Billy Crone on the Signs of the Times

>>We are very blessed to have
as our special guest today Pastor Billy Crone from Las
Vegas, Nevada. Pastor Crone is a very knowledgeable,
articulate and passionate proclaimer of God’s Prophetic
Word. In today’s program, he’ll be discussing his latest
book, “The Final Countdown,” which presents a survey of
signs of the times that point to the fact that we are living
in the season of the Lord’s return. Stay tuned.>>[music]
>>Lamb and Lion Ministries presents Christ in Prophecy, a
program that focuses on the fundamentals of Bible
prophecy, showing how current events in the news relate to
Biblical predictions of end time events and the soon
return of Jesus. Now, here’s your host, Dr. David Reagan.>>Greetings in the
name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and
welcome to Christ in Prophecy. My colleague, Nathan Jones,
and I are delighted to have once again as our special
guest today a wonderful Bible teacher who I am sure many of
you are familiar with because he has become an internet
sensation. His name is Billy Crone. Billy, welcome to
Christ in Prophecy.>>Thank you, Dr. Reagan.>>Great to
have you on again, Billy.>>Great to be back.>>Well, we
have you on here to talk about your new book, “The Final
Countdown” cue cool 80’s theme. And we want to know why
you wrote it, and what it’s about?>>Well, part of it is
as a pastor you’re supposed to teach the whole counsel of
God’s Word, right? And the Bible deals almost one-third
of it deals with prophecy, so at some point you have to hit
it, right? And unfortunate the trend in the Church today is
people aren’t. In fact there is a lie from the pit of Hell,
and I’ll say that, that says that basically Bible prophecy
is doom and gloom, it is bad for the Church. And yet, the
irony is if you read the Bible Revelation 1 what does it say?
It is not only a blessing for the Church, it is a triple
fold blessing. Blessed are those who read, who hear, who
take to heart the message contained within this book.
And I think that the Church is frankly getting robbed. I
think the Church instead of being doom and gloom it’s as
it is something bad for you. It’s something good for you.
They are getting robbed because when you study Bible
prophecy, when you teach prophecy which is in the Bible
and that is what you are supposed to do as a pastor.
The church does not get reminded that this book came
from God. And see, this crazy, the stat is the American
Church, those professing Christians 50-52% they
actually doubt that this book came from God. They would have
the audacity–these are supposed to be Christians.
They would say this book did not come from God, and or it
has errors. Well, how in the world could Christians say
something like that? Well, I got a theory and it goes like
this: When you don’t preach prophecy Christians are not
reminded that this book came from God, because that is what
prophecy does, right? Because Old Testament, New Testament
prophecy screams that this came from God.>>Only book in
the world that has fulfilled prophecies.>>Right. Which
means only God logically a supreme being who is above and
beyond time can predict the future in great detail, which
God does Old Testament, New Testament. And when you don’t
teach it then no wonder Christians go, “Well, maybe it
came from God, maybe it didn’t. Maybe its–” No! So,
when you teach prophecy it reminds the Christian, no.
Again about a third of the Bible, so if you want to play
statistics about every third page basically through
prophecy God is going, this came from Me. This came from
Me. And on, and on it goes. When you don’t teach it
Christians are not reminded, don’t doubt all of this came
from God number one. Number two hey, I tell pastors this
all the time, “Hey, you’ve got a congregation that’s worldly,
that’s lazy, that’s apathetic they don’t have a heart for
evangelism. Um, preach prophecy.” Because when you
preach prophecy, which you’re supposed to anyway because it
is in the Bible.>>Yes.>>Then guess what Christians we have
a tendency to get lazy. We get worldly. When you preach
prophecy it is a constant message, don’t live for this
world. What does John say? In fact don’t just don’t live
with this world, don’t live for this world, don’t love
this world nor the things of this world. Why? Because it
will seduce you away. The love of the Father is not in you.
