CGR Undertow – JETPACK JOYRIDE review for PlayStation 3

CGR Undertow – JETPACK JOYRIDE review for PlayStation 3

Jetpack Joyride brings to life fantasies that
I’m sure everyone has dreamed about. Say you are in a top secret research lab, scientists
are doing secret experiments, research is being done, basically what I’m getting at
is, important things are happening. And here you come across a new fancy jetpack. What
are you going to do? What do you want to do? Sit back and behave like a good angel? No,
you will want to take that bad-boy out for a spin. And that is just what you do with
the jetpack that has a carefully placed sign that reads, “Do not Steal.” Like that
is going to stop you. This is a jetpack we are talking about. The game is an endless runner, but with a
jetpack, so it is more of an endless jetpack trip. The screen scrolls to the right and
you have to use your jetpack to avoid all the hazards that come at you. These include
electric conductors and missiles. Pressing the X button will use your jetpack, lifting
you into the air and because of blasted gravity you will fall when not using. So you are mixing
up your flight path to avoid the hazards. All the while tracking your distance to see
how far you can make it. But don’t think that is all there is to
this game. The game adds some more interesting elements to the time tested formula. For one,
there are vehicles you can jump into. These include but are not limited to mechanical
dragons that breath fire, sweet motorcycles, and even a teleporter. Each changes things
up and gives you another mistake forgiver, allowing you to survive and just loose the
vehicle. Also the game wants to encourage replay for
more than just beating your best distance. For one, there are coins throughout the place.
By collecting these coins, you guessed it, you can unlock additional costumes, power-ups,
jetpacks, and more. And there is also a leveling system. This is a lot of extras for an endless
runner. There are challenges you can complete, like collecting so many coins, getting a particular
vehicle so many times, and even high fiving scientist. Completing these earns stars, and
when you have enough you go up in level, with a big coin payday. It really adds more reasons
to play and goals for the game and are welcome additions. Jetpack Joyride takes a classic game formula,
adds in a couple secret ingredients and serves it alongside jetpacks, all going to making
a game that is even more addictive than other games in the already addictive genre.


  1. It's "free" on all phones with in-app purchases if you want anything good without wasting your whole life slowly grinding

  2. i know, i have seen it on phones and when it became free i got it on my ps3 but thinking what i could play on my ps3 instead of that just makes me want to close the game

  3. This is something you play on a phone during the boring commute to work on a train, not something you sit down at home with and play on your console.

  4. Jetpack Joyride's a good game, but I'm against the idea of previously released mobile games being released for consoles.

  5. I got a 100% completion on this on my phone. Then found out my nearly 50 year mam really likes it too. Now then is a wide demographic.

  6. It is also on the Vita… which is the superior way to play, if you ask me. It being a free download is also a plus. 🙂

  7. Actually, people can play it whenever or wherever they like. There's no right or wrong when it comes to this subject. You kids these days don't understand what gaming is all about. You think it's all about fancy graphics that you strangely salivate over, and collecting imaginary trophies/achievements. Well, you guys are wrong. Gaming is all about having a fun time. Jetpack Joyride is fun, and you can have fun with it on your living room TV if you want. It's not merely a train ride time-killer.

  8. I was very sceptical but for the 1,49€ it's very enjoyable! I just wanted a quick 100% with this but i have played for 10 hours in total on this game!! 🙂

  9. Ill admit i didn't wanna have to wait to get the 100% so i bought 500,000 in coins and bought all the items needed for the gold trophy. Now i got 100% good fun lil game

  10. Nice review, though I hardly find this a review 'cause it lacks a critical aspect. The game is just being praised by its excellence although it surely has its flaws.

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