Bobbing For Apples – Alcoholic Sweets | Smith & Sinclair

Bobbing For Apples – Alcoholic Sweets | Smith & Sinclair

Hi there welcome to Drinks Tube! I’m Melanie.
I’m Emile. And together we’re Smith and Sinclair. And we make cocktail based sweets and treats.
And for today we are doing you a Halloween special called Bobbing for Apples. This one
is especially for grownups so here are all the ingredients you are going to need to make
your own edible cocktails. To make the sweet itself, what you are going to need is some
apple brandy, some sugar, liquid glucose and some powdered gelatine. To coat our finished
sweet we’ve got some more sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and citric acid. Right so let’s get making
it. To start with we’ve got some liquid glucose. So this is 300g of glucose going straight
in the pan, it’s a bit gloopy so just make sure you have got a spatula on hand. We’re
gonna have some sugar. This is 250g of granulated sugar and then we’re just gonna add in a dash
of water, just to stop the sugar from crystallising. So I’m just gonna stir this on a low to medium
heat. While that’s cooking I’m going to get the next mixture ready. What you’re going
to need is your apple brandy, 250ml, and that is 50g of powdered gelatine. Just make sure
you whisk that in so that it doesn’t get any lumps . So back to the glucose and sugar were
just gonna leave that you can stop stirring. We’re waiting for it to reach 130 degrees
centigrade. You can see it bubbling away. We can leave it there for about 10 minutes, so now that’s
reached 130 degrees you can take the glucose and sugar off the heat. Whilst that’s cooling
there were gonna move on to this pan. This is the gelatine. We’re gonna keep this on
a medium to low heat so as not to burn off all the alcohol. Now that the gelatine is
nice and mixed into the brandy we can take that off the heat. And we’re gon na mix that
into our pan one with glucose and sugar, bit by bit, wait until the glucose and sugar stops
bubbling each time, you can see it getting active and then as it reduces you can pour
a bit more of the mix in. At the end you can add in the rest of the mixture all in one
go, so you’ve got that lovely brandy smell coming through. Now that that’s done I’m going
to get pouring because my pan has got a spout I’m just gonna pour it straight into the
mould. You can get silicon moulds from any hardware shop, kitchenware or online.
We’ve gone with a more traditional look so you can make it all year round. If you
want something a bit more jazzy for your Halloween party, just have a look online.
And now we’re just gonna pass over the sugar, get that sieved over the bases, just to make
sure the bottoms are all covered. Right so that’s done, we’re just gonna pop this in
the fridge for about half an hour, so they’re nice and set. So whilst those are cooling
in the fridge, we’re just gonna get the sugar coating ready. You just need your half cup
of granulated sugar. It’s half a teaspoon of citric acid – that’ s gonna give it
that tangy bite that you get with Tangfastics or something like that. And then were just
going to grate in a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon. Do this to taste. Some people like it more
spicy than others. Smells so good. You can buy this pre-ground. Personally I like to
use a stick, it’s a bit fresher. Right we’re just going to mix this all in together, get
all the spices nice and spread out, so make sure you do try this to taste, you can always
add a bit more citric acid or spice. Right guys so these are nice and set, they’ve
been in the fridge for about half an hour. If they’re not set in your fridge in a half
an hour just put them back for another 5 minutes; they will be set by then. We’re just going
to shake off the excess sugar, and we’re going to get coating. Right these come out
really easily out of the silicon moulds, just grab a corner, pull out, get everything in,
go onto the next. Once you’ve got about 4 or 5 in a bowel just give them a nice shake
up. If you can see make sure they are coated in all the spices, so that’s what they should
look like fully coated, the speckles of spice going through out. Looks so good! Can’t
wait to try it! But before you do try it, what you wanna do is present it amazingly
for the party. Now what we’ve got here we got some crystallized white chocolate, and
to make that what we do is get some sugar in a pan, heat it to 140 degrees and just
throw in some white chocolate, and keep stirring, stirring, stirring and then we get this amazing
consistency. And then we’re gonna get all our pastels into a big handful, shake off
all the excess sugar, because you don’t want that mixed in with our nice white chocolate
crumb. And place them – doesn’t that look beautiful? Have that at the front of your
event, but if you want something a bit more fancy, why not serve your edible cocktail
in a cocktail glass. Right, we’re all done. Let’s have a little taste shall we? So you
really get the tang coming through when you first bite into it, the cinnamon and the nutmeg,
really strong. And with that he more you chew that apple brandy really comes through, it’s
amazing. Make sure you absolutely try this at home, it’s gonna be the biggest success
of your party, everyone will be talking about it and when you do try it for your Halloween
party just make sure you let us know how it goes by leaving all of your comments below.
And the check out our mate Karis, she’s doing a pale ale and blackberry ice lolly.
And if you haven’t already what you need to do is subscribe to Drinks Tube. Thanks
for watching guys! We’ve been Smith and Sinclair, good luck with making your recipe. Thank you!
Bye bye bye bye!


  1. Love it! Like gigantic adult jelly tots. I will definitely use the crystallised white chocolate as a coating on chocolate truffles. Need to see more of these!

  2. Camera angles were a bit annoying in this video. Couldn't see what they were talking about with the ingredients in the pan.

  3. holy mother of sweetness.. I got diabetes just from watching it 😀 it felt like every second word was sugar o.O

  4. Love this…makes me want to through a special Halloween dinner party just to make these, so cool.  Thanks for sharing Smith & Sinclair…awesome 🙂

  5. 3rd year of making these for a Bonfire Party. They are always requested now! Really lovely warming taste from the apple brandy with the citric acid tang.

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