Black Mamba in Wolverhampton | Drugs Map of Britain

Mamba is the worst drug out.
Worser than class A.
There’s a big problem with legal
highs in Wolverhampton, yes.
It was the beginning of
a Mamba attack.
Yes, Brucie!People will be your friend
because you’ve got Mamba.
Last drag.But when you’ve got no Mamba,
you ain’t got a friend.
Loads of people are smoking it now.
In Wolverhampton, it’s full.
Everywhere. Wherever you go,
you’ll get it if you need it.
The legal highs,
you’ve got Black Mamba,
you have got Holy Smoke,
you’ve K… 2K, Cherry.
Happy Joker.It makes you feel nice.It makes me forget about things that
I don’t want to be thinking about,
like being homeless, having
no family, no friends, no money,
no help, no nothing.My daily routine,
I just wake up wherever I am,
wait till the soup kitchen in the
town centre opens in the afternoon
and then when it closes, probably
just walk about and smoke the Mamba.
So…Well, I smoke it every day,
near enough all day.
I am going to get some Mamba
from the Mamba shop.
In Wolverhampton,
there is probably four or five
Mamba shops that’s
quite easy to find.
That’s why Wolverhampton is full of
Mamba smokers now.
£15 for two, the two bags,or £10 just for one.“Harmful if inhaled, swallowed.
Can cause skin irritation.”
And it’s saying
“not fit for human consumption”.
I have done
a bit of research on it
and it is a synthetic cannaboid.It just looks like cannabis,
really, a dry leaf.
I just sprinkle it along the tobaccobut you ain’t meant
to put too much in.
I was smoking cannabis for 14 years
anyway, on pipes, bongs,
however, and then
I went to prison, had no cannabis.
Tried this, I smoked it, I liked it,got out and here it is
in the town where I’ve moved to.
So I am smoking.Because if I could get off it
I would, straight away.
I would never smoke it again.But… ain’t that easy.We are at the Methodist Church.
Just going to have something to eat.
We go in here Monday,
Tuesday and Thursday.
We have a few friends,where we, like, come and have a
chat, coffee, a bit of food.
Thank you.The country in general,the economy seems to be picking up
over the last year or so,
but Wolverhampton seems to belagging behind the rest
of the country.
We still have lots of, for
instance, an example,
lots empty shops
in the shopping centres.
The legal highs are around.We see people rolling up their…
whatever it is outside.
We ask them not to roll up in
the building. A number of people
have had to be taken to hospital by
ambulance when they’ve collapsed.
They don’t seem to know what the
power of these terrible drugs are.
Would you like some casserole?Yeah.Can I have one for this lovely lady,
Me and my friend are going to go and
have a spliff for his birthday.
It’s just down here.I do believe this drug is going
to revolutionise, like,
this generation.The kids as young
as 12 are smoking it
and they are smoking it heavy.And if that is them
at that age doing this…
..then God knows where it is going
to be in ten years’ time.
This is going to be
my last smoke today, this is.
But do you mean it?Yeah, yeah. Making me sick, bruv.It is addictive like that.
It is like a coffee to Mr Normal.
For somebody who smokes legal highs,
Like, I’m waking up every two
to three hours and having a smoke.
I may as well just be like a bat,
stay awake and not go to sleep,
and that’s why I get stressed
and depressed and whatever else.
Coming here where people are smoking
and then…
And then being there on
the other side of the fence…
Saying you don’t want to smoke it,
it’s going to be…
I’m not saying impossible,
but it’s going to be difficult.
Yeah.So I’m a sceptic.‘I thought I was just going to be
able to stop and no,
‘it’s not that easy.’HE LAUGHSDo you want the last drag?Save the packet, though.And that’s how we survive
day by day.
We are all going through the same
situation, ain’t we?
We’re all in the same boat,either homeless or we’ve been
homeless or we smoke Mamba.
People will be your friend
because you’ve got Mamba.
But when you’ve got no Mamba,
you ain’t got a friend.
