Cartel Boss Retaliates with Murder (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 3/7)

Cartel Boss Retaliates with Murder (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 3/7)

ERICA HILL: Two more Americans
dead as a result of the violence in Mexico. Those victims gunned down this
week by drug cartel killers. MALE REPORTER: We’ve done a lot
of stories about polygamy and a lot of stories about
Mexican drug cartel violence. But we never imagined the two
topics would mesh like this in a very tragic way. SHANE SMITH: The freeing of
one of their own, by the LeBarons protesting in
Chihuahua, had sent a message to the narcos. They weren’t going
to back down. They weren’t going to submit. They were going to fight. But it didn’t take El
Rikin long to send a message right back. BRENT LEBARON: Yeah, this is
my cousin Benjamin’s home. SHANE SMITH: Right. BRENT LEBARON: This Rikin guy
actually ordered the hit on him because of a
stand he took. SHANE SMITH: He was a
serious criminal. I mean, famously he got caught
on the American side of the border dressed as Mexican
military, had a shootout with the border guards, and
then came back here. BRENT LEBARON: Yeah. SHANE SMITH: So they came
here to his house? BRENT LEBARON: Yeah. He showed up with 15, 20 guys,
two, three trucks, pickups. Benjamin and his family were
sleeping in the house when these guys come, surround the
house, breaking down his door, ended up breaking pretty much
most of his windows out. There’s still marks on the door
where they’re trying to bash in with guns, whatever
they had. Those are sledgehammer marks. At that point, they had
threatened his family with a hand grenade. SHANE SMITH: So they said they’d
blow up the family with a grenade unless
he surrendered? BRENT LEBARON: Unless
he opened the door. And so he opened the door. At that point, his
brother-in-law, Luis, came over to see what was going on. He literally showed
up in sandals. He came to the rescue. He was an innocent bystander. SHANE SMITH: So he came here
barefoot with no gun– BRENT LEBARON: At all. SHANE SMITH: –against guys
who are armed with machine guns and grenades? BRENT LEBARON: Yes. But they beat him and picked him
and Benjamin up, and took them about 2 miles down the road
here, and shot them both, and left them on the
side of the road. SHANE SMITH: So because El
Rikin put the hit out on Benjamin, it put enough domestic
pressure here that they would offer him up to the
American authorities for the Mexican incident where he was
dressed as the military with the border police? BRENT LEBARON: Very much
so, very much so, yeah. Because I don’t think they had
enough here to hold him here. So they actually shipped
him to the US. SHANE SMITH: And although El
Rikin was extradited to America for his firefights with
the border patrol, none of the other 20-plus men
involved in this double homicide have ever
been convicted. But the LeBarons
wouldn’t quit. In fact, Julian LeBaron,
Benjamin’s brother, has since taken up his dead sibling’s
mantle of activism. JULIAN LEBARON: The main thing
is we want to be respected. In Mexico, nobody’s respected. We’re not respected by the
criminals, and we’re not respected by the government. This is for messing
with [INAUDIBLE] people or some stupid shit. I don’t remember what it was. And that’s where they
found them. They shot them four times
in the head each. SHANE SMITH: Shit. JULIAN LEBARON: I think that
most of us felt really thankful that we found them,
because sometimes they’ll take them and torture
them to death. People from our neighboring
communities participated in this murder. Those are some of the
people that are involved with this shit. SHANE SMITH: Really? Those guys are bad boys? SHANE SMITH: Jesus Christ. I thought you guys
were friends. JULIAN LEBARON: 10 children
under the age of seven were left orphans when that
happened that night. My brother and his
brother-in-law, they were some of the most valuable people
in our community. This can never acceptable,
never. Because if this is acceptable,
there’s no future left. The community, initially, what
we said is, for every person they kill from our community,
we’ll kill 10 of them, because we know who they are. And then we said, well, that’s
not a solution because then you become just like them. SHANE SMITH: So the sun
was going down. It was getting a little
bit late. And the LeBarons told us that
we should get back to our hotel before it got dark. We are going to a hotel that’s
actually in the LeBaron colony, which hopefully will
a little bit safer. But after you hear stories
like that, you just can’t believe the fear of violence
that these people live under every day. It makes you paranoid to
hear stories like that. So we’re going to go to our
hotel and lock ourselves in. MALE SPEAKER 2: When it came
to them now kidnapping our family members, that what
we took a stand against. MALE SPEAKER 3: We have illegal weapons in our community. Come in and find them
if you want. MALE SPEAKER 4: When it comes
to protecting our family, if we have to die doing
it, we’re going to.


  1. They call him out they Should of had back up plan.Some M72 Law rockets and a mini gun on a tripod for mum.They would run when the cars started going up and sound effects from other guns from speakers with flares going off from traps.

