don’t
watch TV anymore for the most part you know so their sleep that’s about it
Gianna luckily picks up most of the cooking in the most almost everything
else to it it is a tremendous workload but I love it so doing it doesn’t seem
like a chore it seems like it’s just it’s what I prefer to do over pretty
much anything else anyways everything else yeah what’s your work look like my
work is pretty much just supporting him so likely I’ve been doing a lot of
filming so I’ve been trying to go with them and take that over and then when we
get the walkers I’ve been trying to do all the filming for him and then I help
them sell everything as far as whenever we go to market I love
so although he does all the eating and then like I give input on a lot of the
videos and he does all the work I mean he does everything that comes to editing
I do a lot of creative input like give him ideas and things like that but you
know I also do real estate and we have kids and we run the house so I pretty
much pick up all that swag so he can focus on this because he works mostly
like honestly 16 hours a day I mean he’s up early and goes to bed
really late and we’re always doing stuff checking on everything coming up with
ideas and brainstorming it’s pretty transcending we love it all right one
thing I want to say and if I could get a round of applause congratulations
anything exciting like that jacket you guys ever deserve it yes much deserved
he’s been working real hard on this channel lots of videos great content so
proud of him for that Grimes go ahead and discuss you totally freaking blew my
segue because when he was sitting there describing that and I was thinking he
hit 20,000 today and I just remember blinking he hit 20,000 but y’all like
the hard work shows there’s follow you there and I mean people don’t understand
like I know that Jack to jump put a lot of work into this because how many shows
and obviously people like it so anyway you totally blew my said what but on our
schedule most day starts usually you know five four if I like grow a wild
hair or something like it’s 4:30 and go in but someone grab obviously put Wow
when I know what it means don’t go looting this alright so we’ll get up and
we usually ride to work together and we get up there and I’ll usually start kind
of preset in the bank for auction or I’ll try to you know just get a couple
hours of physical work ahead fully team gets there but it’s either we’re either
out buying units and loading unloading trucks here we’re
setting up units but I’m setting up auction I mean that’s constantly what we
do is like seven-day except we don’t work on Sunday you know we give that
decking Lord but and you can’t arrest but we probably do too I probably
average problem 16 18 hours today working it’s not soft yeah we can say
very once I simply get to work and get back home it’s probably twelve hours and
then eat dinner and then work little bit words unlike the house stuff we team up
on that like I’ll get up and I’ll try to clean the kitchen or down the c-clips
law you know the first two years of our marriage I clicked everything but he’s
taking over that but we just stared who ever you know gets up and please you
know so we just we take me off those nice
Paddy’s 72 with the $5 super chat says tell Mike how much you love his shirt
this is almost like a dress it is Florida Florida my neck it is not just a
shirt Pat but appreciate that do a 360 yeah we must see that I brought one of
those home we’ll have to do that later we can’t square that yet storage hunters
Vegas you want to go ahead and describe your entire day start to finish
on average well pretty much the same thing as everybody else you know we get
up it’s been really dry here for auctions the past like couple weeks we
actually don’t even like have more than one ending for the next like three days
but we are always looking online listing stuff putting stuff together example
today we well I went down to course sell a dresser that we had and he I came back
he was setting up a pop-up and then we set up a trust system for like lighting
for like DJs and stuff listed that so literally on a daily basis that’s what
we do we you know list off and sell stuff and
four options and then wake up and do it all over again every day nice George and
Jamie yeah our life is pretty much eat sleep
YouTube and what it what’s involved in YouTube is storage options showing you
our storage auction adventures and our unboxing adventures so I have some very
very strong opinions about work ethic and laziness and and I’m gonna spit some
of those out now I understand some of those may be offensive to some people in
our current culture but if we were to rewind 200 years and they were to look
forward to our culture you would be offending them so I’m gonna try and do
it as politely as possible work used to be centered around the family and it was
when you got up and when you went to bed and it was the family providing for the
family and that’s why I believe so wholeheartedly in entrepreneurialship
and and building family businesses so I’m speaking as a person who actually is
hired and has employed over 1,000 individuals and paid them on payroll and
so what I found is the people who were the best fit to work with me were those
people who grew up in a family business because those families knew you gave it
everything every moment every day or you didn’t feed your family and so they grew
up with that mentality and that that flows with me very very well I say that
from coming from a Christian camping Conference point of view where all of
our staff had to live on-site to take care of five hundred people every single
day and we had to get up before they got up and we had to go to bed after they
went to bed and if we got four hours of sleep we were really happy that night
and I wasn’t able to be a soccer dad because our family was
all about serving others and so that’s kind of the mentality that I have in
regards to work so long story short I pull all of that into storage units it’s
when I get up when I go to bed you tube it’s when I get up when I go to bed and
it’s the exact same thing and so you either have the will to make this work
nine out of ten startup businesses fail within the first year and usually it’s
not because it’s a capital issue it’s because of a lack of work ethic issue so
you either have the motivation to make it work and you’re gonna do everything
you can to make it work or you rest upon this hey it’s 9:00 to 5:00 and I want to
know what time my lunchtime is I want to know what time my breaks are and I want
