Chris’ Story: Beginning of A Heroin Addiction

My name is Chris Murac, I’m 25 and I’m from
Massachusetts. I had like some injuries when I was younger and
was prescribed pills. I went there because I had hurt my knee. And you know he just kind of like felt around on
my knee. He’s like, “So you’re in pain?” I’m like, “Yeah I’m in pain.” He’s like, “Okay I’ll prescribe you this.” Ended up taking all of them within the first
night. I went back the next day. I was 14 –
I went back the next day, and was like, “They fell and got wet and they all like dissolved.” And he’s like, “Yeah, alright no problem it’s
happened sometimes.” Wrote me another prescription. Like with no MRI’s–no, no type of anything–just
by me saying I was in pain. And I definitely think like, that it just
made it so easy. It started to like get worse to where I would just–you know–people who I knew would be able to get something like that on the street. It started with me buying Percocet just ’cause
they were just everywhere. And you know, there were just so many people
who I knew who could just–all I had to do was pick up my phone and they would bring
them to wherever I was. It was just so much cheaper, and you could
get the same high from $20 worth of heroin that you’d have to pay like $120 of pills
for, and that’s what made it–for me, that was just like a no-brainer at the time. Going through money,
like I have enough to blow every single day so why not buy this thing that’s cheaper. I
might not know what’s in it but it gives me the same type of feeling.

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