Candy Crush Saga: 10 Reasons Not To Play It!

Candy Crush Saga: 10 Reasons Not To Play It!

Hey everyone, hope all is well! It’s the government’s responsibility to inform
the public and deal with dangers when they happen. So what about Candy Crush? How did they let that one slip by? It’s pure evil! Ask conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. “IT’S PURE EVIL!” So here are 10 reasons why Candy Crush Saga will destroy your life. Number 1: It is simple. A simple game means
anyone can play it and so your brain will be put through super mundane tasks which can
only make you stupider. Stupider? Is that a real word? Number 2: It is addictive. This simple game
creates a mentality in the minds of most people so when they put it down, they will walk away
and then say, “Ah just one more go!” The closer you get to completing a level,
the more addicted you become. Number 3: You don’t get to choose when you
play. You only get 5 lives in Candy Crush and once they are used up, you have to wait
30 minutes for each one to replenish. NOOOOOOOOOO! This clever ploy means the average player
won’t get sick of the game quickly. Number 4: It is challenging, but for all the
wrong reasons. You could be stuck on one level for weeks,
but then one time, the board is organised in a completely convenient way. All of the
candy is in the right place And BAM! Piece of cake. So what’s the technique for completing Candy
Crush? Keep playing each level enough time until you get the ideal start. Number 5: The music is sinister as f**k. Not only does the game music sound creepy
but the fact each song is about 15 seconds long and is on a loop… that’s sinister. It’s so hypnotic. Number 6: You compete with other addicts. On the Candy Crush map it will show you what
levels all your other friends are on. So it becomes a talking point almost every day. “What level are you on?” “Ohhhhhh! I’m stuck on that level.” [Horse snort] “How did you complete that one?” “You are so far behind.” “IT’S PURE EVIL!” Number 7: It will turn you into a spammer. We all hate spammers but would never dream
of becoming one ourselves. But when you require 3 tickets to progress onto the next level,
you have no choice but to give into the practice. [Sniff] I’ve become a monster. Okay, there is one other option… Number 8: Candy Crush wants your money. If you don’t want to be a spammer then you
can get more tickets and lives with your hard earned cash. Or if you are just about to complete
a difficult level you have been stuck on for weeks and you are just about to run out of
moves… then you can buy some more. And there is even a special move – a ‘charm’
as they call it – that you can pay over $30 for. Please tell me you haven’t bought it. Number 9: You will never complete it. There are over 300 levels and even if you
get to the end of the path, it’s under construction which means as long as we all keep playing
it, the creators will keep making more. They’re monsters! And number 10: Sooner or later you will have
to face reality. Candy Crush becomes a vicious cycle; A horrible
addiction. Your friends will tell you to stop playing it. Your family will tell you how
you’ve changed, how you’re not the same person anymore. It will destroy your relationships
with non-Candy Crush players. But the worst part is when you finally go
over to that window, look outside and ask yourself “What have I actually achieved?”
And it’s then that you will find yourself at ‘Candy Crush Anonymous’. “Hi everyone. My name’s Myles and I’m addicted
to Candy Crush.” *Group* “Hi Myles.” So there you have it: 10 reasons why Candy
Crush Saga will destroy your life. I just felt the need to warn you all. Just please
don’t make the same mistakes I did. But at the same time, if anyone does play it and
you can send me a ticket, I just need one more. Anyway thanks for watching this video. Don’t
forget to click like. And hey! If you ever receive a Candy Crush notification, reply
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and you will be kept up to date with all my latest videos. I think it’s only fair we let Alex Jones have
the final word. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Too aggressive? Yeah, I thought so. Sorry about that. Erm… Shall we let Mr Goat
have the final word instead? [Goat Cry] “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Right erm… Aggressive final words it is


  1. I wаs jammеd in this gаaаame аnd mаy nеed mоre Lives аnd Моves еagеrly. Тhаnkfully I identified this sitе in lаst сouрle dаys, aсquired it with nо рroblеm. Hоpе this aassist оthers! Candу Crush Sаga 10 Rеаsons Not То Plaу It