to know when I clock out and that is not small business yet that’s the culture
that we live in that pounds it in to us and says this is this is how you succeed
you clock in you clock out you get your brakes you get your lunch you’re not
gonna succeed in this business if you think like that those who succeed are
those who grow up on a farm they understand farming mentality when you
get up when you go to bed those who grow up in a small family business they
understand you give it all to feed your family and now I’m gonna shut up because
I have strong opinions on that so it is every moment of every day that’s that’s
our work schedule all right I mean I couldn’t say any better that every
moment of every day because that’s I I truly believe that first off with one
second I got a super chat here from storage option snipers $7 77 cents he
says the hats and horsehair bands from Pirates auction were on the doorstep
today thanks pirate thanks Justin and crew good job Justin for getting those
packages out and thanks for buying us stuff storage options time for me like
like Jeremy says it never ends like I literally every moment of my life you
asked both of my kids is from the moment I wake up I’m usually up at 4 in the
morning but if I don’t have to be anywhere by like 6:00 I’m still up at
4:00 in the morning trying to plot what I got to do
checking YouTube all the different things maybe auction
eBay but I usually either I’m at the flea market by 5:30 6:00 in the morning
or I’m prepping to be at an auction by 8:00 or 9:00 doing things before that
are getting eBay packages out listing eBay maybe unboxing some stuff before I
gotta be somewhere that runs into the afternoon picking up a unit I’m filming
again I’m making more ads I’m putting stuff on Craigslist I’m cleaning up a
mess I’m cutting in to try to squeeze in running two kids around getting the
money doing whatever kind of father stuff I need to and then finishing off
with more of all of that where I spend most of my evening probably for 3-4
hours just editing getting a video ready replying to comments and I usually fall
asleep about midnight with my phone in my hand every night like it’s a
never-ending process and yeah to emphasize the storage business is a lot
of work on it’s very profitable but if you think that you’re gonna do it and
not work hard you think that you’re not gonna put a lot of energy into it it’s
probably not the best decision for you because you need to be dedicated to this
job that’s my personal belief I’m sure everybody else will probably agree it’s
like it’s a dedication of our word I’m sure another question um if you’re gonna
do this start to finish right now like you know what you know you already know
all the mistakes you made what is gonna be your main focus starting day one if
you knew all you knew right now in this business Jeff from day one buy a covered
trailer because how many first years like rented trailers wasted so many
hours at u-haul which is great and I mean that’s a great way to go it got us
fine but I could have saved all the rental fees and all the time just pull
the trigger and rent the trailer that would have been it really would have
been a game-changer because if I hesitant in the beginning to take on
more now that I have a trailer but I regret buying an open trailer
lots of regrets definitely doing a lot more that was someone I should would
have liked to read you on anything you do on YouTube just
or I wish we’d filmed everything right from the beginning yeah
even like the terrible units just film everything don’t let any anything get by
and even when things get kind of weird like if there’s a you know a argument or
something that breaks out or anything out of the ordinary like you you kind of
get caught up on that like break out of that get that camera film everything and
don’t be shy about it if you can’t and I’ll just add to that like this week we
were at auctions and a couple of people we know and friends there was a
gathering back her own unit and it’s like like even catching us filming that
because like they were bidding against each other to find asleep in a crate
unit and they ended up giving it back to her
and it was like really just cool there’s just so many cool things that happen
off-camera just as a community that people do for one another you’re just
like that was awesome like really it’s just neat to kind of see and just
sometimes we get so like just I’d caught up they don’t film it and just learning
to just fighting like trying to keep the camera rolling the whole time to capture
things because I haven’t so fast $9.00 $0.99 super chat from Victoria mg she
put out a series of super nice emojis were they part it looks like one of them
is like a kimono almost a unicorn we got a series of hearts and you know I
love hearts money which we all love money I can’t tell if that is cards or a
bikini top and like my vision is bad and a diamond ring yeah wonderful notion
it’s supposed to be a crown Oh crown alright Mike Grimes finds your turn oh
oh yeah I would start YouTube a lot sooner I wouldn’t have given up on it
socially because like I said a hundred times it you know especially if I hadn’t
started watching pirate after I had given up you know I kind of given up
away well you know it’s not gonna work for me but I still enjoy so I started
watching him and you know you know story it let us
into it about three almost three months ago there so I would have done that I’m
not one to give up I guess I didn’t give up I was just like it wasn’t worth the
time it wasn’t giving me any return and I and I’ve got a big business run and so
it just didn’t seem worth the time but I think I’m a decent business guy and you
know when hire started talking to me and what the hell started really supporting
us a lot I’m not dumb I knew that y’all were
going to be able to help us get over that hump that I think I don’t know what
the percentages are but how I think Jeremy that said that you know nine out
of ten most businesses don’t succeed well I’m sure that statistic is probably
similar through YouTube channels who don’t ever make it to a thousand or you
know monetize the work life anyway so I would go back and probably I would stick
with it or started watching pirate a long time ago long count though and done
point though sweet storage hunters Vegas if you were to start over from day one
right now with all you know from the storage business and YouTube
what would you focus on more like what would you be your main thing to go from
