Cannabis Was My Gateway to Rehab

after about seven years of addiction and You know on and off of heroin I? Can honestly say there’s probably not a pain pill. I have not done and after seven years of trying to quit and going through methadone clinics and nothing working I Decided you know just try Cannabis The reason today, I’m wearing a hat is because I tried to stop Klonopin and Adderall just cold turkey and I woke up in the hospital with a shaved head and shaped face, and I don’t remember anything I’ve been clean from opiates for three years that kind of scared me because if pharmaceutical drugs are doing this to me I? I mean it’s prozac Benzos Adderall it’s the same drugs. You can go to any city and find any college kids taking the exact same thing They’ll be prescribed it. The reason I was using opiates was I didn’t feel good about myself at all. I was very self-destructive and Opiates provided me almost like a blanket where I wouldn’t care and I wouldn’t be nervous And it was like almost like another me And I enjoyed that so much that I just started using it every single day And that’s when the problems really started kurung is The withdrawals you will get from using every single day, and they will come quick The medicine creates a vicious circle and Cannabis almost breaks that for you and so it can really change your life It’s my anxiety overall, that’s my biggest issue and Cannabis is helping me deal with that when heroin and opiates just increase that feeling and made me want to not exist I have to say that I oak an abyss of my life

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