Best Cheap PS4 Games!

Best Cheap PS4 Games!

– This year has been an
amazing year for video games. Not just for big triple A titles, that everybody rushes out to grab, but also for smaller indie games. Now we’ve talked about the Xbox One, we’ve called about Nintendo Switch, well now it’s time for
the PS4 to take a turn as we talk about the best PS4 games that you can grab for 20 bucks and under. We’re gonna start off with a
game called Night in the Woods. Night in the Woods is
a fairly classic style adventure game, but with a
lower focus on problem solving and a bigger emphasis on
exploration and dialogue. You’ll spend most of the
game exploring a small town and talking to its
inhabitants, learning about their personalities, their histories, and relationships with one another. Also everyone is some kind of animal, which can be a little weird at times. The game starts off fairly
tame and straightforward with its plot line, you’re
a character named May. You’ve just come back to your
hometown after a few years of college, and you’re experiencing
how things have changed while you’ve been gone, but
as you get further and further into the game, things start
to get a lot weirder and much, much more bizarre than
things started out as. If you’re the kind of person
who has a little trouble focusing on games that
are this narrative-heavy, the good news is it
also throws in a number of different small mini games
that breaks up the pacing and are actually surprisingly
really good for being such small additions,
it’s fun, it’s weird, and sometimes the plot can
hit a little close to home. Night in the Woods is
definitely worth checking out. Now narrative-heavy games
are all well and good, but sometimes you just
want a fun, cheap game that lets you blow stuff up
and see lots of pretty colors and that’s exactly the
point of Nex Machina. Now Nex Machina falls under
the same kind of pattern, but instead of being a
side scrolling shooter where you’re flying a ship,
instead follows more in the lines of something like Geometry Wars where it’s a twin stick
shooter where you run around aiming in different directions
using the right stick. Now the structure of this
game is very, very simple. There’s no storyline mode or
anything complex like that. It’s just a fun, old-fashioned
arcade-style game where you’re running from level
to level, blowing stuff up. And it gets surprisingly
difficult at times because are so much different
things you have to juggle and pay attention to,
you’re not only shooting and destroying enemies,
but you’re making sure to keep your distance from them, there are human civilians you have to save from the enemies before
they can reach them, lasers you have to dash through,
all kinds of crazy stuff, all happening on this
beautifully presented world. When you need a game
that’s just simple fun that you can jump in and out
of without having to worry about where you were in the
story or what’s going on, Nex Machina is the perfect
game to fill in those shoes, especially for the kind of person addicted to getting high scores. Now next I actually want
to talk about two games, because there’s a lot
they both have in common: they’re both 15 bucks,
they’re both HD remasters of classic Sony games,
they’re both rhythm games, albeit very different ones, and they’re both so delightfully weird. And that’s PaRappa the Rapper and Patapon. Now for those of you that
have only heard of it, or have never really played
it before, PaRappa the Rapper is a classic PS1 game,
which is a very simple rhythm game, all you have to
do is hit the right buttons at the right time displayed up above, all while watching and
listening to really bizarre rap videos about baking cakes
or how to drive properly. Meanwhile with Patapan, you’re
basically this drum god thing that these little one-eyed
creatures worship, and you command them by
entering the right drumbeats with the right timing,
so you’re constantly having to maintain the same kind of tempo while issuing different commands, like square-square-square-circle
to more forward or circle-circle-square-circle to attack. Now one thing that is really
weird about both these titles is that while they are very
good looking during gameplay as part of the HD remaster,
the HD remaster only actually redid those gameplay parts,
all the different cut scenes and things in between
are still in outdated, old resolutions which
can be really jarring when you’re switching between
those and the gameplay. Despite that though, it does
nothing to detract from just how fun and addicting both
of these titles can be, honestly if you’ve never
played either of them, pick them both up right
now, they are so much fun. And then we have Sundered,
now Sundered is a new game that falls under this kind
of genre I’ve been seeing emerging more and more with indie titles, which is Rogue-like
Metroidvanias, games that take the Metroid aspects
where you have a nonlinear progression, you get
different items and abilities that allow you to explore areas
