Celebriety Addiction – The Myths and Misconceptions of Rock Bottom

Celebriety Addiction – The Myths and Misconceptions of Rock Bottom

with tens of thousands of people dying
each year from drug and alcohol related deaths it’s time that we start
rethinking the way that we think of rock-bottom stay tuned
what’s up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the
problem but focus on the solution and today we are going to talk about
rock-bottom the myths the misconceptions and the massive overdose and death rates
when it comes to the disease of addiction I’ll be completely honest with
you after the mass shooting in Las Vegas and as the authorities and the news are
trying to put pieces together and seeing what this guy’s tendencies were it’s
becoming more clear to me that a lot of people don’t know what rock-bottom looks
like and this is something I teach in treatment all the time and why addiction
is so hard to spot so let’s talk about it real quick now when I say rock-bottom
most of you watching this video you probably have an idea of rock-bottom
looks like you probably think that it’s the homeless person on the streets
no family no loved ones they’re begging for change just to get loaded they’re
using you know they’re selling plasma to get money for heroin or they’re turning
to prostitution they’ve lost everything because of their addiction while this is
very true that many people hit that kind of rock-bottom
it is not the standard in recent years maybe a little over a decade since the
opioid crisis really first began we started to see how it started to spread
into middle America and every time there’s a death or every time somebody
but comes an addict people are so they’re shocked they’re like but he had
all this money she had a family she had a house he had a job she had children
and that’s why we need to realize that the disease of addiction doesn’t care
what you have or what you don’t have I teach my clients in treatment what I
learned when I first got clean she is that addiction only has two
primary symptoms a mental obsession and a physical craving addiction has nothing
to do with the amount of money in your bank account whether you’re married or
not whether you have children whether the other house whether you have a job
it does not care the best way that I can put this into perspective for the
average person is let’s take a look at some primary examples Chris Farley Heath
Ledger Carrie Fisher Michelle McNamara what do all of these people have in
common not only were they all very successful but they all died of drug
overdoses so looking at these four celebrity deaths and there are many many
more we can no longer associate success with lacking a rock-bottom addiction
will kill you or will lead to terrible things whether you have lost things or
not addiction doesn’t discriminate so when we’re talking about this it’s
important for anybody out there who’s watching whether you’re in recovery
whether you’re in active addiction or especially if you have a loved one
because if the only signs that you’re looking for is if the person has hit the
rock bottom which you have a misconception of this means that that
person may die and it’ll come as a shock to you two other examples that hit very
close to home with me is my mother and my best friend my
mother when she got clean almost 12 years ago she managed to get a PhD in
psychology while being a full-blown alcoholic she was very successful from
the outside everything was going amazing for her but she hit a mental and
spiritual rock bottom the other example is my best friend I thought he was going
to die see for me when I hit my rock bottom it was what many people think I
lost everything friends hated me my family hated me I
lost all my money I couldn’t see my son I was getting evicted from my apartment
I lost my truck I lost thing so when it came to my best friend
and seeing what addiction was doing to him but the fact was he was making more
money than he’s ever made in his life he was living in a high-rise on the Las
Vegas Strip which costs thousands of dollars a month for a tiny little
one-bedroom he was with his then fiancee who is now his wife I was like my
friend’s gonna die because he has not hit what many people believe a rock
bought him to be but luckily he had the moment of clarity it took to call me up
and we got him into treatment and my best friend has over two years sober
today so I really want you to rethink the way that you’re looking at what the
word rock-bottom means because if we change the way we look at rock bottom
that means we can start noticing the signs earlier on an addiction is a
progressive disease which means it’s much easier to treat when it’s in the
earlier stages so don’t wait to the point until you or someone you know hits
that very low rock bottom because the problem with that is sometimes death
happens before that rock bottom that we think and if you would like to learn
more about the disease of addiction how it works how to overcome addiction go
ahead and check out my course on the rewired soul comm this is a course that
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soul I’ll see you next time


  1. After 12 years of alcohol addiction I ended up getting a DUI. This was my rock bottom but I was already caught up in my alcohol addiction way before getting arrested. I've been Sober for 47 days and the first 30 seemed like a thousand days. I attend AA at least 4 times a week and there are people who's rock bottom ranges from Cirrosis of the liver to one person getting 9 DUIs and ended up in prison twice. I wish I got cleaned years ago. It took for me to be in handcuffs in jail to finally get it. Sometimes I hate myself because I retired frim the military but couldn't kick my alcohol addiction in the early stages. I even helped a lot of people out including family even though I was the one who needed help.

  2. Big Pharma & Government are responsible for the opioid epidemic. Just like they are responsible for putting profit & control over citizens.

  3. The phrase "rock bottom" needs to be eliminated from clinics. You can always STILL use… even in a coma, via a third party, you can STILL use. The only real deffiniton of rock bottom is death. Perhaps the term "rock bottom" served a purpose before we understood the science behind addiction.. (the effects addiction has on our brains and before the chemical imbalances in our brains, that lead us to relapse.) But we do understand the science now and keeping "rock bottom" around isn't helping anyone.. it provides the perfect excuse for an addict that doesn't want to get help… it also teaches friends and family that the person they love is beyond help. To conclude my little rant, the term "rock bottom" belongs in the past along with many other misconceptions of addiction, because something so incoherent would never be taught in a medical school, and we deserve to hold recovery up to the same standards.

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