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exactly at the I’m not on the hour but at the 15-minute mark why not why not do
a little something different there so yesterday’s show this what I’m about to
say kind of goes with the theme of yesterday’s show Bitcoin is H this is
from and everything I talk about is linked to below by the way people from
SK WP a Bitcoin is a check on state misbehavior accumulating Bitcoin of
Ford’s holders the optionality to move freely in the world to a jurisdiction
that offers them the freedom they seek over time this the funds autocratic
states as they lose the human capital they required a function now you’ve got
a point there if there’s an autocratic state that’s overreaching and in this
Bitcoin realm that we’re entering that some people will the smart people will
leave those countries with their wealth easily with Bitcoin will that bring down
regimes well it’ll hurt the country’s brainpower overall brainpower theirs
won’t be as much of a taxable base I guess but does it defund autocratic
states not totally but we get your point though that the point is is that if
you’re if you’re living in a situation where you think your country is
overreaching and it with the Bitcoin it lets you you can get out of there and it
that’s it take your whole wealth you start again it’s awesome alright just
buy BIC and that’s linked to below of course just buy Bitcoin says bitcoins –
thanks again for another awesome day I got some friends and acquaintances
coming out of the woodwork again this month even got my parents to buy Bitcoin
but they chose gbtc dude we’re gonna be talking about gbtc in a second with this
retirement plan stuff did they do it through the retirement plan I assume
they did ok we’re gonna get to that in a second but thank you thank you for the
commentary again people you can you can send quest
in this in the chat or the super chat type in bitcoinmeister okay
having height see who’s using the hashtag that is linked to below I am and
I’m using it and so sir some awesome dudes who watch this show we got we got
to get that thing trending on Twitter right spread the word people are talking
about it now and yesterday I mentioned in 2016 a site I remember a rocket going
off the minute that that the having actually started and someone sent me the
actual site it’s still in existence and the rocket ship will go off again in
2020 I don’t like the name of the site because I like the term having but it’s
the the that is linked to below Oh be casual for
ghosts I’ve been fast before because will I have also will have a having also
okay and I like that but are they going to forked after they’re there after
they’re having though and I think they are I think they’re gonna have an issue
here their infrastructure funding plan they are still arguing over this king of
the trolls doesn’t want to do it unless if it’s gonna cause a fork he wants
everyone to agree on it so if everyone doesn’t agree on earth
and he doesn’t want to do it but there’s all sorts of drama going on there’s an
article link to it below and there also is a tweak here from well okay I’m not
gonna say the guy’s name a bit beat was called be cash King the be cash
community is largely made up of libertarians and who hate taxes and
believe taxation is theft the leadership then come up with a funding proposal
that looks and feels like a tax what could go wrong
I think the IFP goes through a fork if I think if the IFP goes through a fork is
another inevitable so yeah I I agree with that if your infrastructure funding
plan goes through the fork is inevitable I think some stop sort of
infrastructure funding plan is going to go through and people are going to it’s
going to split it’s going to split there’s my prediction right there so
it’ll be something interesting to do analyze and they’ve got all sorts of
different proposals on it some great the the initial
IFP has been slightly changed and some of the the voices that supported it have
a different take on it now it’s linked to below if you care about that
so before we talk about the retirement a bitcoin retirement plan pickle meister
do you think this is from once you through no scope he says do you think
bitcoin will be worth a retirement in 2032
one Bitcoin will be work you do I think one Bitcoin would be worth a retirement
in 2032 uh I I’m I’m conservative I’ll say no I’ll say no because I think –
well I mean depending on your age I mean and by 2030 – you’re probably gonna need
two million dollars to retire so no no I know I don’t think it will be worth it
but so here’s the thing here’s the thing about retirement for those of us who
don’t work for these big corporations that set up retirement plans for us just
your retirement plan should be your big coin that’s for you that’s my retirement
plan that’s how I got it I don’t have some 401k somewhere that my I get
monthly contributions to through my employer all that nonsense but some of
you’ve been working for many years and are not that many years but you have
these plans and you’ve got money floating around in these plans okay and
you you can’t access it without penalties and you want the funds to grow
and you want them to getting the Bitcoin so there’s a dude here there is an
awesome dude he wrote an article about this about the best way to manage your
Bitcoin in your retirement plan and I I think it’s good for those people that
are stuck quantico stuck in that traditional realm this is and to say
that you can still save Bitcoin on the side for your personal for for your an
alternative retirement plan just in case your your core
