CGRundertow HUNTER: THE RECKONING for Xbox Video Game Review

CGRundertow HUNTER: THE RECKONING for Xbox Video Game Review

Remember those White Wolf role playing games
you saw on the shelf of your local bookstore that were famous for their supernatural storytelling
and addicting gameplay? Personally, I just caught a glance of them when I went to reach
for the Calvin and Hobbes books or a strategy guide, but I came to realize that the series
was also responsible for Gangrel, the WWF wrestler who used to hang around with Edge
and Christian. White Wolf Game Studios decided to take it to the next level by eventually
expanding their media empire to the Xbox and Gamecube, with an arcade-type hack and slash
that made the transition from tabletop to console much like Soul Blazer, Star Ocean,
and Demon’s Souls. This is Hunter: The Reckoning for the Xbox, developed by High voltage Software
and released by Interplay. Through the lens of the third person, this monster slasher
can be as repetitive as its genre can get, but is still highly entertaining. This opinion
of course comes from someone who is privy to liking the genre, but you’d be lying if
you say that cutting up zombies and vampires with a huge broadsword in the shape of a cross
isn’t entertaining. So basically bloodthirsty, supernatural monsters are threatening humanity,
and it’s your job as a judge, defender, martyr, or avenger, to detect the evil monsters from
the World of Darkness and erase them from the surface of the earth. Playing solo kind
of feels empty. Sort of like that feel you get when you open a bag of chips and realize
how much empty bag there is. This game, just like its tabletop parent, is best enjoyed
with other players, and probably a hell of a lot easier when you’re up against a horde
of savage monsters eager to eat your flesh. Nonetheless, you are well equipped to deal
with the monstrous menace. The Judge character, Father Esteban Cortez, carries a badass broadsword
and a crossbow with unlimited ammo, and along the way, you’ll find more conventional weapons
like shotguns, machineguns, and flamethrowers. True power lies in your conviction attacks
that can destroy scores of enemies in your way. Hunter The Reckoning will put you in
more precarious positions besides protecting your own life. Here you are in charge of a
little girl that you must escort to a church, and even though you’ll get attacked more,
it’s scary when you find yourself out of position to protect her. With enough guts and Mountain
Dew, Hunter: The Reckoning can become your next hack and slash project. I dig the Rob
Zombie or Dawn of the Dead style of this game, and now that I think about it, it would be
perfect with a little Halloween candy and pumpkin spice ale.


  1. I own all three games. I wish they would continue the damn story and tell me what happened to the Judge!! Underrated games!

  2. Ahh I remember this was my first ever m game,I remember the opening scared the shit out of me when I was younger,I game up after the 1st mission because I got bored….great review!

  3. @PixelJD same with me well.. kind of when i was young like 6-8 i used to always play his games and i always played this which was my first m game (besides halo and mortal kombat) but i was never scared of this game for some reason and i played this alone and i cant even play it now! but i was soooo godd at it i beat abunch of levels and i loved to fight the giant teddy bear…….. good timez

  4. Wait… did he say Soul Blazer, Star Ocean, and Demon's Souls were tabletop RPGs? That sounds unlikely, but they wouldn't make bad tabletops, I suppose.

  5. God that stupid little girl gave me and my brother hell. Then it gets worse, her teddy bear turns into a giant mutated grizzly! Yes he was a pain the ass.

  6. i absolutely love this game and the sequel ''wayward'' they are awsome and it was one of my first M rated hak 'n' slashes

  7. This was one of the first video games I ever played, at the age of four. I absolutely loved it. This video brings back great memories.

  8. The only bad thing about this series is how it was released. Reckoning on Xbox and Gamecube, Wayward on PS2, and Redeemer on Xbox.

  9. privy to liking the genre? no. you are privy to secrets and information, but I think you probably meant "partial to" liking the genre.

  10. Just looking at the footage for this game, the really drab uninspired environments, and boring looking combat, puts me to sleep.
    It looks boring compared to other H&S'.

  11. It does not. I got it and i've tried 😛 i bought an original Xbox just to play it after that dissapointing moment!

  12. I played this back when I was like 12 with my brother and we loved it back then but I had forgotten about it, fast forward like a decade and I saw it at a local pawn store for $2 for Xbox so I put it in my 360 and it worked. After playing a couple hours though I can agree that it gets rather repetitive and is better played in 1 hour doses every once in a while unless you have friends that aren't COD fanboys and refuse to play anything with less than modern graphics (95% of the people I know).


  14. this game is bad ass the bosses are bad ass and the game evolves slowly into something bad ass. i dont mind the repeative guantlet type hack and slash gameplay. it fitted the game perfectly. but i think this game and the way the story went it could only be done once as the gothic of it got much wierder in the later versions of hunter the recking series.

  15. They need to bring this back but on a whole new level. I always chose the Priest or the Biker guy, mostly the Priest. Cross bow and Sword man, cross bow and sword. Use to slash around the room before the start of the next area in the room listening to VIVIL. The only game I have hope for that will possibly release is Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, coming out for next gen soon.

  16. Played this today with brother and cousin with friendly fire on. It is challenging and hilarious. Hilarious because there will be a lot of accidental team killing and deaths until you get your shit together.

  17. This Game Is 15 Years Old Today Wow! i Used To Love Playing This Game Co op Was Pretty Fun Hope They Bring This To Xbox one With The New Backwards Compatibility Feature

  18. I wish they would re master, or even remake the games. I never finished the first one with my cousins. Maybe someday.

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