And also when you preach prophecy, and certainly with
the Rapture which is imminent it has a way of driving home the
point, listen I ain’t got time to goof off. I don’t have time
to procrastinate. Including not only my walk with Jesus,
because He is going to come back and He is going to find
me doing something, what am I doing? Right?>>In that regard
you know I often ask preachers, pastors, why they
don’t preach prophecy. And usually it is well it’s all
pie in the sky. You don’t understand I’ve got to preach
sermons that are relevant to the problems that these people
are dealing with. I’ve got alcoholics. I’ve got drug
addicts, and all this sort of thing. And this is all just
pie in the sky. And the point I make to them is one you just
touched on. The point I make is if you can ever convince
your congregation of two things you’ll transform them.
Number one Jesus really is coming back. The average
Christian believes it here, but they don’t believe it
there. And number two that’s an event that could occur at
any moment. If you could convince them of that, you
know what they’ll do? They’ll commit their lives to
holiness, and to evangelism. And what more could you want
from a congregation?>>Yeah, which is basic bare bones
Christianity.>>And it is relevant to the here and now.
>>Right. And it is missing in the Church today. And frankly
it is also a message of hope. Nobody has a brighter future
than us as Christians. Hello I don’t last time I checked
Heaven is way better than here.>>Yeah.>>And we get to
come back and be part of the Millennial Kingdom where God
renovates the planet. It is going to awesome, incredible.
Ruling and reigning with Jesus. It is just whoa, I mean
this is exciting stuff.>>Yeah.>>Whoa.>>Jesus wins,
so we as Christians win as well.>>Yeah, we aren’t the
losers, we’re the winners.>>We’re the winners, yeah.
>>And we walk around though, one guy said, “Man, that’s not
much of an advertisement for Jesus as Christians when you
walk around it looks like you’re diet consists of
pickles, and prunes, and lemons.” Where’s the joy? When
I know that, listen, no matter what I go through here on
earth, man nobody can take away my future. Nobody has a
better, brighter future than Christians. But, you only get
that when you are reminded and are taught prophecy. So,
basically back to the book, that is why we did it. Number
one you are supposed to do it as a pastor, you are supposed
to teach all of the Bible, not some of it, number one. Number
two to be a benefit to the church, but also, hello, to
the lost. Right?>>Yes. I just want to read from the preface
here because you start off with a very, very powerful
statement.>>Yeah.>>And the statement says,
“Unfortunately, in the Church today the study of prophecy
has been forsaken under the assumption that one can’t
really know for sure what it all means, and therefore we
should refrain from teaching it. Yet, when you think about
it this is actually a slap in the face of God, for a
majority of the Holy Scriptures deal directly or
indirectly with prophetic issues. Why would God put
prophecy in the Bible if it wasn’t meant to be understood?”
>>Yeah, He’s not looking for a filler. You
know, come on. He’s got it in there for a reason. All His
Word is good for us, and ain’t just parts of it. It’s all
good for us. So, how dare could we as Christians, and
that’s why I say it, I believe this is a lie from the pit of
Hell.>>Yeah.>>Oh, yeah.>>It is deliberately to keep
Christians, people, our world in the dark. This is the only
book on the planet that reveals the future completely,
accurately, 100% you don’t have to question. And it is
also the only book on the planet teaching prophecy that
tells us in minute detail what the Antichrist is going to do.
What’s coming down the pike, how not fall for it and how to
avoid it. And most importantly how to escape it through Jesus
Christ.>>Ok, so what is the focus of this book?>>Well, we
basically took in volume 1 the first 5 out of 10, what I call
the big ones, the big guns, the big signs. How do you know
we’re living in the last days? Now, we don’t know the exact
day nor the hour. I don’t care how nifty you are with the
calculator. I don’t care how many times you stare at a
constellation. You don’t know. Nobody knows. The Bible is
clear about that so don’t set dates. But, God loves us and
He does give us clear signs that we can know the season
when it’s getting close. And towards that hence the title,
“The Final Countdown.” How do we know that we are getting
close to the next prophetic event on the calendar and that
is the rapture of the Church, and then shortly after that
the seven year Tribulation? And so, we start off with the
first five. We certainly deal with the Jewish people. Then
we go to modern technology. Then we go to worldwide
upheaval, which is basically the world is falling apart
with wars, and rumors of wars, and famines, and pestilence,
and earthquakes, and signs in the sky.>>Ok, you said this
book was all about victory and happiness, but man you’re
listing here some pretty scary stuff here. So, is it always
darkest before the dawn? Is that what you are saying?
