Charlotte Homeless Man Fighting to Stay Sober on the Streets

Charlotte Homeless Man Fighting to Stay Sober on the Streets


  1. Praying for Dennis: protection, grace, mercy, provisions, support, deliverance, favor and abundant increase, in Jesus' name. Breathe on him, LORD. Speak a mighty Word in his life. Hallelujah!

  2. Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

  3. I don't believe his story completely but regardless I don't want to see him on the streets, the system is so badly flawed that most people fall through the cracks and end up with no place to turn to for relief, god willing he will find a way upward and out

  4. I am homeless and i don’t take drugs or drink and never have. I do not have a mental illness and never have. I get so angry when i get labeled for those things and i’m not!! i’m 63 years old and a grandmother and i absolutely can’t find affordable housing on social security. i live in my small car and people stare at me and don’t speak because they are scared of homeless people. This country is so very blessed and there are so many more people who could help the homeless, but don’t. The homeless crisis could be over if this country opened up their hearts and look around them and see what’s going on in this nation. Especially churches!

  5. North Carolina is one of the WORST places In America to be homeless. Not only is there little to no public help for the homeless, there is pretty much no government assistance here for homeless people. Not to mention have you seen the prices of rent in the Raleigh or CHARLOTTE NC area? It’s horrible! It cost more to in Raleigh NC than it does in New City, It’s Crazy!

  6. This world is so messed up right now. Happy birthday never give up they should support seniers more. God bless you. Happy birthday. Please god help the homeless with a roof over there hesd just a roof over there heads how hard can that be?

  7. North Carolina is like a endless black hole or nothingness. Little to no opportunities here. Not to mention it practically rains EVERYDAY here! It would be a nightmare being homeless here, I would just leave the state.

  8. Authorities don’t care’s the times we live in.
    Anyone over 60 shouldn’t even be living outside ;they have less status then a animal.
    Shows many governments are corrupt now adays .

    They certainly don’t take their duty to their own people seriously or at all.
    They just want to cream off money from the tax slaves and not do anything useful with it.
    Except stick in their pockets.
    Evil doers.


  10. You look great! Especially considering your age and all that you’ve been through and are currently going through. I’m praying for your continued sobriety and that you won’t be homeless anymore. I’m also praying for healing for your mom!

  11. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe the part about age restrictions (based on general knowledge about this stuff) but I pray that he gets into a better situation.

  12. That's crazy that a shelter will turn someone away because of their age. I think senior citizens that are homeless would get top priority since many of them cannot work or may have health issues

  13. Here in great shit hole of North Carolina, we keep our homeless well shaved and clean as you can tell. But YET he has no support. That's a CROCK !!

  14. The reason these places don't want people that type of age in the 60s… is because your custom a lot more money to maintain and take care of them glad they get old they going to have more issues… and these places don't want to do all that..

  15. He is a young looking 65. I thought he between 48 -51 yrs young. I hope and pray that you can hook him up with catholic charities and salvation army.

  16. If he would use his SSI to get a place instead of drugs then he would be fine. That is the real issue. He has his priorities and it is drugs. God luck either way. The statistics are not that good without good influences.

  17. This man looks AMAZING for his age. I know a few people who use drugs and alcohol on a daily basis and the ironic thing about them is that they have lots of hair and look an average 12-15 younger than their actually age (just like this man). It's the people who work out, eat right, etc…..who lose their hair and look older than their age (seriously).
    He will find a place to stay because we are all lifting him up in prayer; most things are a process and takes time. Stay strong sir!

    John Fernandez

  18. This country is a disgrace to humanity. Money for bomb makers n bankers n nothing for people who simply want a job and a home.
    God Bless You for your work. Hopefully this video will disgrace The Salvation Army n other "nonprofits to stop being greedy bastards.
    I say a prayer for this brother.

  19. Nothing but LOVE PRAYER & GOOD VIBES sent towards this man-! I pray that The Lord will keep him, cause his face to shine upon him, and give wisdom and peace, in Jesus Name, Amen & Amen-!!

  20. Mark addiction recovery is definitely more in your wheelhouse than mine but I think you would agree that being housed is not an automatic 100% guarantee that a person will not relapse. BUT….the odds of successful recovery dramatically PLUNGE when a person is dumped back into the street and back into homelessness. Also I feel very confident in saying that his 36 Days stent in rehab had to have cough no less than $20,000….quite possibly more.

    By my calculation that's two solid years worth of rent in an apartment or possibly three and a half years worth of rent in a cheap SRO. As for treatment…..AA/ NA IS SCOTT FREE!!! And who are we kidding when the data gets broken down to the bare bones rehabs aren't any more successful than a free 12-step program (detox period excluded). Of course the rehads don't facilitate housing! If they did that then the source of their cash revenue would dramatically evaporate as the people start achieving long-term sobriety made possible by stable housing.

    It's bad enough that the rigors of poverty, homelessness and addiction are cruel and punishing. But on top of that the homeless must battle a corrupt rehab system and nonprofit services that hold the priority of their paychecks first and foremost rather than the welfare of their clients.

  21. listen baby you stop drinking and doing drugs cuz you're doing what you hate and if you do what you hate that it's not you but those at war in your flesh don't let them win the Messiah loves you and God is is here and the big wrap is coming soon don't let him come find you all drunk and high beat it beat that thing get rid of it and all you got to do is fast away from it and pray it don't do it and pray it'll go away May yahshua bless you

  22. It requires Jesus Christ to change one's heart. We cannot change ourselves through rules and disciplines because behavior comes from the heart. Instead, God changes us through the work of Christ for us and the work of the Spirit in us. What stops us from changing is our pride. Our pride makes us minimize or excuse or hide our sins. Or we think we can change on our own. Our circumstances and struggles can trigger sin, but sin is caused by the thoughts and desires of our hearts.

  23. Dennis, your life matters and I am praying for homes for all the homeless. I pray your mother gets better and I admire your bravery in staying sober. Stay strong Dennis. If there is someone watching this video in his area please consider helping him and/or giving him a place to stay. They should discriminate based on age or anything else, but the system does.

  24. This man is not the prime example of a homeless person, most people who lose their housing isn't because of drug or drinking abuse.

  25. Where I live the elderly and disabled are prioritized for low income housing and isn't age discrimination illegal ?

  26. I see them spending money on sweeps and cleanup, how much of that money I wonder could go towards building actual housing…

  27. No one should be homeless! And especially someone that should be relaxing and enjoying the retirement years….like all the videos I watch on your channel….I hope this man finds somewhere to live out his latter years ✌

  28. I am from Australia. Why at Dennis age, they won't accept him. Being older makes him more vulnerable and he should have more support than a younger person of the same situation. Is it the Law that stipulates that. The system??.

  29. Gosh, the recovery center has enough to do just getting people sober, and probably gave this man a scholarship to get free treatment. How can they also find him housing on top of all the other wonderful work they do? Sure is an overwhelming problem.

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