Batman Arkham Asylum review

Batman Arkham Asylum review

Batman: Arkham Asylum review for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC So after a disappointing delay, Batman: Arkham Asylum has finally sneaked onto the shelves so listen up to find out if it’s any good. The game begins with Batman bringing the Joker into Arkham Asylum and then he conveniently and easily escapes further into Arkham Island to cause mayhem as he formulates a toxin to turn normal goons into super soldiers. So Brucey baby swoops from ledge and kicks and punches people in the face to put a stop to it. Combat is a simple matter of punch and counter buttons being pressed at the right time. Build up a big combo and you can do super moves that take out more than one bad guy at a time. If you want to be stealthy, you can swoop between high perches and glide down for a quick kill or even string up bad guys in style. Batman also has all the gadgets of his utility belt at hand. These include exploding gel for getting through walls, remote control batarangs, grappling hooks and little gizmos for hacking into security. As well as all the usual suspects you’d expect from the Batman universe, also expect lots of riddles from Edward Nigma to pop up in most rooms. When in detective mode which is used for counting guards and following trails, you can also scan areas relating to his clues. Succeed and you get more XP which can be used to upgrade Batman’s armour and weapons. The thing that makes this a cut above other games of this genre is simply the fact that the Batman universe is recreated so well here. It’s dark, moody and gothic and certainly more akin to the comics as opposed to the TV series or any of the movies. Even the Scarecrow makes an appearance more than once as he induces you into a state of fear with some of his lovely poison gas. It’s creepy to say the least. The game’s not massively long at around 7 hours but once you’ve finished the game, you can go back and try to solve all those riddles, or play the Challenge Mode which will extend play further. I was hoping this would be everything it was hyped up to be and fortunately it is. My only gripe is I wish there was more to do once it was finished. So far, for replayability, Resident Evil 5 still gets my award. Still, with free DLC on its way, things are looking good! Batman: Arkham Asylum gets an almost perfect 9 out of 10! You’ve been watching a review from Gamesweasel If you want to get the show each week which includes video game reviews, news, previews, competitions and special features head over to for our video podcast Gamesweasel TV –


  1. I got this for PC and it's awesome except for the controls. You can't customize and the only gamepad you can use is the 360. That ticks me off when I think of the money I put out for a nice pad….Screw MS with their proprietary shit. XPadder works "ok" but still not fluid as it would be with native controller support like "Red Faction". The game itself is pretty good and intense. Has a lot of the same dynamics as the "Wolverine" game from earlier in the year.

  2. this game is great!!

    i liked how they got all the people from the 90's annimated series to the the voice acting in the game. that was a cool touch

  3. This is a great game and it's actually kinda creepy. I got it yesterday and so far am really enjoying it 🙂

  4. ive always kind of liked the batman stories but the games usually sucked and were way to childish!!! But this game was awesome and finally somebody can die!!!

  5. @xXAmberXxable Yeah,batman is awesome…you should also get resistance 2…
    its briliant….have you got your ps3 yet???

  6. This guy is almost IMPOSSIBLE to impress!!!
    getting a 9/10 from him is getting a 1000/10 from the hardest critic on earth!!!

  7. @vermillionh eh? tht was one of the best fights, i liked the scarecrow ones alot too though, id like to see more of mrzsacs or w.e his name is too

  8. i like how ppl bash on him for his reviews. heres the problem most ppl have: Gamesweasel is HONEST about games. there is no such thing as a perfect game. learn that

  9. @BeneathTheSurface79 I have the same problem.. I wont buy a game unless im going to get at least 15 hours of play

  10. @9movierox Thank god there is actually smart out there. If there was a perfect game, it would be played by everyone and the hardest one, have no bugs AT ALL.

  11. This game is good but I was a little disappointed with there not being many boss fights. You get all these little info things about all the villains and I thought you would be fighting them all through out the game but you only actually fight like 2 or 3…

  12. @cornchippers joker , ivy , killer croc , scarecrow , riddler , bane , and harley quinn i think that all oh yea is victor zsasz count as boss?

