Can You Cure Addiction on Your Own? | Addictions

The first point I want to make here is that
you can’t cure addiction, that it’s something you manage over the course of a lifetime. It’s also important to note that addictions
cause people to isolate. They’re surrounded in secrecy and shame so
people’s lives get smaller and smaller and smaller. So the nature of addiction is the sense of
being alone in the world and this profound sense of isolation and feeling disconnected
from other people in their lives. So isolation is the problem, it’s part of
the problem. What we want to do in recovery is find a solution. So the way to find solution is to do, take
contrary actions. So, if our tendency is to continue to isolate,
we need to push through that and connect with other people, with other human beings, with
other professionals who can assist us on our journey of recovery. Recovery occurs a day at a time, but we wanna
set ourselves up to recover for the rest of our lives. One of the key things to tell people that
they have an addiction is this profound sense of emotional pain. They feel like they are in incredible emotional
distress. A way to alleviate that is by sharing it with
another person. By connecting with another person in a meaningful
way so that the sense of isolation, the sense of emotional distress is lessened by sharing
it with another person.

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