the get-go I would just never move to Vegas that’s it
that would be our number one and start YouTube earlier I think you know after
our show ended you know we did need some mental space time but start way earlier
than we did but definitely never moved to Vegas yeah oh yeah fair enough
Jamie and George well I’ve been blessed to to learn the ropes from this guy cuz
he was doing it long before I came into his life so I met we met last year
end of January and then I went to my first auction in November quit my job in
this past July I said January I meant last July this pay a couple months ago I
quit my job to do this full-time so he was already equipped to do the job so
there’s nothing I would change everything that needed to be in place
was already in place which is why I was confident to quit my job to do this
full-time I would change some things and I realize you may giggle when I say this
but if I were to start this all over again and with what I know now I would
not be buying storage units in the state of Ohio I would find the highest
yielding profitable area and buy storage units there and maximize my profit which
is why we want to travel and get out of Ohio and get out there with all the
subscribers from a YouTube perspective what I would have changed when I got on
YouTube I knew nothing and I knew nobody I would have changed I wish I could have
been in Justin’s seat and chair and had had a YouTube family come around me and
say hey let me let me show you how to do this let me give you it let me guide you
and and let’s let’s help grow each other and so I wish I could have had that
which actually spurns us on to make sure we are that for other people Thanks to
be that further people because we didn’t have it and I’m sure a lot of the
channels appreciate it right return you guys would do it for us as well yes hey
Jeremy the house next door is for sale and it is beautiful as opposed you can
go swimming in it nice I’ll just knock down the fence we’ll have a community
party at the Grimes so for me I like what like how Jeremy said that I was
actually on the other side of that because something I would do differently
with YouTube is I would become a better version of myself right off the bat like
I fought tooth and nail for like eight years doing a lot of things dumb on
YouTube being too much myself kind of being bullheaded and it wasn’t till I
actually got in contact with Jeremy where I
started to realize a lot of errors in my own way and it helped me out much like
Grimes is say my whole everything turned around when our little collab family got
together and did everything and I got to learn from what the hell because I got
to learn from Jebus and I got to watch like friends as Alex go from nothing is
something huge in a really small amount of time and a lot of eye-opening
experiences from all of that aspect of getting to work together it’s kind of
it’s very helpful to see what works what doesn’t being able to see your own flaws
was very pivotal for me and with the storage business that probably the same
thing like when I first started this I was kind of arrogant I would take stuff
to flea market I didn’t care I would hate to fathom to think about all that
I’ve lost in this business like I know one time my worst mistake ever was I
sold a Salvador Dali for 200 bucks at the flea market because I was in a hurry
to make a little more money for the auction that day and come to find out a
guy had got a Salvador Dali Dali signed original from me and there’s a lot of
things that I wish I did differently from being myself but that’s the beauty
of making mistakes is you get to learn from if you really are good at looking
in the mirror so Mikey I think we talked about this often that collab that we did
East versus West in some way fundamentally changed all of us it was a
game changer it was a game changer for all of us and to have an experience like
that to pull all of these people from around the United States together and
then everybody to come out different that was a phenomenal phenomenal thing I
totally agree I don’t think I don’t think sometimes maybe some of us don’t
often emphasize that enough of how pivotal that was but it caught me off
guard because I didn’t even see it coming
you know then also we contact other and the unity that we’ve had with each other
since then several channels have grown some that are not in this meeting right
now but you know as many of us outside the meeting it was it was huge for a lot
of people and I pulled all of the subscribers together too if you think
about it like not just us and youtubers but all the subscribers kind of came
together it has a big family with us too so
cool I like going to all y’all’s videos like the same people in one you have
lots and stuff but hey while we’re talking about that
I actually just this morning or yesterday morning I told myself I’m
gonna slow down and we’ll find one small channel smaller than us and I’m gonna
sit you know trying to find a good one and I’m gonna try to do this so there’s
a there’s one in here so I figured the one I’ll start with this light they
literally are in the next city over from his Crocker’s walkers and I actually
went and watched their videos and they’re funny people they are not a fire
arias really actually watched a few other videos and it was really enjoyable
anyway they’re like literally 10 minutes from us I’m sure they will end up
hooking up with them at some point even though I beat him on this unit last week
and they’re still a little salty advice anyway hey they are a great channel pony
you mods will put Crocker’s lockers in there I believe that they’re gonna be a
good channel I really do alright uh I was gonna suggest if anybody has any
great questions they’d like to ask go ahead and feel free to put them in a
comment section but my next question was going to be outside of justice or
something different I don’t know if I ever asked this before but what what do
you guys do to get away from the storage business in YouTube and find peace
sometimes this job is extremely stressful in my eyes it can be no matter
how much fun it is we all have to have some to kind of block it all how what do
you do Jay can we put that question on hold and answer a super chat yeah what
do you have one Robin Huntley sent a $2.00 super chat
says would it be worth it as a side gig for extra money Jeff go with that one oh
I definitely think so but only if you really want your side job to be probably
more work than your regular job is it’s a tremendous amount of work I mean you