you couldn’t reach before, but also take elements of Rogue-likes, where you’re constantly dying,
unlocking new abilities, getting more powerful to try and survive your next play through,
and each time you do so while the overall map
maintains the same kind of general design, individual
rooms are constantly changing so you never can actually
take the exact route you did one time before; this is
coupled with beautiful visuals and probably the most interesting
of all out of the game, this very bizarre plot line involving an ancient civilization,
some kind of dark, maybe Cthulhu-like god, and
how everything went horribly wrong way back when and
how you can escape now. Now not only does the game
make use of procedural generation to make each play
through a little bit different, the game also has three
different endings to watch, so all in all that makes
for an extremely replayable game that you could
spend a lot of hours into especially if Metroidvanias are your jam. As I said earlier, this
year has been a tremendously good year for games, and
this next title is not only a great game for 20 bucks,
but honestly I would argue that it is one of the best
games of this year, period. And that’s Pyre: Pyre is
the newest release from Supergiant Games, the
same developer behind Bastion and Transistor, and
just like those last two games, something that I really
love about the studio is that they maintain a
similar art style, a similar excellent musical score, yet each game is extremely different, and in Pyre’s case, I’m not even sure what genre
to really typify it as. I guess the simplest way to do it is that it’s a sports RPG visual novel. The progression of Pyre is very simple. You start of the story, enter
your first sports match, win or lose, you move on,
get to the next match, wash, rinse, repeat until the end. But that’s what’s really
interesting about this game, is that losing is not a game over. Instead, every time you lose,
there are plot implications for what’s happening in
the game’s plot line. Now hearing this, you might
think this is one of those games where, “Well, obviously
I have to win every match “if I wanna get the
best ending in the game, “and if I lose a bunch I’m
going to get the bad ending.” Not the case at all,
there are merely simply different endings with
tons of permutations based on which teams win
and which teams lose, and none of them are really
truly better than any other, other than how your own
personal interpretation may be. Now the branching plot line
does help to keep the game really replayable, but honestly
what just keeps me hooked is that the actual core sports gameplay is really really good, I
mean it’s this interesting fusion of three-v-three sports,
but also the kind of RPG where each character
has their own abilities, they get all different
play styles, different ways of dodging attacks, taking out enemies, it’s just a really bizarre
game that’s hard to explain the rules to until
you start playing it, and it is so much fun,
and the best part is even once you finish
the game and you’re done doing the story mode a bunch of times, the game still offers a multiplayer mode where you and your friends
can play locally against each other, using the myriad of characters you’ve met across the game’s story. Honestly, Supergiant Games
is just a studio that has continued to pleasantly
surprised me and I cannot stress enough how good this
game is and worth checking out, it is worth every penny of
the 20 dollar asking price.


  1. I've got the black ps4 pro and i personality prefer it over the white one i think it looks more premium the white looks cheaper and doesn't go with most people's tvs

  2. If you're someone who's planning on buying a PS4, the best games to start with are Minecraft, Call of Duty Blackops III, Rocket League and GTA V.

  3. Just some feedback. Thumbnails don't look good. The whole retro theme look isn't really good and new users might not click on the videos.
    Content is great as always 🙂


  4. No sonic mania still eh? :/ That's a shame it didn't make the list again. That's one of the greatest games out there rn especially for ps4. Psh, smh…

  5. you are the best ; and i gotta tell you your video quality and way of presentation is way more above the normal level!!!!!

  6. If I were you I would have added Retro City Rampage DX, a GTA style game in 8bit graphics that parodies games like Contra, The Legend of Zelda, and even Minecraft.

  7. Another tip for people on a budget. Shop the sales. I picked up Shadow of Mordor (Game of the Year Edition) for $3. Sales are your friend.

  8. next machina? how do u spell that? you really should include the game title in the video. i cannot find this game coz i am not sure of the spelling

  9. 3:28 "Honestly, never played either of them". How can you say they are really fun and that we should pick them up now if you never played those games?

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