Buttloads of Pain: Ass Injections Gone Wrong

Buttloads of Pain: Ass Injections Gone Wrong

yeah just yeah bring be normal and we’ll go the other side now you’ve had mineral oil inject is that correct yes that was dumb sorry Cory I know don’t remind and uh but it’s not gonna kill me Arnie the problem with the putting mineral oil it’s not sterile and it can be very nasty when it could have killed you so you got lucky good ok so then on these stupefying on our families yeah well you’re gonna have a narrow waist and Billy’s gonna be fatter so you never caught me people find out Jennifer’s gonna take you in hand I’ll be right in we’re gonna get your blood pressure and put an IV just for safety okay you’ll be fine really [Music] [Music] over the past decade Americans across the country have become obsessed with ballooning their butts nowhere in the states is the trend more pervasive than in Miami where procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift or advertised on billboards and you find yourself walking behind people and wondering is that ass for real unfortunately the insatiable desire to get a bigger booty has also created a butt injection black-market injecting ones cheeks with substances like silicone and mineral oil requires little to no recovery time and is cheaper than traditional butt augmentation performed by board certified Plastic Surgeons the use of silicone injections to increase the size of one’s assets is nothing new the practice dates back to World War two when the synthetic compound was first mass-produced as a transformer fluid from the docks of Yokohama in Japan American army quartermaster has discovered that local prostitutes was stealing the transformer fluid and injecting it directly into their boobs to get bigger and fuller breasts this trend of injecting silicone spread throughout the US after well-publicized horror stories and federal and state bans in the 70s silicone injections went underground where it was adopted by the trans community today injections are a clandestine activity taking place all over the country in homes hotels and even spas in [Music] Florida the charge of practicing medicine without a license is a third degree felony and if it causes bodily harm it raises it to a second degree felony my name is Brian Cutler I’m a homicide detective with the Brad Kenny Sheriff’s Office prior to working the homicide unit I worked in the Violent Crimes Unit and that was how I became involved in the cases involving O’Neill Morris O’Neill Ron Morris a transgender woman known as the duchess pled guilty last fall in miami-dade county for pumping unknown substances into rear-ends which caused at least two women to suffer serious health issues the Duchess also faces charges in Broward County including manslaughter after one of her patients allegedly died as a result of the toxic tush injections owner Morris at this time in Broward County is facing three counts on three separate victims for practicing medicine without a license and then there is also a manslaughter charge somebody did pass away these are the Broward County mug shots I’m not sure about other jurisdictions but you can see for yourself the progressive changes throughout the photographs do you know by any chance if the issues with the skin is something related to the work he’s done it’s hard to say you know part of the investigation was the longer these substances are inside of the body you know that’s when the effects start to show so again is the injuries that are suffered from these procedures are very very debilitating and something that you would not want to put upon yourself these substances have been entered into the body and there’s no way to get them out if you were able to jump three years forward and see what your body would go through I don’t think that you would go through with it I’m not comfortable with my body I’m not comfortable with my husband see the colors and shape yeah it’s hard we went to Coral Gables to meet Oscar inna busi a 35 year old salon owner who received black-market butt injections at a local spa in 2009 shortly after things went south I bought silicone injections for my butt make it fool but I have the reaction what was it like do they use a like a syringe to pump it yes mm-hmm can you feel it go in the fluid you field Valle you really see but expand how did they seal it I think both crazy dude where was the point where you saw this thing go right six month after changing skin color like football and the skin is like it on you mmm appeal yes and eight months I have the product down to expel so gosh like look like a palm per full yeah oh no mm-hmm so it felt it felt into the the cheeks right like the the cheeks were longer yes before you did the injections were you self-conscious about your about your but I’m the mannequin I’m not flat right that’s a problem you’re never happy with your body but I want something like a chair aphelion shave you know but it’s Banksy chief how much did it cost three thousand three thousand did it look good right away when you when you got the injections were you very happy with it initially yes but one day I tried to see in the middle and not look good and I have a friend I say can you check this and told me the truth when I see her face she says that’s terrible and the friend told me the only person I think remove this is Mindy ADA because he do for somebody she knows doctor Constantino Mendieta is a miami-based plastic surgeon specializing in the but despite the complications of Oscar in his condition he agreed to remove the product that had been injected inside her and reconstruct her booty I started to get a lot of people that were coming to me to help him with these disfigurements that they have in there but it could be silicone car oil fix-a-flat there’s absolutely no way to tell after the fact I am dr. Constantine o Mendieta a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Miami Florida the heart of Metropolis was there a moment like a moment where you suck you fool yeah like a booty movie like yo I want to focus on the booty that was more of a leg guy but then the legs come up and they got to end on something right until I found the ending of the legs and I said my god this is unbelievable and I’ve dedicated almost 80% of my practice to reconstructing booties in America so we start off with the buttock and then what happens is I take my little magic tool and my eraser and what I start to do is that I start to erase away it’s like Photoshop before yes but for the Moody yeah I start to add some fat where it used to be added what is the key ingredient to all this there’s four shapes around the world of what’s the a shape which is the