CGR Undertow – PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES review for PlayStation Vita

CGR Undertow – PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES review for PlayStation Vita

Plants vs. Zombies is one great game. Everyone
should know that by now. The never ending war between fauna and the undead has been
enjoyed by countless people on many different systems. And now, you can take this backyard
pea-pod massacre with you on your Vita. So does that Vita version really change the
game that much, making it like an updated Plants vs Zombies 1.5? Well, not really. This
is basically the same game as before, which is by no means a bad thing at all. In fact,
this is the way many people want it. It is still tower defense but quite possibly at
its best. You are the general of your backyard. An almost endless army of zombies are waiting
beyond your hedges to shuffle across your yard and enter in through your backdoor and
eat out your brains. It is your job to use your green thumb and lay down a line of defenses
using plants. There are tons of different plants to choose
from, somewhere around 49, each with their own unique features that make them ideal for
different situations. The way you pay for these plants is with sun that will fall from
the sky and you can gather, or you can generate your own by planting sunflowers. You also
have plants to shoot peas, act like walls, chomp on zombies, add fire to your peas, and
many, many more. Finding your own strategy is where half the fun is. The Vita version offers everything from the
original. There is the entire Adventure campaign that has you going through 50 levels of zombie
fighting. Here, you fight the zombies, with each level changing things to make it more
difficult. And after you beat it, you have to beat it again with an increase in difficulty.
But there is also the mini-games, puzzles, and zen garden, that can keep you engrossed
for even days after you beat
the Adventure. The Vita version is packed with some nice
features. There are two different control schemes, either using the touchscreen or analog
stick. Each one is great and works flawlessly, leaving the decision only a matter of preference.
Plus you can collect coins and sun with just a shake of the system. While that sounds trivial,
trust me, it makes a big difference and will become your go to. Also, there are additional
trophies added for this version, with a new shiny platinum waiting to be earned. While it may not radically change one of the
best games released in some time, it simply brings new things and refines it. The graphics
look beautiful on the Vita, and the controls have never been better, making this possibly
the best way to play this amazing game.


  1. you didnt mean fauna you meant flora
    The plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period: "the desert flora give way to oak woodlands".
    A treatise on or list of such plant life.

  2. So this version is graphiclly up there with the best of them. Plus you now have the choice of Anolog control similar to the XBLA/PSN versions, or the quick touchscreen controls of the IOS/Android versions, but what about the content? Does it include the VS Mode from the XBLA/PSN version? Does it contain the Zombie Avatar extra from the PC version? and what about those three extra Mini-Games exclusive to the DS version? I wish you had gone into better detail regarding this release. 🙁

  3. Another great video review from CGR – and one with which, I really couldn't agree more. With hours upon hours of savagely addictive gameplay, stacks of content, and endless strategies to explore, Plants vs Zombies is unquestionably one of the finest indie video games to come out of the current smartphone and tablet era of portable gaming.

  4. Having played it to death on iPad and putting a good three or four hours into the – admittedly inferior – Nintendo DS edition, I can unreservedly state that the Vita edition of Plants vs Zombies is the definitive version of the game.

    If you can stomach the price premium, you'll definitely want to get your Zombie bashing fix on Vita. For those looking save a few quid however, the iOS version is more than up to the task.

  5. if you haven't played it and own a vita, but it because it's a very good game.
    the touch is better than using the controller because it's easier and faster.

  6. Im 19 years old and dont give a crap about the pokemon anime, unless mewtwo is involved. But the games are still great. Pokemon is still apart of my childhood.

  7. …..metal gear solid HD collection, Wipeout 2048, Earth defense force 2017, Uncharted golden abyss, gravity Rush, modnation roadtrip, marvel vs capcom, mortal kombat, and the psp and psone and psmobile games. I have 17 games on my ps vita. Well entertained man

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