CGRundertow VVVVVV for PC Video Game Review

CGRundertow VVVVVV for PC Video Game Review

Being addicted to something is terrible. You
keep using the substance or whatever, despite adverse consequences. We all have our vices,
for some it’s a good beer or having a quick smoke. For others, it’s playing an engaging
retro-themed puzzler. When I first bought this game, I spent hours flipping onto ceilings
and platforms, dodging lies and collecting trinkets. The result was me loosing track
of time, and I think I was taking an ethics course in college at the time. Needless to
say, a few papers on utilitarianism didn’t get turned in. This is The Letter V Six Times,
on the PC! The Letter V Six Times is a game that shows
that graphics and high-quality orchestrated music are not everything, and that a stylistic
choice of an 8-bit coat of paint can be extremely appealing. Gameplay, in the end, should ultimately
be what defines a video game. If you have fun playing it, then that’s all that matters.
I personally love the graphic style of the game, and it works well with the gameplay
as well. No extra bits to get in the way. And the Music? The game’s composer, SoulEye,
knows how to lay down a chiptune track, for sure. You play as Captain Viridian, who is trying
to find his missing crewmates after their ship crashes after dimensional interference
while they’re out researching methods to save their own dimension from collapsing.
This new dimension he’s wound up in allows him to flip from ceiling to floor, which other
than moving left and right, are his only actions. Hopping across platforms and gaps must be
done by flipping from the floor to a ceiling, and then flipping back down again. It’s
not exactly thinking with portals, but it does make you think about how to get Viridian
from one gap to the other in ways to didn’t think of before. Challenge defines this game. Every room presents
a slightly different method to get across it, be it flipping over moving enemies, using
auto-flip lines, to just dodging a few spikes. It varies from room to room, level to level,
and it keeps the game fresh and fun with these new challenges. All sorts of things can kill the good Captain,
such as truth, lies, numbers, red triangles, hearts, and generally anything that moves
or is shaped like a spike. One hit and Viridian has to back to the last checkpoint he crossed.
This is where the game is forgiving. There’s a checkpoint every few rooms. Every so often,
there is one part that will get the most seasoned of players. But with infinite lives, you’ll
eventually figure out how to get past the more difficult sections. In some ways that’s
a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because it makes a very difficult game easy
to keep playing without getting frustrated, but bad because it almost completely removes
any risk-versus-reward factor; unless you’re hunting the 20 trinkets that unlock the Ships’ Jukebox or extra game modes. If you like retro, this is the game for you.
Check it out on the PC or on the Nintendo 3DS, it’s a flip-flopping good time, it’s
the Letter V Six Times, on the PC!


  1. hey jonathan, thanks for actually making a review that listed all the good qualities of game for once on this channel. Its something everybody else here forgets to do. You should have your own show

  2. fucking finally a good, proper review — haven't seen any of that on CGRu in a while. I liked this guy.

  3. People say that 'graphics aren't everything' when they're talking about all these fucking indie platformers, but if a game actually has BAD graphics then they go on to complain about it. Hypocrites.

  4. I think I know why the title of this game is called VVVVVV.
    1. The six Vs are supposed to look like spikes, or
    2. There are six people in the crew and each of them have a name that begins with the letter V

  5. I think the first sort of led to the second reason, similar to how the game's official (and free!) OST is titled "PPPPPP" and every song title begins with P.

  6. Can someone help?! There was a game CGRU reviewed (i think it was for XBLA) and it was a retro-style 2D game that was said to be really short (20 minutes) but very quirky, weird and unique. What was it?

  7. HAAAAAAAAAAH. 'We all have our vices.' Well as I sit here, clutching a glass of cheap vodka in one hand, my 3ds in the other, and wonder about that pack of cigarettes hidden in my dresser I begin to worry that I have perhaps one too many.

  8. When people say PC they are generally referring to windows… Example… A lot of games only work on windows, people will say X game only works on PC. The literal meaning of the word PC though contains all OS's, as you stated.

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