But Could CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

But Could CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Cannabidiol — also known as CBD — is so
hot right now. It’s sold in pills, as an oil, in gummies,
as a cream, a vape liquid, and even in bath bombs. CBD is one member of a group over 100 chemicals
called cannabinoids that are produced by the marijuana plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is another,
much more famous one. It’s the reason weed gets people high. So THC and CBD are produced by the same plant
and their structures look really similar. Which raises the question: could you fail
a drug test by using CBD? Even though the structures of THC and CBD
look very similar, they act quite differently in your body. So far, the evidence suggests that CBD does
not get you high, nor does it produce any of the other classic THC symptoms: hunger,
dizziness, hunger, difficulty concentrating, hunger, nausea, hunger, elevated heart rate,
hunger, dry mouth, hunger, hunger, and the munchies. And what about drug tests? Urine marijuana drug screens test for one
specific metabolite of THC. They don’t test for CBD. But there’s two pieces of maybe bad news. First, because the structure of CBD and THC
are so similar, some scientists were concerned that CBD might be converted to THC by your
stomach acid. It’s not too crazy of a hypothesis. Acids catalyze ring closures every day of
the week. And a few years ago, some researchers did
in fact use a delicious sounding mixture called “simulated gastric fluid,” which is basically
acid, table salt, and a few other things, to convert CBD to THC. But they did this reaction in a test tube. Or a beaker. Or maybe an Erlenmeyer flask. The point is, it wasn’t in a person. A few studies since then have fed people pretty
high doses of CBD and tested for THC in their blood and stomach contents, finding none. But CBD isn’t out of the woods yet. The bigger problem is that, because over-the-counter
CBD products are not regulated by the FDA, there’s no guarantee that you’re getting
what the label says you’re getting. Back in 2017, doctors at UPenn analyzed the
CBD and THC concentrations of 84 CBD oils, tinctures, and vape liquids, and found measurable
levels of THC in 18 of the samples — that’s more than 1 in 5. The levels were generally low — but possibly
high enough to set off a drug test. By the way, in that same study, only 26 of
the samples had CBD levels within 90-110% of what was on the label. If you’re in the market for CBD, make sure
you look at that specific product’s certificate of analysis first — this a test performed
by an independent lab to make sure the label is accurate. Make sure that the lab checked for THC, too
— sometimes you’ll see relatively high levels of THC, right there in the fine print. You should also know that CBD has not been
FDA approved for concentration, anxiety, stress, depression, pain, or almost any of the other
things it’s being advertised for. As of right now, there’s only one FDA-approved
drug containing CBD, for hard to treat seizures. So, could you fail a drug test by taking CBD? We gotta remind you that we’re a YouTube
channel, and not a doctor, but our conclusion is: if you’re 100% sure that your product
contains CBD and nothing else, you’re extremely unlikely to fail a drug test for marijuana. But, given how often CBD products are not
accurately labeled and how often THC was detected in them, it actually seems plausible that
you might fail a drug test because of a mislabeled or poorly analyzed CBD product. So in the end, your mom is probably right. Better safe than sorry. Have you ever had any unexpected CBD experiences? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see
you next week.


  1. Thank you for the information on such a hot taboo topic to talk about in public, especially here in small town, usa.

  2. If yo eat cbd it will undergo a process called 'acid-catalyzed addition of an alcohol' and it becomes thc. In other words it reacts with itself with the assistance of stomach acid to make thc. You will fail!

  3. 0:50 do you ever use cannabis? The feeling of THC is more like relieved, happy, calm, floaty, relaxed, maybe hungry 😋, maybe sleepy 😴, maybe satiated, maybe active and more mostly positive feelings for most people most of the time.

  4. I've taken CBD oil and CBD products for YEARS to help with my chronic pain. I get tested every 6 months and have NEVER came up positive. I only buy from Select cbd and Green Roads World. Green Roads is the only pharmacutical company that makes tinctures, oils and compounds by pharmacists. Both have 3rd party batch testing. You have to know where your hemp comes from. If it's not grown right and if your plant gets a bud it's now creating THC. If a male and female plant are close, thc is created. Poor processing also allows thc to come through if it's not a hemp plant. I prefer co2 extraction because it used whole plant nutrients. If we wait for the FDA to approve CBD, it will take years and millions and millions of dollars. Then it's controlled by the government which will cost consumers more. $60.00 for a 350 mg 10-15ml bottle is outrageous enough. There's very very few OTC meds approved by the FDA that can help with a multitude of problems that isn't controlled by big Pharma. Know your source, don't buy synthetic, get batch reports. It's a daily thing. Different doses do different things. There's no one size fits all and there never will be. It's not Tylenol. You have to experiment with doses.

  5. Once again, thank you for the video, it was very informative. Regardless, it still is a shame THC is illegal. No plant should be

  6. My cats are on CBD oil for different health issues – in one case, quite impressive pain control/anti-inflammatory effects I would not have believed without seeing it myself, and the only side effect has been lower anxiety. Since THC is emphatically not safe for cats (or dogs), making sure that we get a product that will not do them harm is a high priority. That there is any potential for one to turn into the other is food for thought, but feline stomach acid is very different from human. Anyway, thanks for the info!

  7. How about instead of letting companies get a way with shit like this.. just legalize weed nation wide already.

  8. Great info shared at 2:18. The CBD industry needs transparency. 👍👍 You've got a new subscriber

  9. You lost me as soon as you start with jokes about the munchie. Not all strains of cannabis cause the munchies and some types of THC actually reduce hunger.

  10. My own CBD experience was interesting. I heard about how it helps with ADHD and anxiety, so I got some to try it out. It didn't do anything for the ADHD and only slightly helped with the anxiety, but it completely eliminated chronic inflammation in my knees. I've had bad knees for years and it is just gone now. I just take 2 drops on my tongue a few times a day and have zero knee pain. One thing that your video neglected to mention is that CBD oil is thought to only be efficacious when in a "Full-Spectrum" of other Cannabinoids, which includes a trace amount of THC. So anyone who wants any benefit from CBD is going to have to have a tiny amount of THC in the deal. If drug tests are a concern you should not even bother with CBD at all.

  11. Only sure way not to get ANY thc would be a cbd isolate and that's back to the lab and beakers, screw that. Hemp is not medicine anyways and why you cannot buy cbd oil derived from hemp, in states like California & Colorado, and that's because their is no proof that cbd that has come from hemp actually has ANY medical benefits. It may mirror the molecule but it's not the sane plain and simple. This country needs to wake up and stop being smothered to death by greedy men, woman, and their need for profits over that of a fruitful and healthy life, and or any beliefs for they have NONE. GOOD LUCK TO ALL… 😆 🎄🍄🌴🌵🍁🏄👽🎄🌴✌ my animation for the season… Happy Healthy Hemp FUELED Bodies…

  12. Word to the wise. If your on probation then just go cold turkey. CBD flower will most def make you fail. I know from experience.

  13. I took cbs for the first time tonight and i feel fine with my bread being cheaper than if i wanted to . This comes after suffering with me and 5 people came to the show and wow what an amazing cat liquorice shape of birds broken halo rice .

    In overview isn’t vaping the printing or the way you walk doing broken things haha

    So great but hey man how are them

  14. There are 10s of thousands of People out there that have failed their drug test due to the use of CBD oil’s. So if you get drug tested it’s best to stay away from it unless you’re using it as a topical application

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