raishin retirement plan totally falls through the floor and that could happen
because not your keys not your coins so Bitcoin retirement
plan here let’s see I’ve got this okay yeah one big takeaway I got from this
article and it’s a big article and I know a lot of you want to read about
this stuff you care about gbtc and all that stuff so this is for you he says
luckily I happen to work for a company with a good retirement plan so I decided
to take full advantage of it I’ve been looking for allocations to Bitcoin and
retire implants as 2017 this for Americans by the way my reasonings of
the decision are below I’m a young professional with 30-plus years ahead of
head before retirement even if I messed up with this investment decision now I
still have enough time to build my fortune that is a great point I am
looking for something in any symmetric bet with enough volatility and a
potential huge upside in the long time in the long time horizon good your
long-term thinker big coin is perfect for this I would like a place to
minimize the taxation on my potential Bitcoin gains retirement plans are
perfect for this without too much extra setup ok a lot of people have brought
that up to deplore big coin okay and he calls a Bitcoin retirement series part 1
but so there gonna be other parts of it Bitcoin investing in retirement plans US
version this guide is intended to provide a non-exhaustive set of
techniques to invest in Bitcoin through retirement plans and 401k IRA etc in the
US and he points out that one negative is that there are exorbitant fees
sometimes eg the 2% annual fee gbtc and cement and others have okay so their
pros and cons to all this but if you’re already stuck in that realm then hey
deal with it and one thing that is my big takeaway from this what I meant to
say at the beginning is that there are many people
just like this young guy who who who want to get into Bitcoin who maybe have
some Bitcoin already but want to get more of the Bitcoin and are going to
flip their retirements their corporate retirement funds in the Bitcoin so that
it’s great for Bitcoin more and more of that luck quote-unquote locked up money
that you can’t get to your seventy-five years old or whatever is gonna be thrown
in the Bitcoin so I think this is good and so if hey if I had one of these
retirement plans I would be looking on I’d be wanting to get all of it in the
Bitcoin probably but again the negatives are it could go totally wrong in terms
of the fund could steal your Bitcoin alright that Bitcoin isn’t going
anywhere but your fund could could go somewhere in the fees or a 2% annual fee
it’s ridiculous all right pal that night button okay it’s someone’s
already Tyson my buddy you I’m gonna see them are
sci-fi dude fidelity makes you acknowledge the high volatility before
you should get into gbtc okay we shall talk tomorrow
now what else we have all right now someone asks about MWC before the show
started and I gotta clarify something from yesterday and these MWC is a crypto
dividend that we all got for free but it was an air-dropped to to Bitcoin holders
who signed up for it those of you here you know that this is your home for
Bitcoin insider information this is where you learn about the freaking
crypto dividends that all you got to do is hold your freakin Bitcoin and control
your private key you get interest with your Bitcoin through the crypto through
their process so and I’ll talk about that more tomorrow in Long Beach
obviously Las Vegas but someone said yesterday that hopped it the one
exchange where you can sell your MWC yet which is locked down now you they’re not
allowing deposits that it was hacked that is not true that that’s not true I
don’t know where that person got that I think you made it you made a mistake
somewhere I linked to the hot bit update okay that there was no they’re not
saying MWC was stolen from hopped it so i yesterday I said I’m I’m just reading
what you’re saying here I have no truth this happened it didn’t happen but
here if the Enda the MWC project party is undergoing functional upgrades and
investigate an investigation of illegal transfers there are four users involved
in MWC deposits are temporarily prohibited from withdrawing and trading
so this is a privacy coin okay and I was talking someone off someone about this
okay it’s got to look really shady if there is one entity buying up all of
this privacy coin for any price for any price it’s as little as if he’s trying
to launder his Bitcoin so they’re detecting suspicious activity there any
exchange could claim the suspicious activity the longest short of it is
don’t keep your Bitcoin there hook if you sold your MWC there for Bitcoin and
you should have don’t don’t get your big yeah I mean that they were shutting down
people’s accounts locking people’s accounts that dealt with MWC now they’re
open so they’ve got some issue over there so perhaps a jurisdiction
somewhere sees all this weirdness that’s going on and says hey you’re the only
one selling this stuff you’re gonna shut it down you gotta tell us who is doing
what on your site because it looks shady is anything so they’re saying there’s
illegal Tramp I don’t know what illegal transfers what that really translates
into maybe it translates into what I just said so guys uh be careful never
Hey don’t keep up keep your crypto currencies on exchanges it’s it’s
ridiculous and I hope that answer did the the MWC queries that I I have been
receiving so hey hopefully they do it they do another airdrop so we get more
of it for free hopefully they’re more crypto dividends real soon I’m gonna be