could but you could buy smaller lockers if you have a truck and a little bit of
space I think you could definitely do it it’s definitely could be good money but
it also um but it time you could also consider picking you know go to the
thrift stores and flea markets garage sales pick and sell on eBay I think
that’s a great way to earn money through times limited and you don’t have a lot
of resources as far as the trucks and such Grimes what was that for Robin mm-hmm
yeah is it worth it to do it oh well there’s another person out here that
live about like 30 minutes for me Robin little super question so anyway yeah
absolutely remember man Gina used to vote work
full-time corporate jobs and so I decided that I was not going to spend
the rest of my life not seeing or seeing my wife you know an hour a day but
basically right before work you know exhausted from the other day so I made a
very big decision to be able to work and see my wife or my family today so I do
think that though it could just afford if it’s just something we want to dabble
in for a while until you get the hang of it and then pick it up and you know you
can always you’re welcome to our place to combine see how we we do things and
I’ll try to be there excellent yes absolutely lose heart to them I
encourage you to start performing all right stores runners Vegas what was the
question again okay so it is it’s absolutely worth it
um as far as buying auctions and as far as YouTube both together both are worth
it for like I said that the issue is is for me when I when we lived back in
Boston you know I had a full-time career it was you know this was just something
Brandon was doing and that was his thing and whatever and then um you know as
time went on I don’t think it’s worth that I mean all right I got a little
more involved and it went literally from being kind of a side hustle to literally
this is what we do so it kind of took over everything so it all depends on how
much effort you want to put into it if you want it as just a side hustle just
make sure you you know buy small start small and keep it that way or else it’s
gonna blow up into this I think Jeremy says the best it’s a regional thing and
just in terms if you live like out in this area I would not suggest it but
regionally most other areas it can be profitable if you know what you’re
looking for and y’all noticed the trick have you’ll
notice the trend here that it seems like all the females here got stuck into the
trash game by guys completely what happened
what’s on your hand there was a fly on the umbrella light I flicked it it
bounced off on my cathedral wooden sailing it bounced right in front of me
onto the table and then I smashed it with my hand me Jeremy ate it
that poor fly where’d he take the fly – where’d he go why did you wash your
hands huh did you wash your hands no turn I believe so I would definitely so
before I quit obviously I had a full-time career is why I worked in
health care for over 21 years and I would highly recommend that you do start
this as a side gig part-time kind of build a nest for yourself before you fly
out teach yourself the ropes on how to sell certain items because not
everything is eBay worthy there’s gonna be items that you need to learn how to
flip on Facebook marketplace or it’s only certain items that will flip better
for you on Craigslist there’s so many selling apps out there that you have to
trial I’ve tried a couple other ones like let go and offer up and those just
weren’t for me like Etsy those aren’t just for those aren’t for me
so for me the best selling apps have been eBay Facebook Marketplace and
Craigslist so just kind of it’s all about trial and error as well so you may
get an item and it doesn’t flip as quickly for you as you anticipated it to
be so a lot of people get discouraged and they want to give up so just kind of
get in the feel of what it’s like to Reese
before take before you know doing it full-time but absolutely you because you
should definitely do it as a side gig to make extra money for me before I quit I
was doing it not even part-time it was more of like a hobby level and I was
listing maybe a handful of items on the weekends when I was free and I was
making $1,000 a month which i think is pretty good for a newbie so let me add
just a little bit on that anybody can do this and grow small and grow bigger and
bigger and bigger and bigger anybody can do it anybody can buy all these guys
always tell you anybody can buy you have to sell the merchandise okay and so if
there’s somebody who goes oh you know what you know if if you watch storage
auction pirate or you watch Grimes fines or Locker nuts or storage hundreds of
acres or what the Hales and and you go oh man I’d blame it on them I’ve got all
this junk and I failed and it’s it’s all their fault
that’s is ludicrous as blaming the pencil for you failing on your test and
going well the pencil didn’t give me the right answer therefore therefore I
failed who in the right mind is going to what teacher what what business owner is
gonna go oh yeah you’re right it was the pencils fault you are responsible to go
out with your motivation and get the knowledge and sell if you’re not selling
you’re not going to you’re not gonna win and so you can’t blame that on anybody
the motivation has to come from you the eagerness to learn the different
platforms and what will sell where has to come from you and the ultimate blame
whether you succeed or whether you fail is all on you not the pencil I’m done
I’m done ranting my problem we got a couple super chats here storage
prospector $0.99 super chat he says he wants me to send a message on YouTube
about YouTube ideas and stuff if you could message me on Facebook and I will
kindly respond I don’t know if it’s he’s probably easier than me trying to find
your Facebook because I’m horrible at that I
think there’s another one here I can’t see in the comments here my missing one
that missed one guys oh yeah here we go 999 adventures with the Hudsons this
weekly a meetings and Sunday nights and what the hell has taught us so much I
agree we have been fortunate to have spent time with the Hales appreciate all
of us for helping us newbies things back in gym for my answer to be honest with
you a couple reasons I wouldn’t just necessarily suggest it as a side job for
one reason um you’re going to get addicted and want to quit your main job
that’s exactly how I got into this is I was selling on the side I bought a
storage unit I made some good money in my very first purchase one dollar turned