  13. @Nathanthefool1 I'd actually only count Joker, Ivy, Scarecrow, and Bane. You didn't really even fight killer croc you just had to escape his lair while throwing batarangs at him. You didn't get to fight Harley either. It was just a wave of the standard enemies and the Riddler definately doesn't count because you don't even see him in person. It was definitely a good game but I was disappointed that they hyped up all these boss battle but they never actually happend.

  14. when you go after killer croc and the goons put bombs on the gargoylos, can you use the batclaw to pull them off?

  15. this game was amazing but it was longer maybe this game would be game of the year i beat this game in like two days

  16. i got this game and its great, but i cant play it cuz i have a mac and i cant hold the rmb and press lmb at the same time, im rly disappointed cuz the game is fantastic, if anybody knows how to customize the controls please tell me!

  17. When i go on game fly and look at reviews for this game a few people didn't like it cause it was "glitchy" and i have BEATEN the game THREE times now with no bugs! It was not the game it was there SYSTEM thumbs up if you agree with me.

  18. I'd love to know how he beat the game in 7 hours. My first playthrough took almost 20 hours, granted I collected everything and did all the riddles but still. Even if you don't do that, it's still at at least 12-14 hours.

  19. This is one of my favorite games. The scarecrow is pretty scary especially when you walk into the morgue and there are the wriggling bodybags. Gives me the chills every time.

  20. @Danielthebeastibarra On PS3 all dlc is available in the Playstation store. Crime Alley and Dem Bones cost about 4 bucks apiece the other 3 are free.

  21. @Danielthebeastibarra On PS3 all dlc is available in the Playstation store. Crime Alley and Dem Bones cost about 4 bucks apiece the other 3 are free.

  22. Isn't the story mode closer to 9 hours and not 7? Satisfying as hell, either way. Just can't believe that apparently Batman Arkham City's story mode is supposed to be 25 hours long and that's JUST the main campaign!!! Not to mention the extra 15 hours of Riddler and other side activities, which you can do anytime DURING the story!!!! Fuck yeah, plus all the gliding around and free roam?! It's gonna be a LONNNG game. SO STOKED!!!

  23. I'm getting Arkham Asylum before I get Arkham City for christmas so I need to know, how long will the main story take to complete?

  24. Just a poll guys: Which was your favorite level? Mine was a tie between the Killer Croc level (even though it did get repititive) and the levels were there were 6 armed guards and you had to take them out. Oh and I Loved the Scarecrow levels, some actually really scared me but it did get a bit repititive

  25. @TheBallingSuperstar Personally the Scarecrow segments were my favourite parts too because i just wanted to see what insane illusion Scarecrow would come out with next, also they were unexpected and I loved hearing the Scarecrows voice, it was just that awesome.

  26. Thanks for your help guys I bought and finished this game and loved every minute of it can't wait for christmas to bring Arkham City now.

  27. Are these Batman games intended to be a trilogy? Because I get the feeling that there will be a third part in this Batman series. I'd like to have a 3rd part. And I would really like to have Asylum and City 😀

  28. Is Zsaaz in Aylum cause I beat him in Arkham City. That dude is hilarious. I love when he get's frustrated. Thumbs up if you want a 3rd game

  29. @TheSteelBallz lol yah but only very briefly, he is actually used as part of the introductory sequence, showing you how to use your grapple hook effectivley

  30. Hard question. Uncharted has a great story and great shooting action. Batman has great combat and sneaky levels. its up to what you prefer.

  31. jammy has a point re 5 didnt capture the essence of the resident evil series, although operation raccoon city sorta did with its real zombies

  32. actually he does in 1939, he even used GUNS …but Bob Kane decided to stay true to his story after they invented his origin later on , having both his parents killed by a man with a gun, they decided Batman should not use them anymore, this also favourized batman creating an arsenal of gadgets.

  33. Man Batman is so Boss he caries around such a long cape and never trips over it xD In The Batman he had a looong cape man.

  34. I have enjoyed Batman for years and when Arkham Asylum came out it was like a dream come true. I was stealthing around putting beat downs on criminals and facing off with Batman's colorful Rogues gallery. Great stuff.

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