CGRundertow GAME & WATCH GALLERY for Game Boy Video Game Review

CGRundertow GAME & WATCH GALLERY for Game Boy Video Game Review

Addicting game, thy name is Game & Watch.
It was a real deal when you got more than one game on a cartridge back in the dizzay
of 1997, and when it’s Nintendo themselves that are creator of said game, expect the
fun factor to soar, and your green and black screen to get a lot of practice. Throw in
some Yoshi, Bowswer and Mario into the mix with mini games that the man who became known
as Mr. Game and Watch stars in, and you’ve got Game and Watch Gallery for the Game Boy.
Before the days of Mario Party and even Wario Ware, the authority in minigame madness was
exactly this. More addicting than a carton of cigarettes, Game and Watch Gallery finds
success in presenting simple games that are a test of your skills and endurance in both
modern and classic styles. The differences between either mode will become evident in
both control and visual style, and you might find yourself preferring one over the other.
For example, in Manhole, classic version will have you simply control the direction of Mr.
Game and Watch as he must see to it that everyone gets across safely. In Modern, however, Yoshi’s
responsibility is augmented, since the platforms are there already and he must put them back
in place after they collapse under Toad’s or Donkey Kong’s weight. In Octopus, either
Mario or Game and Watch must collect as much gold as possible without getting caught by
an enormous sea creature. This is particularly addicting with its moneymaking theme and the
skill required to dodge the monster’s tentacles. Fire is all about rhythm. Nail it and you’ll
rescue more victims from a burning building. Finally, Oil Panic requires you to have quick
wit as you must catch oil and dump it out before the buckets get too full. Game and
Watch’s LCD style movements and sounds remind me of old TIGER handheld games you could buy
at the toy store. He was one of the lesser known characters from the Nintendo lexicon
until his appearance in Super Smash Brothers Melee. The series is still alive and well
in the modern gaming age, with Game and Watch Collection 2 released in 2010 for the Nintendo
DS. But if you haven’t already, on your next classic game quest, search around a little
for the original. I haven’t played an old school favorite quite like Game & Watch Gallery
for the Game boy, and after a few hours of trying to beat your high score over and over
again dodging tentacles, you’ll probably agree.


  1. The Modern Version of "Manhole" (with Yoshi being a playable character) is a lot more fun than the Classic Version, that's for sure!

  2. Had to get this on the 3DS virtual console. Totally worth it πŸ™‚ hope to see more of the Game & Watch Gallery games on there. Hopefully I'll earn enough coins to get the one for the DS on Nintendo Club

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