  2. these reasons are not …………………… great
    i think reason 6 the music it …great 15 seconds ??????? i like loops

  3. I still and always will prefer Bejeweled. I don't pay money for it except to unlock the other game modes. I play occasionally and when I do, I'm much more entranced by the mystic vibe it brings to the table. Think of playing zen and just matching gems while listening to the music and sight-seeing in the background environments. I love candy (not the game and it's the game that killed Bejeweled which I refuse to give it a chance, even if you wave all the money in the world in my face), but sorry Bejeweled catches my attention much more and even the iPad edition a couple years ago didn't use the tactics candy crush does for money.

  4. 1:THIS GAME WILL NOY MAKE US STUPIDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 3: Have to wail a half a hour to get a life
    I don't say nooooo like you , I just check my mesage
    BUT IF YOU HAS A OLD CCS ,over level 50 you have a dream world if you run out lives in there ……… ok , like this when you don't have any ,…. just tap on the level and…..BOOM you have a live, but it not realy a life you just out of there you still see 0 live but when you done the :" when you don't have any ,…. just tap on the level and…..BOOM you have a live"you complete that level you have to do what I say

  6. 4:When it is easy it great
    in the time level you have a bomb and you can't destroy it make sure you have enough points so you just wait for the time over

  7. You will become a spammer? DON'T SPAM your friends!! Go out, read a book, get some sun, visit your mom while you wait for lives to replenish and tooth fairies to unlock you!! It only takes half of an hour, usually 20+ minutes to the next life by the time when you've finished a level and it only takes THREE days to unlock a level? Seriously you can't find something better to do in 20+ minutes or THREE days? That's pathetic!!

    And as for spending money, just DON'T SPEND IT!!!! Everything that you need in the game, you can get it for free. You know there is a daily wheel you can spin to get those boosters for FREE, right? So WHY are you spending money?

    The game is what you've made it to be. Good luck in making it to your next level!!

  8. If you play candy crash saga in Facebook download the candy crush saga level unlock put your main number of your credit card
    That's the good idea

  9. 3 Bouns reasons: Too many bombs,Non facebook Friends not giving you anything and very stingy with 2-6h of infinite lives.

  10. It was only a matter of time, but finally… my first YouTube video on this channel to hit 1,000,000 views! Thank you everyone for watching and sharing! 🙂 happy dance

  11. I finished candy crush no joke it took 3 years to and I stayed up to mod it and it destroyed my life

  12. True… Some games do give you a fair chance, but put a waiting system whenever you clear or fail that one level, I put down plenty of games that involved those waiting systems.

  13. Some reasons mentioned (in order)
    1. At some point after 2000, the game is getting harder as it progresses.
    2. Creators are having fun of changing levels for the intent of their difficulty.
    3. Luck-based
    4. The game has been taken over by the new technology after level 2825 (what a shame that their journey has reached its end)

  14. Go play Bejeweled either for PC/Mac (~$4, Steam) or mobile. Bejeweled features endless gameplay by design, while Candy Crush will end when King goes bankrupt, stopped making levels.

  15. Well I asked how solid candies go thru a space that is not there. My cherries and nuts dont go thru. They have yet to answer me. Next who has hit the jackpot on the daily wheel?? oh ya no one. I spun the other day and it stopped on the jackpot spot and then moved backwards. Time to get rid of them and go back to playing poker.

  16. You can see Allah name in gray boxes and other games are also instead of Islam Muslims should not play as "call of duty" "clash of clans" "evil may cry" "GTA 5" you can search it all if you want information

  17. Pure evil?! This game isn't pure evil. It's just a boring ass game.
    (But my mom likes it. She's currently at 1,200 both the regular and the soda one. I don't know why?)

  18. I don't mean to be reaching, but I think King and all that make games like this need to be shut down. These games are pure brainwashing. There's a reason that gambling is illegal until you're 18.