I used to share with everybody.
Now I don’t share as much.
You know what I mean?Because I need it for myself
and if I’m giving it to people,
I’m going to go and spend more money
and I ain’t doing that.
TIN WHISTLE PLAYSMamba is the worst drug out.
Worser than class A.
You can get off
class A easier on methadone.
I used to be a class A smoker
and I smoke Mamba myself now
and I haven’t had it for three days
and I have had night sweats,
pains in my side, can’t sleep,can’t go to the toilet…It’s wrecking your whole body,whereas on the heroin you can have
methadone and you can feel fine.
So something needs to be done.It needs to be took off the marketand got rid of before more people
end up dead.
DOG BARKSI am just seeing a friend of mine
and he is in a bad mood,
so I asked him what’s up and…..he has just told me that he
has found one of our friends dead.
I don’t know how, but, yeah.Basically saying he found a friend
dead. Is that our problem?
No, not one bit.How about when I found
my fucking friend dead?
Were people fucking bothered
about that? No.
Yeah, he has found a body,
that ain’t fucking nice,
but at the end of the day he has
just come up to us to try
and make us look like
a little dickhead
by “all you’re worried about
is Mamba”.
Or me.Mate, I ain’t got no…Bruce is one of my friends.This is his town,
he was born round here.
Come on.He has been smoking it
longer than me, Mamba.
Boom.HE RAPS:Listen, WileyI told them youts I’m gone againSee the Devil ain’t working
no more, no more
Vroom, I long againAnd if I smell any fire
in the building
Turn them sprinklers on againI leave your whole clique wetThought we died but now
I’m in the born again…
I have been trying to get
help for about six to eight weeks,
maybe a bit longer.But that’s where I’m going now,
to see if they can…
To see what they can
help me out with
to try and come off
smoking and the like.
So, yeah.Twat!Nothing, nothing. Nothing.I’ll see you about one o’clock,
all right?
Have a seat, my friend.Let me just briefly explain
who we are. My name is Sunny.
I am the manager of SUIT,
an organisation that helps
people affected by addiction
in Wolverhampton.
I was a heroin, crack cocaine addict
from Wolverhampton for about…
In treatment for about ten years.But what I found happened was
I was going to treatment
and I was getting medication, but
the rest of my life was the same.
I was with the same people,
doing the same things,
and the only time it really
changed for me was
when a lot of different parts
of my life changed.
Basically I want to stop smoking
legal highs like Mamba.
And I’ve tried two or
three times now
and gone without it all night,
basically after being sick and
OK.In terms of Mamba, one of the issues
that we have with legal highs
full stop is that the people
that are coming up with these
concoctions, what
they care about is that.
The money.And the thing is, you can have one
bag of Mamba and you compare it
to another one and the chemicals
can be really different.
People that are taking legal highs
are guinea pigs, aren’t they?
Yeah.So because they are putting
things into their body
and it is reacting
and coming out in different ways
and affecting people
in different ways,
there is no set regime
as far as I’m aware
that we can use to detox people.I mean, it is a lot easier with
drugs like heroin
because we know what
the substance is,
we know how long it, generally
speaking, lasts in the body.
I will take any help I canif it is going to help me
on my way to stop smoking.
I’ve got a son and daughter,
like, as well.
I seen my son probably aboutfive months ago, six months ago,but I haven’t seen
my daughter for…
two years.When I’ve been smoking, I haven’t
been bothered about my kids
and that ain’t me.No.I would do anything for my kids.I will always encourage people
to look at education.
It doesn’t have to be formal.I will let you know
which are the courses that are up
and running within your locality.There is a food safety
and catering…
I’d like to do that one.I have done a cooking
course as well before.
If you do what is right by you,I promise that we
as an organisation will help.
See you later, man.
See you later, mate.
Take care.Yeah. All right.And you. See you later, yeah?‘Hopefully what we have discussed
today is the starting point’
of a new direction for Liam.And if any parts of it aren’t
working out at any particular point
then we are going to be
here for him to come back to.