  2. When i moved to Texas, a white man told me "Never trust anyone who speaks Spanish"…….i will NEVER forget that 💯

  3. Something doesn't sound right. Why do Mormons want respect from cartels and if ur not in that life how would ur people just be getting killed. Something don't make sense. If it not bothering them they dont bother u

  4. ATF literally gave the cartels thousands of guns which were supposed to be destroyed…WTF? Victims killed with ATF guns!

  5. How can ones respect when others dont give it. Not to add the least though think to bring one over to give mexicans an extra chance to all live on lands that arent yours to be on. Have ones forgot how to think.


  7. they want to have more than wife and rejected usa and it's citizenship. they are Mexicans and that is mexicis problem. who gives a fuck about some rich polygamist

  8. Those are people involved with the shooting??? Really pendejo how come your bitch ass ain't doing nothing say that FUCK YOU louder and if it's really them they gonna lay yo ass too on your buddys grave foo. Just talking under your breath. So FUCK YOU PUTO

  9. Anybody that gets killed in Mexico and I mean anybody can you hear me??? Ok anybody. Is for a fucking reason. Ok. They done something

  10. Well if you weren't doing what you do like polygamy down there maybe you wouldn't be having problems. You fled the US because what you do is illegal. Now you want us to feel sorry for you because of what happened. Well we don't!

