1. Please do not release this
    I dont like metal rock
    I dont like violence
    I dont like stuff happening in the game
    This is why I only play ubisoft games

  2. I love how people still hate on Indies just because they're indie games. This game just looks absolutely insane and fun.

  3. Is this supposed to encourage people to buy the game?
    It's less entertaining then a pensioners body odour

  4. I don't want anyone to buy this game. If you're thinking about it, just do 10 pushups and then go read a book instead.

  5. ahhh oooo

    ahhh oooooooo
    Go chicken go!

    Go chicken go!

  6. 1998 – Spyro, RE2, MGS Releases – OOH i wonder how awesome and realistic gonna be games in 20 years o.o
    2018 – …

  7. Finally a game to utilize the full power of the PS4 Pro…….
    This is….
    For the…..

  8. This feels like someone in the studio said, "My cousin in Europe is 15, why don't we let him do the trailer?" And the cousin was like, "USA? How about we do Old McDonald to METAL?"

  9. clicker game. except it doesn't tell u that on PS4 storefront. price of £6 is a clue otherwise Sony be whacking this out for £49.99 or some other insane, insulting price. unlucky for Sony it's not the 1990's anymore and you can look stuff up on Steam etc before you buy. some real turds on the PS store these days.

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