a 600 at night and I quit my job and I’ve been literally addicted head over
heels buying storage units cents and as well when you have a regular job that is
time consumed you also have your life and you have your full job it isn’t easy
to just go to an auction coincidentally on your day off it kind of forces you to
buy something because you’re there that is not the best way to approach a
storage unit you want to be able to go often and wait for the right buy so if I
was gonna do someone a side job I would do something more like go to the flea
market go to garage sales go to a thrift stores and I would find stuff for eBay
versus I would just jump into storage units if you’re gonna do it as a side
job if you start doing this be prepared to quit your job and go for and that’s
how I feel about it and I want to put a little asterisk on there is if you’re
looking to set up buying lockers and set up a business based off that inventory
if you’re gonna quit your job let’s be your sole income you’d better find a way
to sell that everyday household odds the vacuums and microwaves the decor down to
the flatware if you can get that down here only getting a few bucks I really
did I walked in one place went down like if I had a dollar for item only one
dollar that’s why we start our auctions in a dollar on some of the auctions
because I was like if I had a dollar it all adds up yeah it all adds up and so
if you want to because here’s deal next freakin recession hits if you build a
business on Antiques & Collectibles alone you’re gonna be in big trouble
because the first thing people will stop spinning on but they will never in fact
not only will they keep buying the other stuff they’ll be
looking to save on that and we’ll be looking to purchase dental you done I
want to add on to that too so if you also decide decide to quit your job to
do resale in full time don’t quit without a savings because you don’t know
how you’re gonna do so before I quit I had a savings or don’t quit without at
all nerdy balding fat white guy backing you up I wouldn’t call you nerdy pseudo
super chatroom torch singer he asked a why Stockton’s free sale is not profit
space maybe we can all answer this not just
because it Stockman but that’s where I sell out Jack as well and free sale is
something we do reason why is when you buy storage you have an accumulation of
stuff it’s a mass amount like you can’t just sit there and sell the same stuff
every day cuz everybody is selling the same stuff everybody has cups and knives
and clothes and dishes and you have to kind of move it I kind of cut my losses
that’s my strategy that’s why I do free is after I’ve already done a dollar I’ve
taken it out if it isn’t worth twenty dollars I’m not putting it back on my
truck to pay the salt princess or Uncle Mike or anybody else to tote it around
for me and that’s the reason for a free sale in my opinion is anybody have any
opinions on that I I agree so you can only bring so our idea is this you know
we we bring the same stuff sometimes to the swap meet and after a certain amount
of time if it’s not selling you just got to get it out of there because it’s
gonna save you going to jump it it’s gonna save you from going to donate it
you’re giving it to somebody who could possibly use it so you can’t just you
can’t just hold on to everything you know so you know we give it a turn or
two at the swap meet and if it doesn’t sell the next time then guess what it’s
got to go because you you’ll you’ll turn into a hoarder otherwise you just gotta
let go just are y’all gratis that’s it nice god yeah you guys do that Wow whoo what man that was fun okay it’s
like area 51 that’s like your that’s your cliche or more on camera
well me superjet all right does anybody have any more touching on before I move
forward no unis new pure genomite all right super jet $5.00 from flippin
adventures I like this guy think we’re all gonna appreciate this then for
blaming us on us but I I am loving this new fun employment and I’m planning on
continuing until I succeed that is the greatest attitude don’t stop to you
succeed and when should I succeed I’m blaming all of you thank you all face
winky face we appreciate that blame but the reality it’s your own determination
well she’s blaming us in for success I know but it’s her own determination it’s
her own work outfit one of the things I often say it takes ten years of hard
work to become a success overnight the reality is people only see the success
overnight they don’t see the 10 years of hard work so it takes 10 years of hard
work to become a success overnight and she’s gonna become that success on her
own but we’ll take the credit if she wants to give it I like it
we got another super chat from Lady Freebird sorry I got to go to bed 3 a.m.
here in Ireland thank you all 90 night good vibes and the best of the Irish for
everyone good night lady free burn you know I’m 25 percent Irish right just 25
percent of a kiss 25 percent of us don’t do it it’s a trap one of the things I
wanted to do nice always want my favorite things to do is what I call
like Show and Tell we all bring something kind of cool from our storages
we’ve got recently so I asked everybody to bring some hopefully we kind of got
something um I’m let Jack start off with that what he brought to the table Jack
and Jenna she’s gonna grab hers and I’ve got my
of the evening here it’s uh oh there you are jag didn’t see you there with your
nuts very very funny except I’m having some difficulty my screen is completely
blank it went out a few months ago but so I can’t see you but this is not up to
my fighting weight it’s actually more comfortable I think that it looks now
that maybe you could take it off suggesting can relax
yeah time you know what I was thinking about was Tropic Thunder have y’all seen
that yeah look like yous about to go try out for chocolate under the mood that
plays a dude that plays the other day yeah that just came in a couple days ago
so thanks you guys well hey do you know how cool it was to mail I’m a fan girl
real quick okay how cool it was more printing out invoices and I saw Jack’s
name on there okay I made fun of Katie for getting excited but I saw awesome
Grimes what y’all got so here’s the deal I was at the auction house and I text
him right before the show and he said I could not show you on my wenis because I
just discovered what he thinks is appropriate and is completely not
impressed and he said no so I’m gonna respect this I’m gonna tell you