>>Well, there is that too, but often times I’ll say this
Nathan, I’ll say–Christian, “I don’t want to hear that
stuff. I don’t want to hear that you know.–>>You’ve got
falsehood and wickedness rising.>>I don’t want to talk
about that. I had one lady, I kid you not, with all due
respect she came up one time after a service I got to
preach. She goes, “Don’t you realize I didn’t come here for
this.” I didn’t say it but in my mind, I said, “Don’t you
realize the whole service doesn’t revolve around you.”
It just. Listen we are here for the Word of God. It is all
good for us. Right?>>Yeah, all of it.>>But when people
freak out about Bible prophecy, no, I don’t want to
hear this. It is like you listen it is like a frame, you
need to reframe it and you got it in the wrong frame, because
the world, the enemy whoever has got them put Bible
prophecy around this bad frame, doom and gloom,
prophecy bad, boo. I don’t want to hear this. No, no,
that is not what God says this is all good stuff because
every time you hear a message about some of these signs
coming to pass, Israel, modern technology, even fast forward
to one world government, Big Brother issues. Yeah they are
kind of concerning, but guess what it is? All those are
framed into the proper perspective, Hey, wait a
second. That’s a reminder that Jesus is coming back.>>Yes.
>>And so, every time when you hear something on the news
related to prophecy that is showing us getting close, and
if you’re freaked out about it put it in a different frame.
The proper frame, the biblical frame and that is hey, thank
you. You know I almost went today without thinking about
the Lord’s return. And so because of this prophetic
issue I saw in the news, hey thank you, thank you for that
reminder Jesus could come back today. I almost lost my joy,
I’m excited again. Oh, what’s that? Oh, later in the day,
two hours later I heard about this aspect on the news about
this with modern technology. Well, it is concerning, but
hey, I put it in the proper frame, that is two reminders
in one day, don’t forget the Lord’s coming back it could be
today. Again, which is what? The best news you could ever
hear.>>Oh, we get the 30,000 foot view with the Bible. We
can see God’s overall plan and how the terrors of today
actually fit into the bigger picture. And to me the Bible,
especially with all its proleptic statements; the fact
that future prophecy is spoken in past tense. To me the Bible
is God’s victory documentary. He’s already done it. He’s
already accomplished everything He’s planned to
accomplish. He is victorious and then He goes back into
time and records parts of the Bible, so, we know how it ends
before it begins. And that gets me excited all the time.
I’m happy when I read the Bible.>>And it drives home
the point too that hey, God’s never not on the throne. God
is in control at all times.>>Amen.>>God is sovereign.
And if God is sovereign not just in the past but He’s
sovereign in the future, don’t you think He can handle your
today? Right? And that is an encouraging word.>>Billy, you
mentioned ten of the big signs. And one of them that
you mentioned is the rise of falsehood.>>Yeah.>>What in
the world is that all about?>>Oh, yeah. Well, Jesus
Matthew 24 the first thing out of His mouth before He talks
about wars, rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes,
pestilence, all this stuff. The first thing out of His
mouth, He says, “Listen, watch out.” When His disciples said,
“How do we know it is getting close?”>>It is the only sign
He repeats.>>Right.>>Three times.>>Yeah, exactly. He
says, “Watch out that no one deceives you.” Then He goes,
“There are going to be false Christ. There is going to be
false prophets, false teachers, all that stuff.” So,
that is what the whole chapter is all about, is you can bank
on it. In fact false Christ they are all over the place.
>>Yeah, one of the things that really impressed me in reading
this book is that in each chapter when you talk about a
particular sign you give all the biblical references for
that. Plus you give modern day news references that are
documented in detail showing that these are things that are
developing right now, in trends that are going on right
now.>>Exactly. And that put kind of that–>>You did a lot
of research on this.>>Yeah. You know pastors we sit around
drinking ice tea and stare at the walls all day.>>Stare out
the window.>>Had to do something.>>There is so much
Bible prophecy out there you get to like near 300 pages,
like well I guess I better do a second book, right? Volume
2, and volume 3.>>Yeah, well, and we’ll see how far it goes.
We’re just getting started. But you’re absolutely right.
Now, I did that one I call it for the skeptic effect, right?
