Big Tobacco Created New Generation Of Addicts With Vaping

Addiction, it is not just the person who is
suffering the addiction, it is a family issue. It is a community issue and there’s an opportunity
for the community to come together to address that and there’s just so many new things that
are always on the horizon, new concerns for us. We’re going to learn about all of that right
now. Mike Papantonio with the Levin Papantonio
law firm and we have Denise Manassa with the community drug and alcohol council. Welcome to both of you. Thank you. Thank you. Mike, I want to talk about something that’s
kind of certainly at the forefront. Lots of controversy, certainly in the news,
vaping. Yeah, vape, vaping is just the new tobacco. As a matter of fact, the same people who put
the vaping industry together are the same people who brought us tobacco for a decade,
decade after decade, and it’s just as dangerous and it’s posing a huge health, health issue
right now. The only way to solve it is the same thing
we did to tobacco is you’ve got to take it to court. They, the American public needs to see all
of those documents. They need to see what the company knew, what
they’ve covered up, and what they knew the results would be and results are bad. And, but again, there’s the controversy surrounding
that because there are people who are, are in the industry. Those, there are individuals who are vaping
as oppose to smoking cigarettes, who say, you know that no, that the stats aren’t there. When you look at the numbers, it’s nothing
like it is with, with other addictive things. Yeah, what the industry has done, a good job
of doing is saying do this because it’s safer. When you look at the science, that’s just
not true. We talk about what’s included in that, that
you’re vaping, it’s heavy, it’s pesticides, it’s heavy metals, it’s C acetate. It’s all these things that can do huge damage
to the lungs. The industry has been good about avoiding
that conversation. Denise, you have been nodding throughout this
and, and, you know, the community drug and alcohol. What, are you kind of including vaping in
that now? And I know that opioids is a very big concern
and an issue that you’re dealing with. Oh, absolutely. Vaping or Ens is, nicotine is a substance
that is addictive. And when we look at the adolescent brain,
the development and the concern is when adolescents use nicotine substance, it can change the
growth and development of that brain and potentially according to the CDC show signs of addiction
towards other drugs as well. And it’s a flavoring also like Mr. Papantonio
said, the flavoring encourages our youth. So for people who are out there, for those
who are suffering through addictions, for the family members who again are wrapped up
in this, you have a community forum coming up. Tell us about that. Yes, we have a community forum. It will be October 8th. It is on treatment and recovery. We’re fortunate to have Mollye from the Levin
firm that’s going to be our moderator and it is at Washington high school. It’s at 5:00 PM the door’s open and it will,
the discussion will start at 6:00 PM. We will have a panel of experts that will
be able to answer questions that community members might have. And it’s also about the hope. It’s about trying to help our community in
a lot of ways heal. Our mission is to help community members live
healthier lifestyles. All right, Mike, time for one final quick
question. How does the public need to get engaged in
this whole issue, whether it’s be vaping, opioids, those things that are impacting our
community? Well, we’re, right now we’re, we’re faced
with many types of addictions and the difference is every, every treatment for each one of
those addictions is a little bit different. One doesn’t solve the other. Opioids, for example, it may very extended
treatment needed for opioids. With vaping, probably not so. All right. Thank you both so much for being with us. Thank you. We’ll be right back.

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