  11. I feel sorry for the gentleman losing his brother and his brother brother in law but that truck that was carrying that Rubicon Jeep on the trailer if you pause the video and look at the truck compared to the truck that was crossing the border from one side to the other it's the same model truck a 2008 are 2009 and older but if you look at the fenders that truck that drove by with the Jeep on a trailer had fender flares on it front and back and it had running boards the Chrome running boards but the Dodge on the film that had the jeep on it is a mega cab diesel and the truck that was show don't footage that was crossing the border line is also a Dodge pickup with the same front headlights and fog lights but that truck if you look at it closely when they make the image bigger it has no fender flares and the running boards or Step Boards are different and although it has long mirrors the mirrors on the truck that was Towing the Jeep the mirrors are extra-long you're longer than the ones on the footage that supposedly he said it was the same color vehicle but it's not a mega cab it does not have fender flares and you can tell by the back end of it on the bed it has fender flares and plus the one on the video that passed by with the jeep was a two-tone vehicle and the one on the footage is one solid color vehicle and it does not have the ranch rear window Grill like the one that was Towing the Jeep so basically what I'm trying to say yes the trucks look identical body style wise because of the headlights and the fog lights is the second generation Dodge pickup and not the third generation model pickup but if you look closely at the footage it has no fender flares the mirrors are not as long as he mega cab and it's not a two-tone color and it dies not have the ranch back window cover made out of iron that's what Ranchers use to protect her rear windows so I'm sorry for his loss but that truck if he's thinking that's the same one that was involved in his brothers killing it is not and it may not bring any piece and comfort knowing that it's not the same truck but don't accuse those people of being the ones involved with and working with the cartels he did not accuse them he said he didn't know if they were bad guys or not but all I can say is I looked at the footage for like 10 minutes looking for similarities and all I can find was it's not a mega cab it's a crew cab vehicle one solid color with no fender flares it has running boards on it but they're different it doesn't have the small steps on each door is just one long running board the one in the footage was a little bit different plus it doesn't have the rack behind the rear window and it's not a mega cab and the mirrors are shorter than the one that was Towing the Jeep so if I was him I wouldn't blame that vehicle or the people that's driving that vehicle for his brother's death it's not right I know sometimes when we are hurting and something has happened to one of our loved ones is very easy to look at the vehicles hey that's this vehicle that was on the footage when it's actually not the same vehicle now they could have been involved and a murder the individuals but that's not the same truck that's what I'm trying to say is not the same truck but those people can own more than one truck and actually be the ones involved in the case but I'm just saying it's not a mega cab Dodge with the one crossing the border is a total different vehicle although he wants to believe that it is but it's not and I don't condone violence I will be just as pissed as he is and probably go out for Revenge Fight Fire With Fire and I would do that I'm not going to sit here and say I wouldn't I would I don't give a fuk at my age a life sentence is not a deterrent to keep me from killing somebody I've already live my life I don't have that many more years to live I'm not God but I know I don't have a life sentence worth life still in me so that's what a lot of people don't understand that once a man gets older and he gets up in his 60s or 70s and they kill a brother or a loved one for that person that is 60 or 70 years old and they get caught and they throw the book at them and punishing with a life sentence at that age a life sentence is no longer a deterrent to keep me or them from committing a crime and taking somebody's life or taking multiple lifes away because why I'm in my 60s or 70s and at the very most if I'm in my seventies or close to my seventies I probably got 10 15 years left in me to live anyways so I can live with that because a life sentence would not deter me from killing somebody at that age I've already live my life so I wouldn't give a fuck and I almost did this 2 months ago to my son-in-law he slapped my daughter in front of me at a birthday party and friends and family saw this I beat the living fuck out of his ass and my oldest son and my oldest middle son wanted to jump and I told them to back the fuck off I pull my weapon out because here in Texas you can carry your weapon on you without a permit and I shoved my gun in his fucking mouth at the same time breaking five teeth from its mouth he was bleeding like a motherfuker and by the time I knew it I was going to get ready and pull that damn trigger I feel some electricity going through my body and it was my daughter she tased me from keep me from killing her husband but she did it because she didn't want me to go to prison or jail the cops got there I was arrested for aggravated assault deadly weapon when I got to the jail about an hour and a half later I was released because the sergeant said he would have done the same things I did and all I was charged with was disturbing the peace I paid that ticket the next day because it was a Monday and my daughter filed for divorce because I told her if you don't divorce that son of a bitch I'm going to kill him the next time I see him she moved in my house that very same day she filed for divorce and her divorce will be finalized in the next 14 working days he tried to come back and sue me for his dental bill pain and suffering and miraculously there was no video from the police body cam all there was was a report of disturbing the peace the 911 call disappeared and the explanation of the law enforcement of fear of my community was that all they were doing was patrolling they saw something going on they stopped to see what was happening and all they saw was me arguing with my son-in-law he was bleeding they did not see me hit him or pull a gun out and that's what the report says so he can not come back and sue me fuck that mother fucker if I ever see him on the streets like I told him I would run his ass off the road with my truck flipped his ass over get out of my truck and unload my whole clip into his motherfucking head because at my age of 65 years old if I go to jail I go to prison a life sentence is not a deterrent to me anymore it's not the same if you're 25 30 35 years old a life sentence will be hard on you but if you're 65 years old most of my family members don't even make it to their 75th birthday so at the very most I got 10 15 years worth of life and it's all worth it to me don't fuck with my family don't fuck with my kids because I will fuck you up and send you to the Cemetary and have all of your family crying over your death and the way that you died but if I catch you walking in public I will kidnap your motherfuking ass take you to the ranch tie your ass up and I will personally torture your motherfuking ass I will cut you open with a knife and skin your ass the way Mexican do goats and I will skin all of your flesh I will leave your torso without skin and nothing but meat basically I will fillet your ass and I would hang your fucking skin on the front gate of my Ranch and you would have died a slow painful death and when I skin your ass I will get a mixture of acetone gasoline diesel in about 10 lb of salt and a gallon of alcohol and throw that shit on your motherfuking body I'll put you on a motherfuking log stand you up right tie your ass put wood around the pole and light that mother fucker on fire and have you 9 feet above the fire and I will have a lot of mesquite wood burning around your ass and you will die painfully that is the worst way to kill somebody and before I put you up right I will cut your ass open from your belly button to your chest and let all of your organs hang out I don't give a fuck if you think the cartels are bad about doing them people the way that they do cutting their hands and arms off and their heads fuck that I will skin you alive and make you die a very slow and painful death!! And while I'm burning your bitch ass alive I will be grilling some chicken and fajitas on the grill and enjoying a cookout while you are burning alive and it wouldn't bother me a bit MOTHER FUCKER YOU WON'T BE FUCKING SLAPPING ANYONE ELSE'S DAUGHTER THAT'S FOR DAMM SURE and me burning your bitch ass alive will not bother me a motherfuking bit I will sit there on the picnic table and enjoy a full plate and eat and making eye contact while your bitch ass is burning me alive and me cooking out and enjoying my middle would not even phase me one bit I will get a kick out of it and I will fill the shit and go live on Facebook motherfuker because at the end of the day I won't go to jail I won't go to prison I rather blow my motherfuking brains out with my own pistol but I'll videotape your death from beginning to end with a different camera and they can erase that one and it'll be all over the news

  12. Lebaron mate! Respect in Mexico is done with the aid of numerous men with guns..why would you come to a gunfight in flip flops? Where are your survival instincts? Mexico is a war zone.

  13. Why do white people feel the need to spread their BS religion… Invade a country and try and convert the locals and when they fight back u arm yourself instead of leaving . Sounds about white

  14. Need to declare war on Mexico piriod-that will fix the drug problem crime problem and crossover the border illegal problem any problem with that?