Because this is current events. This is what is going
on. With the book and you can also get it on video as well.
In the video the benefit you have with the video version it
is not just here’s what the UN said, you’ll see the actual
video clip. Here’s what you know this leader in Russia
said. No, you see the actual news clip so you get that
benefit too. But certainly it is current events. It’s not
here’s what the Bible says, it is like ok, and here’s what
going on today, right now today in fulfillment of that.
You mentioned the false Christs. They are all over the
planet in every sector. You know we just go right down the
list with that. You know of course one of the big ones
that’s been around for a long time he’s recently passed, and
probably unfortunately he knows better. Sun Myung Moon.
>>Yes.>>And he claimed to be the Messiah. And you know what
is freaky? Talking about stuff that is going on in the
Senate. Actually record this and this is secular
information it is not just for him to claim that he was the
Messiah. He even said that Jesus follows Him if you can
believe that. But in one of own Senate buildings here in
the United States they actually had a celebratory
crowning him as the Messiah in a Senate building.>>When I
first heard that I couldn’t believe it, but I found it on
the internet and saw it.>>It’s there, and secular
information. It is not hey you got that from
No, this is actual information. And then not just
that but they are literally all over the place. These guys
claiming to be Jesus are popping up all over the
planet, just like Jesus warned about. You got Jesus from
Siberia, that is Russia’s version going around. People
say this, “And when I was in it–” because of course he is
dressed like Jesus. He’s got the, you know if must be
Jesus. And they say, “Well, I was in his presence and I felt
this tingling, this electrical shock.”>>I think someone said
that of Obama one time.>>Chris Matthews, yeah.
>>Well, get your finger away from the electrical socket or
something, because that’s not Jesus. Right? And then even in
Pennsylvania this one was crazy I couldn’t believe this
one, it’s a guy going around Pennsylvania claiming to be
Jesus. He is wearing this, you know, got the Jesus look if
you will. And his name is What’s Your Name. No. No. No.
That’s not the half of it Dr. Reagan.>>That is like reality
winner.>>You know they go, “What’s Your Name?” What do
you mean what’s your name? You know why it’s What’s Your
Name? Because every time they ask them what’s your name? He
says, “What’s Your Name.” So it is like, I call it the
annoying version of the Messiah. But then there is
that guy and there is AJ Miller, he’s traipses around,
he was even in Dallas here at a conference. And he’s got his
girlfriend with him who is supposed to be Mary Magdalene.
And these people are paying. He is traveling all the world
claiming to be Jesus. That is Australia’s, AJ Miller is his
name. There is another guy from England, Shaylor and he
is a former British Secret Service Agent MI5 guy. And he
is into all kinds of, obviously not Jesus of course,
but he even says he’s got supernatural power and he’s
able to use his powers to change the results of football
games, and things of that nature. No–>>He is using his
power wisely.>>I know. And this is him not me, he says,
“But I’ve learned that it doesn’t work so well when
you’re drunk.” And you’re going? How can that be?>>We
are going to have to take a break on that point.>>[music]>>Welcome back to
Christ in Prophecy and our interview
with Pastor Billy Crone about the countdown to our Lord’s
return. Hey, Billy could you tell our folks how they can
get in touch with your ministries, and where they can
order your fantastic book?>>Yeah, you can check us out
at our teaching ministry Get A Life Ministries. Our website
is Or if you happen to be in the Las
Vegas area and want to attend services Sunrise Baptist
Church website is>>Ok. And they
can order your book? They can order the DVD’s through there?
>>Yes.>>You have a newsletter that you send out?>>Yeah,
they could subscribe there on the front page And again you can just it is all
automated. You can get the book. You can get the DVDs.
Bunch of other stuff.>>Well let’s get back to the signs of
the times for a moment. What is there any one particular
sign that you consider more important than the others?
Well, it is kind of hard to pick. I mean it used to be
back in the day where you’d have this one major event that
was going on in the world, you’d go aha. You know that is
something very significant with the one world government
or something like that. And then you’d have a lull and
then something else would happen. It is like oh, ok,
earthquake over here, and so worldwide upheaval. I don’t
know about you but I can’t even keep up with it, there
are so many things going on all the same time, in all the
signs, all the classic signs that it is just like its every
day, and it’s not just one it’s all of them converging
all at the same time. However, I think one of the big classic
ones, and that of course what we start off with in the
“Final Countdown” book and the videos is the Jewish people.