something else alone I’m talking about a weenus it’s okay don’t worry about
missing it I’ll show you mine it’s on your elbow your elbow skin u-87 you Swain is but don’t mess up but
my son was I was like what did you say he’s like that and so I had to google it
it’s kind of funny that I learned that from my kids as well when they were in
school so I learned it from Jorge and I learned it from my kid I think I just
has anyone ever talked about a weenus on a lot every time before we everything I
think I’d be first you’re on it just remember just remember you only know the
gorge on video the gorge off videos completely and totally deal that’s
between him and I we always maintain a level of professionalism even off-camera
when we were not professional at all today when we were a suburban Bearden
Manny and filming and I had to keep shutting the camera off and go I can’t
edit this all out George let me get a couple super chats real quick
Jill Presley I missed you she asked why Jebus and amber don’t come to meetings
I’m not at liberty discuss that it’s not oh I don’t have a reason for that I will
ask him and maybe he will answer that at some point on his own but that’s the
best I can give you for that you moving across the US has anything that has a
huge reason they’re moving all over the place they are extremely busy and
they’re all over to being auction see now to see them everywhere now yeah we
do miss someone yeah do you regret that like you’re trying to get what the
hell’s all these people then you’re never gonna get a frickin unit again you
keep inviting people there okay if the whole United States came to California
I’m gonna get what I want that’s my attitude that’s why I do it everybody I’m coming to I’m moving my
business there hey you ready maybe we cannot stay in Ohio we’re definitely not
in Ohio our new year’s resolution Ohio no peace out supplemental income that’s
why I have a chance to take a long vacation
amen to that whoo long vacations are great and we got another $2.00 super
chat for thank you for the weenus education so always help guys glad y’all
brought me and you learn something new every day oh yeah yeah flipping a
flipper flipping adventures got a $5 super chat the bronze horse looks like
one of the Hudson Hawk movie it was priceless oh we got a more like 15 item
are we doing soup good do your item okay so no more witnesses and no more I just
left my item so here’s what I want to show you so it’s this is Ninja Turtle
okay and this is like everyone from back from nekkid like the neck aversion back
when they started in black and white all those people know that but so this
is Kennedy my daughter bought me this set but she saved up her money and
bought this for dad because I freaking ninja turtle freak I love vintage toys
and so hey if you ever wanna send me things you send me a ninja turtle while
looking for that’s the sending your rat town is it being splinter
yeah well Jack it on and make sure he’s got boots we didn’t die in the mail all
right i storage hunters Vegas so we didn’t really buy um we haven’t
bought a unit this week because it’s been like I said kind of dry here would
I find a Rubik’s Cube in last one oh my god hey – Rubik’s cubes like literally
non-stop and then he shows me one side done and I’m like yeah turn it he’s like
no I did it I’m like no eternity I’m stickers off that’s what he’s about to
do but so that says and then mine it was from Ben that we got two weeks ago and
literally I have so like I’m a huge Marilyn Monroe like freak and so we got
like a whole bunch of Marilyn Monroe stuff but we found well it’s a playboy
but it’s like Marilyn Monroe and it’s got like this little mask of her inside
which is kind of cool so I’ll show you like a sign that here it is so it
literally like pops up the eyes and stuff and whatever but it’s literally a
1979 magazine so we got a whole bunch of stuff that we kept from that well I got
a whole bunch of stuff that I kept of Marilyn Monroe from the VIN that we got
like pictures and posters and magnets and everything so but so that collection
was my favorite nice sweet I like Marilyn Monroe – hello Marie
Jimmy and George we probably have to explain a little bit yeah it was it was
an it was an experience of first time experience for me I don’t know if it was
for you we’ll just say it was the first time experience for the both of us so we
did like an estate buy out again which was a first time experience for me so we
went to a local celebrity’s home one of his homes yesterday and we were
doing an estate buyout we got to pick his home you will not be able to see
these videos it’ll be months and months from now he has three more homes that
we’re gonna have the ability to hopefully go and pick and so until we
can release the videos you won’t be able to see the videos but we are going to
show you a couple of cool things that we got yesterday
yeah that’s we got we got first dibs on cherry-picking so one of the heat one of
the things that I found was Egyptian art and a lot of you know that I’m Egyptian
so these are pieces that I’m actually gonna use don’t keep stuff that I find
in storage units but this is something I’m gonna keep and add to my collection I love toys now I do want to share I’ve
already gone on too many rants tonight so before anybody says that we are
racist we are not racist we are in a
interracial relationship if we could be very very bold George’s son is black
he’s black and I’m part black as well me birth so all that B’s like 25% black
this 25% Irish 25% black and 100% white honky nerd so this toy is what’s called
black Americana all right and this stuff is so cool this would be a dancing
puppet so you have you have a wire here in the back and then you make it walk
and you make it dance make a moonwalk so let’s see I’m still practicing the
moonwalk but this was one of the pieces in the celebrities house yesterday and
so it has the different joints and it’s like a puppet dancer there’s all
different kinds of words for these kind of toys many of our more derogatory
which we would not use and George says bring it over but this toy is just so
cool to me and so I’m gonna make him walk here and so you play with this
puppet you make him dance and you make him walk and that was a really cool toy
that I found yesterday I was thrilled no I don’t know if you’ll know him but well
just he has a god dyrdek complex that’s it that’s your only hint okay
like sports movies give us a Chandra that was your only hint that was your
only hint it’ll probably be months and months and months from now before you
