Belfie Queens Get Down To Business

COMM: Twins Dana and Nadia Bruna have made a successful business out of their bottoms. COMM: The 30 year old sisters from Argentina take belfies, or bum selfies, which they sell
on a pay-to-view smartphone app. COMM: Their combined Instagram following of 1.1 million has led to lucrative sponsorship deals and it all adds up to fund their lavish Miami
lifestyle. COMM: Dana and Nadia have invested a lot of time and effort in their looks. OMAR GRACIA: They like to train hard, you know. So, that’s why they look like that. They are Instagram sensation right now, so they have to kill it by that. COMM: And their behinds aren’t the only assets they have enhanced. COMM: Rather than fearing objectification from men, the girls embrace it. MAN: You know they are like stallions, the ass, the ass is crazy. I like the ass. MAN 2: They are awesome. They have beautiful body, beautiful face, beautiful everything.
Okay, I love it. COMM: But not all of the attention
they receive is positive. COMM: Now the twins are looking to capitalise on their success.

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