And that is only common sense I think really because you
can’t have that final week, Daniel’s Seventieth week
without the Jewish people.>>Well, it focuses on them.
>>Well, it focuses on them. That is why the Church is not
there, because it is not about the Church it is about the
Jewish people. It is Jacob’s Trouble, not the Church’s
trouble. And it is that final week from Daniel, right? Which
is the Jewish people that is where the seven year
Tribulation comes from and God pours out His wrath of course
on the Gentile nations. The Church is not a part of that.
So, in order for the seven year Tribulation to even that
final week to come to pass the Jewish people have to be in
existence. Well, that’s the problem, it was the problem;
after 70 AD after the destruction of the Jewish
Temple they got scattered all over the world. Well guess
what? Just like the Bible prophesied they would return
to the land. And they didn’t just return to the land they
returned in the exact order historically that the Bible,
Isaiah prophesied, from the east, the west, the north and
the south. And then they didn’t just return to the land
they became a nation again, and not just a nation again
that was one prophecy, another prophecy says they’d become a
nation in one day. And that is exactly how it went down, May
14th, 1948, 4 PM exactly. The People’s Council made the
declaration, the State of Israel is established. There
you go. And not only that they become a united nation,
another prophecy says and that is huge because it was like
926 BC that you had the Northern Kingdom, the ten
tribes went north, and two down south with Judah, and
they’ve been split ever since. The first time in 2,900 years
the Jewish people are back in the land as a nation in one
day united. And the Bible even talks about the future Temple
services would be using the currency of the shekel. Well,
even when they came back to the land their currency wasn’t
the shekel it was the British pound, but that changed in
1980 and they still use it today. So, that even come to
pass. The Bible also says that in the last days Israel would
blossom as a rose in the desert. Well, before they came
back after 2,000 years of foreign conquerors on Israel
that land was completely decimated. It was just a
barren wasteland. In fact we even quote people like Mark
Twain went over there and he’d basically would make jokes.
Not only said, “This is a barren squalor. Who’d ever
want to come here?” He’d even make jokes, “All the sheep
have to eat is rocks. There is nothing here.” Even in 1905
the Prime Minister of the Netherlands he went over there
and he basically kind of tongue in cheek says, “Only
God could stop the inrushing of this dessert, what a
horrible place.” Well, guess what? When the Jewish people
came back, guess what? Exactly–>>And the Bible said
when they’d return it will become like the Garden of Eden
again.>>Yeah, and you have over there, what’s going on?
Man, basically the area that everybody was saying, “Who
would ever want to come here it’s ruined.” It began to
respond. It is the good land just like God says. They had
the massive tree planting program that is going on.
They’ve got of course the irrigation, the desalination
plants. And guess what? They are diverting water, and guess
what the desert is doing? Exactly like the Bible says
they are blossoming roses. They are the bread basket of
the Middle East; the former wasteland. That is happening
too. The Bible also says that in the last days that the
Jewish people would have a powerful military, they’d be
able to conquer from the left to the right, and things of
that nature. And hands down who is the most powerful
military in that region? Who is one of the most–as small
as they are–who is one of the most well equipped, well
trained militaries on the planet? Little bitty Israel.