able to tell you about because hey man I love getting free free coins you can
turn into Bitcoin nothing better than that never
buy when you can get for free pound that like button now
all right so MWC we spoke out Oh in Tel Aviv May 21st it’s my daily reminder
because we’re gonna talk about the having right now
havock best having party on earth May 21st in Tel Aviv its link to below
it is going to be a blast from the future not the past
wait I I oh yeah so I did mention I should have mentioned that when I was
talking about the having having height before hands oh well good didn’t
organize this thing perfectly now let’s talk about mining peter thiel back layer
1 begins mining Bitcoin at its West Texas facility hey dude I was just in
West Texas the site expects to scale to 200 MW within a few months and aims to
capture 30 percent of the total network hash rate by the end of 2021 well then I
guess if you actually do that in good luck compete don’t complain people won’t
be screaming that shine of thud oh oh oh the miners are in China yeah yeah that’s
called progress ok people that’s called long-term thinking it’s not all there’s
not always gonna be a bunch of em in China they’re gonna be innovators like
Peter Thiel with a lot of money thrown around trying to operate mining
facilities in countries like the United States and another free relatively free
nation so good luck to him I think that is good news i I’m a big Peter Thiel fan
he is outside the box the thinker and is one of those minds that some people try
to rip on like oh he supports this politician it always so rich he’s evil
no in innovating in motion type of dude and now and he’s in motion in Bitcoin
welcome to the spaces where the big boys freakin play pound that light bun so
speaking about the big boys the the great Nick Carter who has been on the
show before and he’s talked about this before I’ve talked about this before in
terms of stable coins and that they put the dollar on a pedestal
okay they’re enabling people to get dollars into their countries and they
want dollars there are people out there that value their wealth in dollars more
so than Bitcoin and they want new ways to get big and get dollars into their
country and stable coins are an easy way of dollarization should we say okay so
hey if they’re gonna use it that way they’re gonna use it that way some
people will see like oh well I got this dot digital dollar and I can turn into
this Bitcoin but not everyone it’s not for everyone
ever people people can value their wealth in dollars I I encourage you not
to that’s one of the sayings here value wealth and freaking big compound that
like button but here we go but his main point it here is that there are a lot of
in in the United States government people have said all this is a threat to
the dollar crypto currency isn’t a threat to the dollar at this point at
all it is it’s just what I say it’s propping up the dollar it’s getting
the dollar into these uh developing nations easier it’s great good value
about the dollars you so go with the flow United States government your
dollar the the greatest uh fiat currency on earth is being being elevated the all
the solid currencies so-called ten the best you know again don’t buy your
wealth and fiat but the best of the Fiats the yen the Euro the dollar
they’re all gonna get these astable coins based around them and they’re all
going to become more loved and more credible by the people because of the
digitalization of fiat currencies and the then like the the lesser fiat
currencies will they’re not gonna like this very much of course but hey here’s
the thing so policymakers shouldn’t fear digital
money so far it’s maintaining the dollar status says Nick Carter stable coin
transactional volumes have taken off to the point where they have eclipsed every
crypto currency aside from Bitcoin in on chain transactional value it may well be
the case that the crypto industry’s most impact
contribution in the near term is too near frictionlessly distribute
frictionlessly frictionlessly I guess as a word distribute dollars on a
direct-to-consumer basis to the world’s population whether in government’s like
it or not so it got a big big use case for a stable coins right there and for
those of you that are haters of government well this is gonna this is
going to bother some of the lesser government well a lot of the lesser
government’s that they try to control their people with their worthless
inflated currencies they’re gonna say why should I be playing around with this
fiat when I can get my hand on the dollar the yen in this digital form now
so very good very good point and this is you know if you if you’re encountered
your Center senator or congressman who’s a little confused saying oh we’re scared
about cryptocurrency you know point this article and to them it’s gonna make you
richer dude it’s gonna make it’s gonna make our dollars worth more credible to
the world oh yeah their value of the dollars by the way you should be valuing
euro the Bitcoin but hey you know you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do and moving
on tech thread time you know there’s some people that are out there I’m just
in it for the tech I’m just in it okay you can just be in it for the tech
whatever and if you are here’s a good one by lightning and it gives what to
say tech for a time here are some of the Bitcoin research and technical work that
we’re excited about at River Financial okay dude that’s awesome so again for
you tech heads and I know to the people who say they’re just different you’re
just in it for the tech dude okay so are you going to complain in ten