prettiest square shape there is the V shape and then there’s the round shape the most important thing is the ratio of 0.7 right it’s a smaller waist a little bit of a bigger head but there are cultures that have different styles or interest if you take the Latin woman she likes to have more of a heart shape like a Jennifer Lopez the Caucasian woman tends to like the Jessica Biel the african-americans tend to like it big they like a small waist and a big booty and they like more of a shelf where there is more fullness up on top there’s three different ways that you can enhance the buttock but you can remember that it’s not just about making it bigger it’s about making it shapely or in prettier right number one is to use your own body fat McDonald’s has helped us create this fat farm fat is amazing the next way to do it is by using implants but implants are only gonna make it bigger and then the third way the underground black-market injections of who knows what people are so interested in getting their buttock done that they’ll turn to any measure to do it when is the first time you heard about the underground business that’s that’s been around for a while I mean it’s been around for many many years but it’s really taken on an explosive path I’d say over the last five to ten years now we’re starting to see all the complications why is that because when they inject something a substance which we don’t know what it’s what they’re injecting it doesn’t react right away in the beginning it’ll look great I mean you’ll look really nice and that’s what motivates people to get it done it’s a quick recovery you’ve got an instant booty but the problem is at five to ten years that’s where the product starts to react and when it starts to react it destroys the but you will never get the butt that you had before back I mean this is really not easy on the eyes this is beyond black market this is way underground and this is who knows what they’ve injected in these people but take a look how it’s eating up and destroying the body many of these patients may die over time because of infections or whatever they’re getting but when you see these this is pretty gross yes I mean this is absolutely horrific and this is what we have to caution people it is and these are lifetime events you’ll never be able to change it bring that back ever after seeing how much damage a but injection could do we went to King of Diamonds Miami’s most notorious Big Buddha strip club to talk to some of the ladies who are willing to gamble their backsides and even their lives in hopes of getting a bigger payday [Music] I did some fat transfer I did my but I spent almost $22,000 on my body really how much money to be spent on your butt would you say my butt maybe like five thousand how many girls would you say like the percentage of girls that have had you know fat transfer butt injections or silicone but sitting in this club and like in the industry and I’ll say so far maybe 75% to 80% okay yes because they see the other girls with it and they want they want to have that type of attraction attitude those like the Underground Railroad is like you tell somebody they tell somebody and they gonna call you and I got my butt down like a Tuesday I came back on a Friday and I probably made triple the amount that I spent on my butt back that same day it was like my money went from like regular stripper – like superior stripper really really put what was the process like finding the person to do the injection actually the process was crazy because it was a celebrity do you pay for he just hooked you up with the pod dancer him you know was like yo this is this and I was like who do they person act like especially did they wear scrubs oh yeah yeah because my person was a nurse needle okay I’m a numb you up i’ma put you to sleep when they put you to see yeah they put me to sleep so I woke up with a booty I went to sleep flat and I woke up with a buddyfight to kind of get a vibe because yeah I mean it was the butts of King of Diamonds looked and felt incredible but I couldn’t really enjoy myself because all I could think about was how mangled their asses might look in five to ten years well how bout if your stuff go right then what it’s not to see oh god now Corey Eubanks duchesses former friend and customer was accused of assisting Dutchess in her black market business Corey denies he was Dutchess his assistant but he did plead guilty to misdemeanor charges and was put on probation [Music] nearly a decade after he got his butt shots from Duchess Cory is still attempting to get the perfect body we met him when he was about to go under the knife again this time for liposuction everyone that does it get so big it’s a it’s an addiction where you say now I can fix this now I can fix that now we can change this a little I actually got it right here and I can flip my pants down I got it right at the top so it made my hump a little big Dutch it just shot the what I took know to be now is mineral oil dollar 68 in the grocery store mineral oil red let me know do you still have that in your butt now yeah that’s a thought oh yeah it’s pretty pretty hard I don’t think those people are honest with telling you what they use just because there’s probably a cheap substance a dollar 68 how many people do you think you refer to Duchess over the years probably about 25 mm-hmm and you never received any any kind of kickback from Duchess like hey thanks for hooking okay no I wasn’t looking for it I think it’s still easier for some people to go to the underground doctors because they paid less than coming out with thousands of dollars but I’m sure fat transfer me the illegal business go down because people now see that they can stay there money to get that rather than spend it on something that’s really not safe for you people want to look better faster and for less money than it would take if they did it legitimately so that’s just how our culture is nowadays you want things done fast you want them done now and you don’t really think about consequences [Music] how did you feel when when the doctor said that you know potentially mineral oil could have killed you when I first did it I was terrified hmm I was like wow watch I beat one who wants to keep my stuff mm-hmm again it was just a risk I took it in there was so many people that I know they had good outcomes the people that had bad outcomes I didn’t know them I heard about him I knew it from the beginning I wasn’t I wasn’t fooled I just I just felt like just like the rest of them I’m sure that I miss nothing gonna happen everything’s gonna go smooth I’m gonna be fine and that’s gonna be it I knew I was a crazy fool [Music]


