Can you get addicted to Smoking Marijuana? Facebook #katiFAQ Mental Health with Kati Morton

Can you get addicted to Smoking Marijuana? Facebook #katiFAQ Mental Health with Kati Morton


  1. Hey Kati, I know I was the one criticising you on your last video and I hope I didn'g come across as rude or unfriendly! 🙂 I love today's journal topic! 🙂

  2. outlines the genetic mediator b arrestin between cannabinoid receptors and opiate receptors. This finally gives science a clue for cross tolerances between these two drug classes and the ability to facilitate withdrawal symptoms of either drug via blocking either receptor indiscriminately.

  3. bare in mind, prescription drugs and doctor errors are the third leading cause of death after cancer and heart disease, whereas marijuana has killed nobody, except that lady in Britain that was simultaneously weaning herself off of antidepressants.

  4. Hey everyone!I wanted to share my thoughts on question 1 and 3. 
    First Question 1:
    When you said that while self-harming that consumes so much time and thoughts I couldn't agree more. Since I stopped and I got to a point where I also didn't have to permanently fight the urges I really have space for a whole lot of other thoughts. It's pretty amazing and you mentioning it made me see it again. When I think about the time when the issue was very present to my mind (like last year this time) I can really tell the difference. And I feel like giving my head room to think about other things is a huge part of why I am not depressed anymore. Therefore for everyone out there who is struggeling with self-harm recovery right now:Hold on!I know its hard, and I know it seem slike you can't get there. But you can. And even though yyou might kind of feel like you even don't want to let go of your self-harm thoughts because after all they give you some sort of meaning I promise you that there is so much more meaning to find once you free your mind from the negative voices. And you will ffind new, healthy ways of defining yourself and realize, that you are worth so much more!I honestly wish you all the best of luck and I truly believe that everyone can make it!!!

    For the third Question:
    I study in the Netherands, where weed is also free. I never smoked before I came here, even though I had this kind of boyfriend who would smoke many times a day. But here I tried it with friends and it was fun. But when things went really bad last spring I started not to smoke it for fun, but for self-medication. It basically became both anti depressant and sleeping pill for me. Then I started to take fluoxetin and my psychiatrist wasn't a big fan of combining both so I stopped smoking. Now I am of medication again and just started smoking every once in a while again. But now it's just something similar to having a beer with friends. I don't do it on a regular basis and only with friends. So as someone who has been at a point where I abused weed I want to give you two warning signs that you should pay attention to: First, if you smoke it on your own that might be a bad signs. If you lock yourself in your room and smoke in order to escape the situation instead of talking to someone this is a sign that you are utilizing it the wrong way. And second, if you notice that in certain situations you feel like you need to have weed in order to calm down, not to self-harm, sleep, whatever then it is also a big warning sign and you should definitely reconsider the way you consume!
    And one last thing that's really important: If you are seeing psychiatrist for getting medication be honest towards him about your consume. He needs to know so that the weed does not interfere with the medication and leave you with bad side effects 😉

  5. My friend has been smoking pot for 16 years and she just went into rehab for it and I'm so proud of her because she was in denial for so long and she's getting better!(:

  6. Kati do you ever think about how many lives you touch in a positive way?  You are amazing thanks for all you do!  P.s. my life is one of them.  🙂

  7. When you self harm, even if you think that it doesn't affect people around you, they are affected. Do you want your children to be scared of you dying from cutting too deep?

  8. Hi! I was wondering if it's possible for me to be experiencing the guilt of the survivor even if I wasn't in an accident. My brother lost his battle against cancer when he was 13. It's been 5 years. Is it normal for me to be feeling guilty because I lived and he died? By the way I love your videos!! 🙂

    @Kati Morton

  9. i like whats youve said re pot or addiction in general..if its used as a coping mechanism then leave it and also just quietly if you have bpd it heightens your sensors and like ya need that with bpd!!

  10. Hi kati the last question was excellent, I've known so many people who smoked and they got taken over by it. My sister used to a lot, I'm very open minded but this is something I don't like. It's a difficult and controversial subject in the UK. Maybe it's me being too sensitive as I don't even drink now!