actually get to see the video so we did video and the items the items that we
picked yesterday will be on eBay immediately we’re not sharing that ubay
account are we mm-hmm okay apparently we are so those items along the one that I
care okay so those items are going on the one that she shares so so maybe if
you buy one of those items his name may be on the back of it unless we didn’t
clean it off but there’s there’s too much more to come for us to share any of
that yet we have to wait until it’s okay to release it I think we’ll be anxiously
awaiting there um this is my turn this was my item I brought I’ve been
wearing it it is a ceremonial wedding Japanese kimono I don’t know if it’s I
don’t I think it’s for a girl actually I don’t think it was for the guy I could
be wrong but I was really impressed that that was all the course item that guy
like the C is it heavy it’s a little heavy like I wouldn’t want to go to the
mall in this you know just walk around like it would be a little dude Walmart
you’d fit right in you’d be fine you would like a Georgia Knight connives in
here so you would appreciate her in there something that was my item with a
no-brainer I was gonna bring that today um but yeah um before I forget I want to
say uh I appreciate all the moderators all those who are in here with wrenches
and their share the links and everything if y’all don’t forget to go subscribe
their channel several them have channels that are our moderators in here and
please show them some love as well they spend a lot of time helping all this out
and being here with us she want to say that and one more thing before we forget
Grimes wanted me to announce today that the registration for the second auction
that we’re having is open now sometime next week you said
pre-registration is open right now and this cell will open tomorrow night okay
well when pre-register and once you pre-register if you’ve already
pre-registered the first one you’re gonna get an email so you don’t I mean
you can still go register but you’ll get notified all right sweet yeah want to
throw that out there and um I know we’re getting close and we have any other good
questions that were asked that they may notice or if anybody has any legal
questions we’re going to auction school tomorrow and we’ll be broadcasting that
live at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard hurry so we’re your legal questions to ask the
auctioneer and you will you deal it’ll be the auctioneer and you guys basically
the instructor and he’s also enough so the live stream is going to be pointing
on him as the auctioneer and we’ll be there with our laptops being able to ask
questions on behalf of the viewers okay and it’s all going to be based upon the
legal the legal system around storage unit options but they’re gonna have it
it’s gonna be during active class carry it’s an active class we are future
option ears in there with them yes mm-hmm all right question here from it
was just go TRICARE for life I think he said it was
his first time on the on the chat but he asked how hard is it to get started so I
don’t know if that’s a question you guys want to answer I don’t know about
YouTube or storage auction buying in general so it just depends what’s your
end goal I always ask that I mean there’s so many things that there’s a
different array of things I tell you I need to know what your end goal is to
give you solid advice so like are you just trying to part-time full-time what
do you want to have auction house you want to sell on eBay do you want selling
Amazon because I think those are all different tasks one more that is amazing
coming to penetrate quite like I say I always say it I wouldn’t say it’s hard I
started with a dollar I started with a dollar and pretty much five months ago
and I kind of put myself on the whole I started this whole
business again with $3 it’s not hard it’s really uh it’s a matter like I was
Jeremy sooner you ready to be dedicated to what you do and eat sleep and drink
it or are you just trying to dabble in some and hope you’re gonna retire in a
week you know it’s it’s your motive what’s your what your what your goal is
if you don’t and if you don’t like the sweat if you don’t like hard work I
can’t emphasize all this one more like it’s telling you this it’s the job is so
exciting and fun it gives me the motivation to want to do it again I mean
I don’t know what’s next you know I don’t know what’s the next unit so it’s
that surprised and that excitement that keeps me going but I’ll tell you what we
work our butt off I know everybody anywhere so 10 off if you’re gonna do it
alone hey you better be able to clear those units on time or you won’t be able
to buy units very long yeah yeah I would imagine it would be harder doing it
alone we very yeah it’s definitely it’s definitely hard work it’s a dirty job
and it’s back-breaking work so get ready to get a workout and if you decide to do
storage units we make it we make it look easy in our videos but it is a lot of
hard work anything on HGTV you go oh wow they remodel a home in 30 minutes this
is incredible and then you go and say I want my kitchen redone and four months
later it’s still not done it takes time it’s hard work we’re not going to show
you four months for video I thought one good question it was by I think East
Coast auction pirate he asked when you see a person with multiple units how do
you choose which ones to buy or there was more than one part but I kind of
lost the question but um Jeff you want to answer them and you decide which one
to buy I think yeah I think you just gotta look at them and decide which one
is speaking to you so like you know I mean this got mattresses it probably
doesn’t speak to a lot of people but if it’s got you know like some guys are
after the sporting goods some guys are really after furniture some guys
guys around for toys there’s guys are after tools so whatever speaking to you
the first one that I bought ever didn’t have Raider stuff in it so everyone said
that’s it yeah that was speaking to me and it was a guy’s locker so that you
know how a lot of guys stuff in it and that did speak to me and that’s when I
was a you know eventually pulled the trigger but I think whatever you’re
interested in this because it’s bikes you know find one that fuck has by
excessive when you pull the trigger on I like old thing so I always look for
stuff that’s really old so I like antiques so that’s one thing I look for
and then I just look for quality like for me like I kind of look at what kind