  1. Where are these people with their minds? Silicone and glue or car oil from a diy store!?!? And pump that in your butt! 😲

  2. Congratulations, that is the single craziest analogy involving The Underground Railroad that has ever or will ever happen. Bravo madam.

  3. The Hispanic chick must have injected alot because most Mexicans chicks have a super flat butt like negative surface area. But you know she is jealous of the black women that go to her shop.

  4. And the doctor is misrepresenting the facts Jessica biel has a black chick booty and white women want black chick booty

  5. 11:56 you can tell he's either awkwarded (i know its not a word(?)) orr happy lol
    6 9
    ) (
    6 9

    Edit: by just pinching it lol

  6. They made that strip club look fun to work in. Welp when I'm truly in need for that money I'll take pole dancing classes and join up I have a natural butt so I'm blessed already.

  7. Natural within boundaries is the best beauty. I often find the looks of overtly “sexy” stars and artificially enhanced appearances (including heavy makeup and imprudent clothing) off-putting. But rather I am attracted by neighborly looking daily life women – some with boy-like unfiltered personality.

  8. I find it interesting that the police officer used the correct pronouns for Duchess, where the reporter kept making it a point to refer to her as a “he”. Not very objective.

  9. Sir Mixalot's one hit wonder is still going strong even after 30 years. I don't understand how some people see it as sexy or appealing. But to each their own. Back in the 80s and 90s, buns of steel were in. Now buns of blob are in. WTF?

  10. nice, everyone should get butt injections so they can get a bunch of black guys following them around. sounds like the perfect motivation

  11. So…can them doctors inject me one mode dick in my dick so that it could be two dicks in one like an Alien movie you know?..

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  13. Gosh. People just do glute isolation movement with weights and resistance bands. I promise you’ll get a booty you eventually want. It can take a long ass time bushy worth it and don’t have to worry about dying. Squats works quads mostly.. this is sad…

  14. 6:43 It is grammatically incorrect to use Dr. and MD when addressing a physician. Pick one! It's like saying Mrs. Mary Smith, female wife. The "Mrs." already tells us this woman is married. Correct title: Constantino Mendieta, MD, FACS

  15. 11:00 Seven has NO IDEA what the Underground Railroad was about. Did she say she had a nurse do her procedure and NOT a board certified surgeon??? smh! It doesn't look like she had anything done. Her butt looks like a regular butt. I've seen better VICE segments. I wasn't a fan of this one.

  16. Been doing butt injections for clients for over 2yrs, using sterilized MCT oils. Never "mineral oil", and have NEVER had a client with an infection or complaint.

  17. Everytime I feel a little insecure about my ”mom body” which isn’t perfect (as sociaty sees it) at all, I go look at all these plastic surgeon addicts and thanks god that I am who I am. I’d rather be ME than searching endlessly for a fantasy that is bound to never get the perfect ending.

  18. The first stripper no offense but she’s so skinny it’s so obvious her but is fake she needs more hips to go with that ass I’m just saying 🤷‍♀️🤣

  19. Jesus. A girls booty is her own, I love it regardless. Fat Mexican booty, small flat white girl booty. I like the girls who own their booty no matter what. Don't alter yourself. We'll love ya regardless.

  20. If someone told me that they were going to get inject me with something that they bought at the hardware store, I would like to think that I would have some questions.
    It's not just sad that people are so vain and/or insecure that they are willing to go so overboard on the body modification, but it is frightening that this is where they decide they are going to go cheap and try to save money.

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