  19. CC is not a game, but a huge money sucker. That said, CC is not meant to be finished. It's endless, and I doubt whether King will stop making levels before all humanity perished.

    P/S: Bejeweled has endless levels eventhough it's no longer updated. Because the only differences between levels are the # of matches and points per match, which both values are as a function of level #. So it's infinite. Y don't people play that instead?

  20. I once posted this video on my FB, and it was “liked” by a Christian acquaintance who wasn’t using her brain.

  21. I wonder when the game will completely end? As of now, this game has 266 episodes (3980 levels).

    I guess that when the game has completely ended (in terms of making new levels), players will deserve freedom from addiction.

  22. I love this game but spend a single money on this i am currently on 401 level but one of my friend spend near about 200$+ on this he is too much addicted to this game when ever i meet him he always playing this game

  23. I've played Candy Crush for a year now, and haven't spent a single dime on it. People need to grow up and take responsibility for their own habits and behaviors. Great game.

  24. Fun facts about gaming:
    1. Classic games (which come before smartphones came out) have only one playing session. It took a few hours to complete the whole thing.
    2. Present-day ones (like this) have more than one session. It even took years to reach its real end.
    For example, CCS currently has 270 playing sessions (1 release of new levels = 1 playing session, by average). Once you have completed the set of newly released levels, you have to wait for new ones next week. It counts as a single session.

  25. The ages of this game:
    4/12/2012-5/13/2015: Starting age
    5/13/2015-9/18/2017: Golden age
    9/18/2017-10/4/2017: Declining age
    10/4/2017-present: Dark ages (aka the HTML5 age)

  26. Okay so I did play it but I got bored of the game, but people need money sometimes to win and I like to play for free. Also I like to get trophies/achievements for free 😀

  27. im like one of the few people that doesn't get why people are addicted to this. The gameplay is shit, not challenging, it tells you what to do at all times. The rewards are crap, the game never ends. I remember looking at the map and going like "damn this is repetitive as fuck". The graphics and sound effects are great, but that's it. From a design and business perspective though, its a masterpiece

  28. One annoying feature of this game is the RUBBERBAND AI. Yes, you said it right. When I said that, Mario Kart instantly crosses your mind. But rubberband AI or rubberbanding isn't just limited to Mario Kart or even racing games in general. Rubberband AI spreads out from its Mario Kart origin, creeps into other game genres and eventually into Candy Crush. How does that work in a match-3 game like this?? Say you played in a very good run in a jelly level. You find out you have only one jelly left to clear with 25 moves to go. The AI detects your progress, shifts into next gear and drops candies in such a way that you cannot clear that last jelly. Similarly, if you have a terrible jelly game and having 20 double-layered jellies to go with 8 moves to go, the board miraculously allowed combos and killer moves – against all odds – and yet you still need one more move to clear last jellies.
    Either of these cases happen very often, some players reported they lose a jelly leve with one jelly left FIVE times in a ROW. Cases like these are pretty rare in a match-3 game in general, yet happens that often in Candy Crush. How can the supposed RNG can pull this feat? Which has astronomical odds against? Or there is even an RNG in this game? This questions me if there really any randomness in Candy Crush, which brought me to the question of AI. Turns out, the AI CAN, and will control the candy drops depending on how well you've played, and what level type you're in. In fact, there are Candy Crush players who complained about CC's AI that constantly sabotaging their moves, especially when they have a good run. That can be the rubberband AI in effect.
    However, unlike the rubberbanding in Mario Kart or Need for Speed Underground, which is to provide balanced races regardless of your skill level and your vehicle's performance; rubberbanding in Candy Crush is for sinister purposes – to convince you to BUY extra moves and boosters, because you went soooo close to winning in either case. King employs rubberband AI in its games for one and only reason – MONEY .

  29. “Stupider?” 🤣😂🤣😂 At least you realised your mistake.My faith in the English language spoken correctly has been restored.

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