years that you’re poor because if you’re not then hey that’s fine you were just
in for the attack but most people do want to financially improve themselves
and this is a financial product I’d say you know love the tech respect the tech
but respect respect the money too so it’s the name of show is the one Bitcoin
show try to at least get one of them okay so once you’re through news go said
pickle Meister what would it take for you to believe
hi perfect organization is a reality what what would have to happen central
dude people would actually have to spy stuff with Bitcoin how about that that’s
not even happening yet so yeah that would be a nice first step that people
people would start start using Bitcoin in terms of a buying thing because right
now look what I just said everybody’s trying to get dollars into their
countries everybody’s spend using die hey I don’t
encourage people to to to use Bitcoin to buy stuff but people aren’t even using
lightning that were very bunch of stuffs though everyone wanting to accept
Bitcoin everybody using Bitcoin everybody valuing everything they have
in big I mean – freaking ization is a tremendous thing it’s like the dollars
worth nothing now we have to move to a new world reserve currency called
Bitcoin hey we said we’re so far away from that right now so yeah like call me
when people are spending Bitcoin and that but then still we’re still so far
away from that tell me when people lose confidence in United States dollar I
don’t see that happening at all it’s the most credible fiat in the history of
mankind and I only see it getting stronger for the 80 percenters that
choose to be in it I am NOT a believer in hyper Bitcoin is Asian whatsoever I
think it is a is a a realm for the 20 percenters to protect their wealth it is
great it is a great financial tool it is a great financial mechanism for those
who opt into it who want to be in the Bitcoin overlay but I see how this world
works that I mean go to yesterday’s show with about Jane all James all our older
people will believe the slimy ax stings and want to be involved with the slimy
Asst mindless fantasy sets and graphics things that’s not a Bitcoin is there’s
so many other options people want to spend spend spend they don’t care if
it’s being inflated away and it’s so easy to get your hands on dollars and
all sorts of theocrats like that people and people in the void people will wake
up to the fact of inflation and that the dollar loses value since
1900 no they won’t is the losing value since before 1913
it’s been a hundred and seven years dudes know people some people just don’t
care about finances very much they just don’t care and they become government
dependence and in this in this world of abundance that we live in right now the
government can provide people a lot of comfortable life fun things
why not stay hooked on stay hooked on what they’re providing the dollar and
this goes for all the countries in the world with their ven euro people don’t
think you’re you’re really you’re in a bubble people you’re in a bubble a
bubble YouTube bubble a Bitcoin bubble there’s so many different bubbles out
there that you’re in and there are in a doom bubble the dollar is going to fail
this reality is filled with people who are machines who don’t think and just
like to be comfortable and get the take the easiest way in life and fancy sets
and graphics so per tip that’s why I say hello my elite new friends at the
beginning of this show your elite and most people aren’t your 20% and by very
definition most people aren’t so most people aren’t very productive ok so
moving on we have here so you would you detect the right time oh here tres mayor tres mayor with a
good tweet we’re gonna we’re gonna conclude with these very inspirational
tweets this is about being a holder of freaking last resort and being a
long-term thinker if it were so and for all you people who say hello to you
you’re not usually a Bitcoin if you’re holding Bitcoin there it’s but what’s so
hard about holding Bitcoin oh here we go if it were easy to be a Bitcoin holder
of last resort and everyone would what what is me just like I said people do
the easy stuff it what is needed discipline mentally for researched and
emotionally for price cycles where market weeds out the weak and
undisciplined so Bitcoin is extremely fair and brutal
to brutal tool for allocating gains and
losses alright so yes you need you need discipline and guess their price cycles
and the market weeds out the weak handed people and the undisciplined it’s so
true it’s so true and we see we see it every cycle and so
yeah Bitcoin is extremely fair for the PETA because there’s some people its own
fair you had insider information now there are plenty of people who had it in
2013 and they got weeded out that plenty of people hood who couldn’t who can hang
on to it so on that note this is from hold on Conrad’s just spend time
studying the 2013 the 2015 bear market total respect for those who held through
what must have been an excruciating 415 day bear market 415 days bear market
holders rule and deserve the rewards that come their way
hold on comrades don’t trade well I gotta say to you thanks man and yes
don’t trade and yes the long-term thinking of holding on not being tempted
into all the nonsense out there it pays off and it is it is a great feeling as
you start to approach the having’s that you didn’t give it you didn’t give in in
2018 the 2014 or 2019 or 2015 it’s great elite and proud of it someone said over
there all right it’s pound that like button i am adam meister the
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