  15. That sign Never said Anything about Chapo so gets your facts str8 b4 you blame shit on The Patron! If you don't know shit about the Cartel Life Then Shut The Fuck Up. #USAISPARTOFTHECARTEL

  16. Mexican government = Drug Cartels
    Mexican military = Drug Cartels
    Illegal Aliens = Drug Mules
    When will America wise up, and declare the third world sh%thole knowns as Mexico a terrorist nation?

  17. Listen folks be lucky it wasn't "el chapo"…. Or any real KINGPIN OVER THERE. The shitthead you're talkin about "ain't nobody"

  18. Every American should be armed and ready for theses vultures. The day our government allows this to happen without us being allowed to protect ourselves from people like that is the beginning of the end of the United States. Shame on our politicians, and time for TERM Limits!

  19. Mexico Democrat utopia since guns are illegal. But as you can see the victims could not defend themselves, so they were beaten and executed.

  20. Wounder why kids are chicken shit n shoot up schools Here..and 30 mins down the road is Mexico. Lawless land. Were murders dont even get looked at. To scared to shoot up Mexico . Cuz they would shoot back.. rather go n shoot at Mexican kids in America. Fcked up eh.

  21. All this killings will stop when the drogadict's in north America stop buying drugs! All of the cartels exist because of the demand for drugs in north America! Is the only solution! No drugs, no money, no cartels!! No death's,

  22. No cartels, no big budgets for law enforcement. You take away the drugs, you take away the reason to fund police. If the US wanted to, they could wipe the cartels off the face of the earth in one hour. But instead, they get a cartel boss every now and then and stupid people actually believe law enforcement are making progress. Meanwhile, people are OD’ing on fentanyl every two minutes. The fact is, police do not want drugs to go away.

  23. Yeh they did that but the real problem is there weed dont sell here in the US no more. Plus no work in mexico. I have the solution. A 3 square mile PRISON right in the middle of mexico. Problem solved. Jobs and jail.

  24. those are sledgehammer marks? ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? who was holding the sledgehammer? fucking MICE? they're TINY INDENTS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

  25. First you state in header this was between the drug cartel and the Mormons. This Vid shows a documentary were the facts are not correct. The LeBarons group is a break off from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. The facts are everything! Your facts are not true.

  26. Don't you worry vice there are millions of mormons world wide the Mexicans cartel a few thousand. Mormons have a long history of resistance these cartel will lose. The mormons wont fight being worried about human rights…

  27. The sign dose not say what he say about El Chapo the sign said something else stating if you hit a Animal on the street you get a fine dumb people shake my head 🤦🏽‍♂️

  28. In the Middle East we had five pick up truck show up we were sleeping on the second floor of this abandoned town now surrounded by an 8 foot wall. None of the guys could climb over the wall it was pretty funny how inapt these guys were. So he backed out to a surrounding hill and set up and start shooting at us and 10. 40 Mil grenades later they were all dead

  29. My grandfather was a mormon in the cartel. Back then they were friends . spreading the word of joseph smith. And spreading cocaine

  30. I can’t understand how doing NOTHING is better. Some firestarters only understand violence firing guns…so they won’t just give you respect and walk away.

  31. White folks kill innocent kids and united state citizen in schools Ir events they don't have the label of monster but if was another race did it can't be acceptable. Donald Trump making fun of the parent but no one tells him nothing as controlling guns but cartel are their to bring cocaine to white folk respect them because it cost money no discount on the product. Also, blame the mental health but also the racist shit to others come around to death remember y'all think controlling government forever consume drug what cartels bring. Enjoy the USA ride

  32. In part, this is why I love Mexico. No one has absolute power over anyone and your freedom is your courage to kill at will. The only problem is the bad guys are the government, and the cartel.

  33. Imagine watching the people who killed your brother and letting them live because you don’t want to kill like they did to your family.

  34. Stupidity will get you killed. Starting shit with Mexican drug cartels is stupid .
    Just stay out of their fuckin way and don't get their attention on you if possible.

  35. Mormons involved with drug cartels hmm you can not make this stuff up. With these wild and crazy stories littering You Tube – I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't jumped on some of these for their own interests????

  36. If he's guilty cut his head off !!! Then there is no more Mexican tug pushing dope on all these young people in America 🇺🇸 !!! ✌🏻😎✌🏻

  37. Fucc mormons fuccin disgusting people people who follow this cult are just as retarded hi five to the Mexicans who did this

  38. hate to say it your in there country your in there world and anytime they really want they get rid of all of these Mormons im not saying cartels are right for what they do but respect when u in there world and u will not have problems im willing to bet they just want to make money stay out there way and your good i grow up around some real fucked up gangsters in the 80s bodies being found everywere i never had a problem i was taught as a kid mind your bizzness and dont be in others shit

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