  11. Hi Kati! For the past several months my eating habits haven't been very normal. I'm constantly starving myself and then binging, often purging, as well as chewing and spitting food. I've always been on the heavy side, so am in denial that this is an actual problem. I don't think I fit into any one specific eating disorder, considering I have combined habits of each. I don't know what to do, or what to think of it. I'm afraid to go to my doctor due to the fact I don't think he'll take it seriously, considering I am not thin. Your help would me much appreciated, thanks! 🙂

  12. Journal Topic:
    "Make a list of all the times that inner guidance or knowing has been helpful, even lifesaving, to you." The Life Organizer
    by Jennifer Louden

  13. I have never self harmed, and up until a few months ago I had never ever seen it. But I once went to visit a friend in a psychiatric inpatient clinic and oh my gosh. I was absolutely speechless…I thought self harm was like 3 cuts on the wrist. Never had I seen an arm or leg so absolutely destroyed. I also spoke to someone who does it, she showed me a bit and told me it went right to her shoulder, and how much having to hide that has ruined her life. I am studying to be a nurse and there is no way that I could hide that with our uniforms on. I am not sure what stage the person who asked is at, but if you've not done it for long I seriously hope we can convince you enough not to carry on. Here is a list of good alternatives

  14. Hi I go to sleep every night scared to death that somebody is going to jump in through my window and kill me. I always lock my windows and doors and u don't even live in a bad neighbor hood. Is this normal or common in any way? Does this fall under any diagnosis?

  15. I don't have any reason to selfharm anymore 🙂 I went through a lot of therapy for my ED and my anxiety now I'm totally recovered from all my problems and I've never felt better

  16. Nobody wants to hang out with a bunch of potheads? Ouch.

    I found it helped me quite a lot during dark times.

  17. I tried pot recently. I took two hits and my brain just felt like total mush. I felt so slow and stupid. I don't know why anyone would use it more than once.

  18. I love watching your videos. It always leaves me so bummed that you work in America, we need a you in Australia. I use your videos to try and motivate my recovery. My recovery has taken a backwards step, or two and I am finding it hard to get back to where I was. I get so scared of myself and what I can do to myself, how do I get through this rough patch? I feel like this battle is never ending. Like I won't ever win. 

  19. I thought marijuana was technically illegal in California except for medical purposes. However, supposedly it's part of the culture there and it's treated more like a misdemeanor then anything else in California.

  20. I hear from people who cut, that to help get away from the cutting, they like to wear rubber band on their wrist and when ever they get the urge to cut, they just grab the rubber band and snap it against their skin.

    I have smoked marijuana, when I was younger it was more social use, but now in later years I have glaucoma, also with the bipolar and the ADHD – I feel like it helps calm my thoughts down. I am a researcher / writer, so it seems to work fine for what I am doing during my time.

  21. HELLO! I know this isn't directly linked to the video, but I'd like to just share something with you all. The NHS in the UK are planning on cutting children's and young people’s mental health services. The services aren't to great in the first place, the point is that we are fighting back!!! If you have a spare 10 seconds, please fill out this petition to show them that they cannot make this worse for us, let's show them that we need and deserve the help! 
    Here is the link, 
    There are only 8 quick questions (eg first name, last name, email address). It would not take you long and it could really make a positive impact and help thousands of people out. Thank you so much for reading, and thank you even more if you have signed the petition 🙂

  22. Marijuana isn't physically addictive, but I've known people with a mighty strong compulsion to smoke weed. Marijuana isn't harmless, but it is probably less dangerous than alcohol, which is my drug of choice.

  23. 1) This question popped up on another forum that I frequent. I feel that one of the responses to it on that forum was the best one I've heard. She said that when you self-harm you are telling yourself that it's okay for you to hurt and that in itself is damaging.

    3) My understanding is that it's physically addictive  but not chemically addictive so it compares to shopping addiction but not to something like heroin. I've also heard that it can trigger latent psychosis but those studies may be outdated by now… It's enough for me not to take a chance with it since I already have leanings that direction though…

  24. Thanks for the video, reminds me of so many things to stay off the weed. Ever since I visited Nemery Thentel’s website I’ve been clean (you can google him if you want). But videos like these are what keep me on bay.

  25. Every drug addict I ever interviewed, began by smoking pot & eventually graduated up from soft drugs to hard drugs.

  26. I am addiction to caffeine! how do I stop without the withdrawal symptoms. I get migraines, fatigue, craving, and dizziness. 😔

  27. I can remember when i was self harming as a teenager (i was 13-15 and im 22 now) one of the things thats always stuck with me and helps when I feel like doing it again still like 7 years later is remembering what my mum told me and she said i know that its something you feel like you have to do sometimes but do you really want to be there on your wedding day trying to hide scars and wounds from everyone or having to explain them to your children and its always something that has stopped me from doing it again it remembering how awful trying to hide it all the time was and coming up with excuses. It really helped my recovery 🙂

  28. Pot can make you lazy but I have been on some medications for anxiety that made me almost lethargic. Pot is a good medium for me. The law makes me feel like a criminal which is not good for my anxiety but the good outweighs the bad for me on that one.