of brands they buy and I can kind of usually get a feel for the quality of
what’s going to be in there I mean we’re definitely always surprised sometimes
but sometimes disappointed but generally you can kind of felt like by the quality
of stuff either wedding sometimes it doesn’t matter alright go ahead you got
any insight on there I try to buy as many units as you can and I I just look
for as many cell is what I call sellable right
this is many items smaller big that repair my money so you know typically
like 10 by 20s I know what they’re gonna what they’re gonna give me on a low-end
if it’s just all common stuff and if I hit a collection you know I can
typically add a few grand on that so I go for quantities I don’t I mean I do
get that feeling I get I get this weird thing I’m telling and I know when
they’re gonna be something they just learn to trust your gut learn to profile
right right Laurent learn to see look at the clothes look how did they treat the
furniture are there clothes things it’s a dog to mark all the way the bottom of
the furniture you know things like that so I just look for Louisville alright
storage hunters Vegas um it says you let’s say the same owner owns three of
the units to be honest with you I feel like most of the time you have to buy
them all a lot of times there’s let’s say chairs in Mormon the table and
another and this you know so you’re gonna have like mismatched items all
throughout so if you’re not you know if you’re not ready or prepared to buy you
know let’s all three units if there’s three of them
but from a financial smart point what you want to do is let’s say something
buys two of them and you and you have a chance to buy one of them you buy that
one right and then you sell you Jack the price up that guy’s about the other two
and now you just credits triple quadruple your money because he needs
the parts like the furniture and the table and all that and you could call
whatever you want for a price that’s the way I do it all right yeah yeah
all right Jamie and George we would agree with storage hunters Vegas yeah
like you said there could be a piece of the furniture in one unit or the other
but if you decide that it’s not in your budget to buy all of them right then
work a deal with whoever got the unit and maybe do a trade off okay you have
the chairs to my to my dining room table do you want this instead right yeah
exactly yeah and I’m pretty much in the same
boat I 100% agree if somebody has three units you buy all three period you don’t
want to find a Rolex box in yours and then I suppose next door screaming I
found a Rolex you know $100,000 in gold box and like Grimes said you want a
profile so if you’re looking at whether you’re gonna buy one or all or none it’s
very essential Jeremy always says profile I have a firm
belief that uh there’s three things that are important to a person when I look at
a unit a person takes care of these three things they took care of
everything the place they lay their head out at night if their mattress is nice
you know the things they eat with their kitchen supplies are nice and the shoes
they wear if they’re taken care of if those three things are kind of out of
tact and out of whack chances are everything they own is gonna
be that way that’s the my main thing that I look at when I profile something
yeah so I know we’re getting close to our time here at the end it’s been an
over hour here does anybody have anything they want to
add to this meeting anything they want to say I don’t think so
all right I know the Moores the most important thing when you discuss before
we leave is who’s going to host next week I think it’s Arden or it doesn’t matter
well we might be on the road Ohio oh wait next one’s died yeah oh we don’t
have in the next Wednesday what time do you guys get into Ohio it’s
all about the surprise Jeremy and you got floette we do love a good surprise
post next week how about we let y’all know not on the way storage hunters
Vegas just said they’ll host so that’d be awesome yeah y’all do that because I
don’t think we’ll be there in time I think it’ll be late Wednesday night all
right hey Jeremy how long do you think it’ll take me to get there if I do like
90 the whole way there he will – I’m not sure you’re about an hour no more than
hour and 15 minutes hold on I’ll look now all I know in ceded city Obion yeah
I think he’s talking about from where he’s at Texas baby yeah there how far
y’all from where I am or where we’re going yeah let me look it up now you’re
gonna be you’re gonna be in Lakewood right yeah oh I thought it was Lake
Charles yeah that 1/2 an hour in 3 minutes yeah yeah like what’s an hour oh
that means that means 30 minutes in Dallas huh yeah probably probably 30
minutes if you remember make sure make sure you record it and then get a
picture of you and the cop for the thumbnail on the video I never seen Mike
act like John who I’m seeing doubles of Jack I think that he I think that he had
one that need to be added he said it was black so I just hit the Add button but
it’s alright we can see – Jeff he deserves it today no anxiety and I
thought there’s something weird yeah
can be doing it maybe that fixed it you had a good question Jeremy I don’t know
if he should ask this to you tomorrow but he wanted to know if you would ask
the rules on YouTube auctions during your video tomorrow I responded to Pat
if he can send that that question during the afterlife will forget because as
soon as this is done will be up all night working on YouTube videos and we
will forget it’s just the reality of it because we can’t remember everything so
if anybody wants to submit we’re gonna take those questions that are we want to
also give preference to the people who are gonna be on the livestream and so if
they’ve got a question on the live stream we’re gonna give them preference
of that question as well and we think that’s only fair for them to actually be
there during that live stream so we want to give that preference to cool so yeah
this is a goodbye I wasn’t planning on it but I can and you learned what a
weenus it wouldn’t be alive with german if we
didnt have singing appreciate that german alright goodbye a but not we


  1. I see value in Hales comment about location. Here in Fargo visiting with storage locations and auctioneers there are only 10 lockers available a month due to fewer defaults. Even foreclosure real estate market only has 3 properties on sheriff's sale a month in a county of 150000.

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