Brown Ale – Tasting Non Alcoholic Beer Big Drop Brewing

Brown Ale – Tasting Non Alcoholic Beer Big Drop Brewing

welcome friends we are back with big
drop brewing and now we’re going to move into some of the darker beers this is
your brown ale yeah brown ale so tell me all about the brown ale so the brown ale
is brown ale came about because we wanted to make it Christmas beer okay
and we made a spiced brown ale okay and this is the base and then we added
cinnamon nutmeg ginger and cloves and actually it’s delicious I think it’s
brilliant but it was only intended it was only intended to be a seasonal thing
yep but we sent some samples across to Finland at the time this was a couple of
years ago okay and the export agent at the time said this by accident to the
Finns it was never intended to be a long term line turns out to finish love it so
the Finns said yeah we’ll we’ll take the spiced tail and the stout I was like I
mean want you to take the spice nail because nobody else is taking it
long-term it was a deli it’s great so we still do it for the Finns but we don’t
do it for anybody else but what we wanted to do one of the sort of goals a
big drop going right back to the beginning about why I set it up is to
provide choice so you don’t have to drink they’re not very nice out offer a
lager if you drink dark beers if you prefer to
drink dark beers yeah I’ve got a dark beer for you if you like pale ales and
IPAs I’ve got those for you as well it’s got a really nice nose it’s very malt
forwards yeah you know as you would expect it’s you know it’s an English
Brown aisle really so it’s very malt forward a little bit of sweetness good body
we are good good mouthfeel good out of here so with the pestle Actos that’s the
lactose kicking in yeah lots and lots of different grains in
there so one of the ways that we achieve that the flavors that you may not find
in other alcohol-free beers is that we put lots of different grains in so
you’ve got lots of different flavors being pulled out so you’re building
you’re building up a big grain builder to build that point we call it backbone
yeah it gives it backbone yep makes it bit more robust than it would
be if we were just using one or two grains in here so Scott I as I was
saying to you a moment ago I love all my children yeah some of them I love more
than others and this is one of my favorites was it’s it’s some there’s
some really nice roast beef flavors in there mmm it’s like a coffee undertone
and yeah a little bit of coffee there yep I quite like it because it’s not
it’s not bitter at all it’s a lovely change for me from those bits of Pale
Ales it’s not bitter but it’s not sweet no no no there’s no there’s no sweetness
there no I think sometimes when people hear that there’s that it’s not bitter
they assume that it’s that it’s sweet but it’s not it’s quite it’s quite dry
in that respect yes joy yes good work yeah definitely and goes really you know
this is this is your classic probably in Canada as well you know autumnal yeah
drink Waring log fire yes I will have the meat pie and the mashed potato thank
you very much I’d love to taste the spiced version despite I know and maybe
we’ll go to Finland okay in Finland so where is this available no I say that’s
just available in the UK okay because it is quite it’s a very popular
style in the UK this is this is what my dad drinks so that might be you know
that my dad is seven seventy yards and he likes English bitters you know he
does like to go to the pub and have the cascais old pulled they have the foaming
head on a point of not brown ale you know yep great English tradition but he
and his mates police it there don’t happen and essence
drink that yeah as will i but it’s not style of beer that would necessarily
translate I think to some of our other markets and that’s fine it’s it’s it
truthfully it is not a huge style here look
there’s a specialty stock yeah yeah and that’s fine because but it is a it’s a
great beer thank you very much yeah and just like just like the fact
that not all bears appeal to all people not all beers appeal to all markets but
we’ve got now I would say enough expertise in producing beers at this
level of ABV enough that we can do now almost any styles down yeah this is this
is a fantastic beer and again I’ve drunk the whole thing I really I love the
brown ale I think is pretty ok so if you can find this one give it a try
thanks for stopping by see you guys soon you


  1. Thanks for watching everyone! Have you tried any Non Alcoholic beers? More details about this series in the ^^^description box^^^
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  2. I hate that people assume bitters won't sell in the US/CA. It's one of the best beers in the UK, and even in the UK it was hard to find a nice bitter ale. I can tell you one thing, if you went into the cities of the US and CA, and marketed it right, it would sell really well. Especially in major cities. It's an English tradition that appears to be dying out, but it absolutely should not.

  3. FYI, the review videos haven't shown up even on my subscriptions page. Only the discussion about the brewery/techniques did

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