And when it doesn’t happen,
we are not going to be disheartened.
Hopefully it will,
but if it doesn’t,
we’re not going to be disheartened,
we will just keep trying and keep
supporting him until he gets to
where he needs to get to,
or wants to.Blue, I met him probably
two months ago.
He is a good guy.
He smokes Mamba as well.
We are going to go back to Blue’s
site where the tents and that are
and you can have a look around
where he lives, and the conditions.
Ty.Come on, you.It is a better place
than where he comes from
and look at the state of this.Fucking hell – you’ve gone from…one mashup place
to another mashup place.
Needles and a…
No, man, I ain’t touching that.
Yeah, that’s one there.My name is Blue and I and am 20.This is proper fucking roughneck,
this is.
I use legal highs.My mate said tried this
and I tried it and it was nice
and so I just ended up moving
onto that
cos that was the one thing that
was getting me stoned in the end,
so that’s what I ended up using.I have told him
he should try and stop
because it is going to get banned
soon anyway, so sooner or later
everyone is going to have to
stop, so why not stop now?
Or try to.I’m doing it till
it’s banned, I am.
LIAM COUGHSI’ve run low, so, yeah.
You’ve run out?
FILM-MAKER:I thought once you
ran out you were going to stop.
I know, but it’s cos
I’ve got money in my pocket.
Once that money has gone…
That’ll do.
When that money has gone,then I will, because I don’t get
any more money for a while,
that’s what I’ll say.Unless I go and rob it.I can’t be bothered. Not today.Is this Sunny? It’s Liam.I just had a missed call.Oh, yeah.Yeah, cheers, mate.
Nice one, yeah?
Cheers. And you, mate. Bye-bye.Yes.I ended up with 40 quid yesterday,
so I did all right yesterday.
I’ve got nothing left of that,
Went up to Stafford, went in the pub
last night, so it was a busy night.
It was a good night, though.
Good night.
Did you buy Mamba too, or…?No, not today. Maybe tomorrow.
Come on, dog.What the fuck’s wrong
with your face, bro?
We was in the tent smoking
the Mamba and I flaked out.
It was the beginning of
a Mamba attack, yes?
This guy, as soon as he saw me
slouch out,
he hit me with the palm of his hand.On purpose.I have been to the hospital
but they just say
wait for the swelling to go down,
and then kick his head in.
Kick his head in?Yeah.HE SHOUTSWOMAN SHOUTSTHEY SHOUTSHOUTINGHe kicked off on sight and he
assaulted me and he assaulted…
So obviously I hit him back and
he’s got a black eye.
And obviously now, because he has
been around town and everybody’s
started to run up them houses
and say,
“Yeah, don’t let him get away with
that.” Obviously he’s assaulting me.
That’s what it was over. Smoking.I was having a fight once.
Someone was trying to…
Wanting to fight me and
no-one backed me up.
So I had to fight on my own,
so I stood there and watched him
get beat.
But the only thing is,
I never got beat up, he did.
Well, not beat up but…Brag.It wasn’t a pretty sight.Abracadabra.What I wanted to say was that…When I stopped the Mamba anyway,
I did start weed straight away.
Before I stopped smoking Mamba,I applied for a food safety and
catering course at SUIT with Sunny.
I passed it successfully
but if I can do it when I’m high,
I can do it when I’m off it
and I can do a lot better.
And that’s what I want to do –
get a good job
and provide for my son better
than I have done.
I’m not going to lie to you…my son is everything to mebut I haven’t been the bestest dad.He hasn’t really grew up around me.I wonder if they’d like to see
me, if they ask about me.
There’s people out there who don’t
give a shit. I actually do.
That is what I’ve got to prove,
I’ve started,
I’ve just got to carry on.
You get me?So…I’m just going away
from Wolverhampton for a while
to get away
mainly from people who smoke Mamba.
Should be in Stoke
in about 20 minutes, I think.

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