And that they would also, the Bible says they’d become a
source of world conflict.>>Oh, my goodness you can’t go
a day without the world condemning Israel, when they
are building an apartment complex. I mean who complains
about an apartment complex being built in another
country? But Israel, every day, every day.>>Yeah. Well,
and here’s the thing too, oh, there’s no indicators that
we’re getting close to the Rapture, we’re living in the
last days. Ah, turn on your TV. Everyday what are you
hearing about? Israel. Conflict. Middle East. And not
only that what’s the event that starts the seven year
Tribulation? Daniel 9:27 the Antichrist makes a treaty with
who? The people, Israel. Right? So, wait a second so
they’ve got to be back on the scene for that to start
because they are a major key player in that. As well as
build the Temple that the Antichrist is going to go up
into half way, and declare himself to be God. But you
can’t have an Antichrist making an agreement with
Israel unless Israel is there. And it’s not just that they
are back in the land, they are back in existence again, turn
on the TV what is even the current President wanting to
do? We’ve got to make a treaty with these people. Now, I’m
not saying Trump is the Antichrist, but what we’re
seeing is for how many decades now, since 1967 roughly is
everybody, not China, not Russia, everybody is screaming
out, “We’ve got to make a treaty with–” And now one of
those guys is going to be the Antichrist, and that is the
very event that starts the Seventieth Week. That’s on the
news. Turn on the news. How do you know we’re living in the
last days? Turn on your news. It is all over the place. Now,
what is wild is you do the stats that’s roughly about
eight prophecies and there’s a whole ton more just on the
Jewish people. But, the odds are this, mathematically. What
are the odds of just eight prophecies coming to pass in
just one entity? In this case Israel, the Jewish people.
Well it has been calculated like this. You’ll like this
because it’s Texas.>>Peter Stoner, right?>>Right. So, it
is calculated that you could take the whole state of Texas,
cover it three feet deep with silver dollars. Then basically
hop in a plane, fly over randomly over the whole state,
take one silver dollar mark it with a red X just randomly
throw it out. Land the plane on the back edge of the state
of Texas and then blind fold a guy, and say, “I tell you what
you have to go through the whole state of Texas, three
feet deep with silver dollars. You have to–you have one
pick, and one pick only and you have to pick that one
silver dollar that we threw out in the plane with the red
X on it.” What are the odds that guys is ever going to get
it? That is the exact same mathematically odds of any one
entity getting eight prophecies coming to pass in
that, and that is with Israel.>>And Jesus’ life.>>Exactly.
And so I say there is no way. This is again, this is God
screaming out from this book, “I wrote this book. This came
from me, and you might want to pay attention to all of it,
certainly about Jesus being the only way to Heaven. But
also what I say about the future. And if you’re not
saved– if you’re a Christian get busy living for Him, get
busy sharing the Gospel because today could be the day
He comes back.>>God said He would scatter the Jewish
people all over the world, and He did because of their
rebellion against Him. He said He would preserve them. Which
He did. He said He would regather them. Which He did.
He said He would re-establish their state. Which He did. And
yet, the majority viewpoint in Christianity today, both
Catholic and Protestant is that God has washed His hands
of the Jewish people, has no purpose left for them. And
that all these things that have happened are
coincidences.>>Yeah.>>Big accident.>>No, sorry, it’s
not a coincidence. And basically I think what’s sad
it’s just not disagreed. You’re basically, with all due
respect, you’re calling God a liar. Because there are
promises that God has–eternal promise that God has made to
the people, to Israel, that have not come to pass. They
will come to pass when Jesus comes back at the Second
Coming at the end of the seven year Tribulation and
establishes the Millennial Kingdom. And so, you can’t
have your cake and eat it too. Either God is a liar, which
He’s not, which is their position. Or in fact He’s not
done with the Jewish people. And how do you get around
this? This is Romans 11, what does Paul say? There not under
a permanent blindness, or permanent hardness, it is
temporary, until the Church Age is over, and then bang,
Daniel 9:27 then God’s eyes go back on the Jewish people to
fulfill the promises He’s made that have yet to come to pass.
>>What do you say to a person who is watching this program
right now who is becoming a little alarmed about all these
signs of the soon return of Jesus? The planet becoming
engulfed in total chaos? And they don’t have any spiritual
relationship with God, what would you say to them? Just
look directly in that camera over there.>>Well, I’d say,
you actually, frankly, with all due respect, you need to
be alarmed. Because what we are headed for Jesus said, I
didn’t say it, He did, this is the worse time in the history
of mankind. So horrible that unless God shortened that time
frame, kept it to seven years the entire human race would be
destroyed. But that’s why He’s telling you now, right now, in
advance what is coming because He loves you. And the good
news is if you would ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins,
believe in your heart that God raised Him from the grave, the
Bible says that God will save you, and He’ll rescue you for
this time frame. You don’t have to be a part of the seven
year Tribulation, you can be rescued from that right now
through Jesus. That’s why God is telling you. And it is
message of love. People say, “Oh, you’re trying to scare
me.” Well, not all fear is bad you know? If my son is out in
the street and I see a truck coming, am I a bad parent when
I say, “Hey, get out of the road.” No, you expect that.