  29. I harm myself sometimes when it's unbearable and I get this agitated state of mind. I don't really like self harm, it's painful in an unpleasant way, but I still got the urge. I try to quickly cut skin not too deep just to feel the burn. Maybe it brings endorphins you talked about in one video. But there was one time when I stopped myself from cutting. I thought 'I really hate push-ups, it brings pain, why not use it'. So I was doing it till it hurt. And I realized that I felt great and even euphoric. And it WAS good for my body. It might sound ridiculous. But using sports as a coping mechanism is so much better. After self harming I was still down, but after exercise I feel energetic. I know it's hard to switch and I still struggle with it. But we had better try to rewire our mind sometimes.

  30. I would just like to point out two important things. one, I think you should know that cannabis affects the activity of the brain in such a way that allows for deep introspection. Very helpful in therapy! Two is that for some cannabis can be a very spiritual experience and once you have gone there you see that money and material things are really not important in the grand scheme of things. I would like to argue that some "lazy" people who got that way from smoking are really more in tune with their soul and have no desire to chase pointless things. They are content with less, they don't take life so seriously, they are happier and relaxed. Just my opinion not saying that's everybody but I know some people like that and it makes sense to me. I know it helped me to transform from a stuck up bitch to a more laid back and compassionate and open person. I think weed makes people better people in a lot of cases.

  31. Katie! MMJ is an amazing anxiety medication. The quality of peoples lives is so much better with MMJ instead of using pharmaceuticals. You need to do more research!!!

  32. How about CBD oil, a component of marihuana that does NOT make you high but provides medical benefits? People use it for epilepsy and has been proven works for anxiety.

  33. Cannabis helps FAR more than just cancer.. It is an exceptional treatment for anxiety. Potent THC can induce anxiety. CBD can help control and maintain it. I hold a medical licence for my severe skin condition, anxiety, depression and OCD. I believe the key is understanding cannabis and the cannabinoids.. I also believe that people who have no ambition and are the stereotypical "stoner" with no drive would likely be that way whether or not they use cannabis. It is their choice to not take action and just sit on the couch munchin'. … I have been a recreational user for several years before discovering the medical benefit. I would be considered a "chronic user" even before having it medically. I do not lack ambition or drive. I run two successful stores, put myself through school, raise two amazing children..etc …. I believe in regards to cannabis.. the person using it is making the choice to do nothing with their lives. It is not cannabis.. They are using cannabis as an excuse to be the way they are. In my opinion there is a deeper issue there..

    Most definitely strains are a factor as well as consumption and administration methods. Although I am a chronic medical user I have learned I have to stay away from specific strains. There is SO much education needed in regards to cannabis. There are SO many different cannabinoids and strains out there.. What works for one person may not work for the next. … I am not saying people should take up cannabis.. but I do think people should educate themselves properly in regards to it.. and that is not by using the propaganda we have been fed as a society for the last 50+ years. There is a lot of great information out there as well as testimonials.. People like to argue about "scientific studies" … but seem to forget the plant has been made illegal which restricts the ability to do many studies. .. It is interesting though that the government holds a patent on the plant..

    .. Either way, I dig your videos Kati and would love to be able to chat with you sometime 🙂

  34. I absolutely think pot can be addictive, but I also absolutely think that it can be useful for people struggling with anxiety and depression. When I tried pot for the first time it was actually the first time in years that I didn’t feel cloudy, anxious and suicidal. With very low THC and high CBD it doesn’t make me feel high, but it makes me feel normal. It stops me from catastrophizing and curbs my urges to self harm.
    I try to be careful though, because I have seen Druid mine go to rehab for marijuana use and I don’t want that to be me.

  35. You dont have withdrawl symptons but it gives you insane paranoia,messes up with your memory and your ability to think.

  36. Not physically addictive but it is definitely mentally addictive. Been struggling for years trying to kick the habbit. I think it wasn't until a minor shroom trip helped me shake the mental addiction i had towards it. Same with my video game addiction tbh.

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