And so God is basically say, “Hey, this is coming to the
planet. Get saved now.” He’s made a way out. It is a free
gift, you just got to receive it through Jesus. And that is
what He’s telling us with all these signs. He is saying,
“Hey, this is coming to the planet. Hey, I’m giving you
2,000 years of a heads up, please don’t be stubborn.”
Please. He doesn’t take pleasure in the death of the
wicked. He is not willing that any should perish. He wants
people to be saved. That’s why He lets us know.>>But the
number one spiritual lie right now that you see everywhere is
there are many roads to God. So, if you are a Jew, you’ve
got your road. If you’re a Buddhist you’ve got your road.
If you’re a Muslim, you’ve got your road. If you’re a
humanist philosopher you’ve got your road.>>Even the Pope
is teaching that.>>Yeah.>>So, what is your response to
that?>>The response is once again you just called God a
liar.>>That’s right.>>Because Jesus–how do you?
Oh, that is your interpretation. No, I don’t
care what you’ve got man. It is not in the–>>I am the way
the truth and the life–>>You’re intolerant.>>–no
one comes to the Father except by Me.>>And that’s just it.
It’s John 14:6, Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, the
life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.”
Jesus said that. I didn’t. He didn’t say, a way, a truth, a
life. It is the article, the, the, the, He’s it. Now, then
people say, “Well, that is your interpretation.” No, no,
I didn’t say that. I’m just the newspaper boy. I’m
declaring the news. Right?>>Don’t kill the messenger.
>>Exactly, Jesus said that. And then they’re really
hypocritically because they’ll say, “Oh, but I like Jesus
with the Golden Rule: Do unto others.” Well, He also said
this.>>Yes.>>You can’t say He’s a great guy over here and
He taught that, and then deny that. You can’t have your cake
and eat it too. You either Jesus is true, and He is, or
He’s not. And you can’t accept some and reject the other.
You’re the one, not me that is being a hypocrite.>>It is
idolatry. We have our own Jesus that we formed in our
fashion and we worship.>>Yeah, and I thinks that’s
the, isn’t that the fashion today? But again, that is
people getting away from the Bible. I think that part of
the reason, again, people even in the Church are getting away
from the Bible is because not all the Bible is being taught.
But again when you teach prophecy what does it drill in
your head? All this book came from God.>>[music]>>Welcome back to Christ
in Prophecy and our interview with Pastor
Billy Crone from Las Vegas, Nevada. Billy, what is that
website one more time.>>Yeah, you can reach us at>>And I sincerely hope people will do
that because you have a great ministry. And I just pray the
Lord will continue to pour out His spirit on you, and your
church, and your ministry, and again thank you for being with
us today.>>Thank you.>>Well, folks, that is our program for
this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to you, and I hope
you’ll be back with us next week the Lord willing. Until
then this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion
Ministries saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our
redemption is drawing near.”>>[music]>>Dr. David Reagan’s
book, “Living on Borrowed Time,” presents a sweeping
overview of the signs of the times that point to the
imminent return of Jesus to this earth. It also contains a
prophetic forum in which 22 Bible prophecy experts respond
to 11 questions about the signs of the times. Some of
the experts include: David Hocking, Jack Kinsella, Jan
Markell, Ron Rhodes, Bill Salus, Gary Fisher, Nathan
Jones, and Tim LaHaye. Dr. Reagan addresses the most
commonly asked questions concerning the return of
Jesus. The book can be yours for a donation of $20 or more,
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call the number you see on the screen Monday thru Friday,
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This is a great witnessing booklet since it discusses
what constitutes a true Christian; one who is an heir
to the biblical promise of every lasting life with our
Creator. Again, just call the number you see on the screen
and ask for offer #802. The “Living on Borrowed Time”
book, and the booklet can be yours for a gift of $20 or
more, including shipping.>>[music]>>Thank you for
joining us on today’s Christ in Prophecy, a presentation of
Lamb and Lion Ministries, a non-denominational ministry
dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of biblical
prophecy and proclaiming the soon return of Jesus.

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