Chronic Alcoholism | Stages of Alcoholism | Stay Sober

Chronic Alcoholism | Stages of Alcoholism | Stay Sober

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check let me miss it sound check can you hear me one two check three four I’m
trying to do a video here I want to open a discussion about I’d see one person
three people watching can you hear me please let me know if you can hear me
please let me know if you can hear me Liz
Stivers can you hear me Liz ginger Tim yo yes excellent
hey what’s up Nicole hey I want to talk about what are we doing for the holidays
when it comes time to face all of the drinking and drugging out there I got
some tips tricks how y’all doing out there
loco tinder almost 50 days sober from the devil’s juice hell yeah tinder how
do you pronounce it tinder like tinder or tinder like ting ur loud and clear
well I’m sorry to hear that you’re gonna have to listen to my voice and I can’t
hear yours I’m still getting into this streaming
technology technology three days sober Loco TV how you feeling
three days depending on how heavy you were drinking three days I had a I had a
grand mal seizure after on my third day so be careful loco ting ting ur feeling awesome good how do you logo
what are you gonna do what’s today December today is December 11th 2019
we’re approaching the holidays the dreaded holidays
let me hear y’all scream fuck the holidays
Gemma can I get up can I get a fuck the holidays you might notice I don’t have a
Christmas tree I’m on I’m on I’m on I’m a Grinch loco you’re 34 how if you don’t
mind me asking how how heavy were you drinking three days ago and Beyond yeah
that’s what I’m talking about Nicole I saw your Christmas tree though Nicole
don’t even front I saw your Christmas tree oh hell yeah loco fuck the holidays
man fuck the holidays I don’t know I I went to an AAA meeting a couple weeks
ago and then and the topic was drinking around the holidays what are we gonna do
the pressure in the holidays and all that and I shared and I don’t usually
share so abruptly but I said fuck the holidays in a meeting so what is this
I’m noting it says show/hide oh okay so yeah I can show that show that ya show
all this I don’t know it’s oh it’s I I get to monitor your yells comments so if
you’d be dropping f-bombs which I I personally love English is my native
tongue and I personally love the f-bomb so I’ll let all y’all pass with the
f-bomb up in here yeah fuck the holidays lose this ting er right is it ting er
Jing er fuck the severe withdrawals feeling like my skull is crushing in and
pure death damn ting er I’m coming in with a girl and post yet so loco you’ve
been drinking all day for a week straight hot
so you’re feeling great you’re 34 I had a grand mal seizure that is on I that
seizure story is on my channel by the way I told the story of when I I was
coming off at xanax and booze though and I had a grand mal seizure I had the over
a hallucination and everything that’s that’s a cool story that’s that’s on my
channel that actually was one ways one of my most popular videos three four
packs a day three four packs of loco what’s that what’s that loco drink logo
oh no three four packs six packs three four packs of loco says and drinking all
all day every day and today’s is third day sober
is there any stickers we can give loco can we give a little celebration for
loco over here well congratulations loco how many times
have you tried to get sober cause if you’re anything like me I I tried to get
sober constantly just multiple times I just came back from an AAA meeting the
topic was the powerlessness the first step of course is we admitted we were
powerless over alcohol and that our lives have become unmanageable I start
to feel that around these holidays as a matter of fact every sobriety day I’ve
ever had you’ll notice that my sobriety day right
here one 1816 that’s January 18th this was almost four years ago but my
previous my previous sobriety dates were in the around the new year cuz I always
relapsed in the holidays I’m from a northern region where it gets snowy and
dark it turns dark in like four o’clock and the Sun doesn’t come up to like nine
o’clock in the morning and it gets depressing up there seasonal depression
disorder what they call it Loco twenty times twenty times you try to get sober
well twenty you know what they say twenty first times
ah dude I tried countless times countless times I tried and I like to
say you only got to get sober one more time one more time than you get and you
relax you only got to get sober one one time more than your number of relaxes
but let’s talk about the holidays don’t give up stay connected boom real talk
recovery Channel stay connected with Nicole’s Channel stayed connected with
your boys sober James Nicole introduced me to this streaming technology and I
just had to do it I had to itch so I had to get on I uh I made the title Sting’s
stay sober for the holidays what are we gonna do to stay sober for the holidays
I gonna list right here let’s talk about this list we can be smart it says decide
on a response bring your own drinks bringing bring an on drinking holiday
buddy with you ask a sober friend to be on call these are all support plans have
an escape plan the I saw a meme recently that was how do you how do you survive
the holidays and this wasn’t even for an alcoholic meme this was for a regular
regular dude and dudette me said how do you survive the holidays have your own
car so you can drive the hell out of there that’s how I survive the holidays
don’t quit five minutes before the miracle I heard that John Connor John
Connor are you from the future is there a is there a technologically advanced
robot hunting you John Connor it’s a technologically advanced robot
called alcohol and he’s knocking on your door and he will not leave us alone this
list also says limit your time around triggers I know well let’s let’s just
let’s get real here family is a straight-up trigger and family comes
together family can be a trigger I know some of y’all might have loving
families and all that but and I do too but man they say families the other F
word and for all my family out there if you’re watching which a doubt you are
because well okay so for all my family I love you Terry I love you Terry my
sister my cousins my hands and uncles Uncle John about I’m gonna happen I’m
getting my streaming technology together and I’m gonna have my Uncle John on he’s
gonna tell his story he he got sober he was in the army and he got he was
drinking and he was um he got sober through the Catholic Church now this
isn’t my route do you ever drink non-alcoholic beer
I do not I do not you know why because it tastes like beer and although I don’t
especially like the taste of beer or any alcohol for that matter which is fucking
crazy because I used to drink it like it was going out of style but no I don’t I
don’t drink in any non-alcoholic beer because that’s a trigger in fact here’s
something I wanted to discuss I stay away from all things triggers period
today I was shopping for cheese shopping for cheese and lunch meat was in the
cheese ball section the cheese log session and it happens to be right near
the wine section and when I when I found myself surrounded by alcohol of all the
tempting sort I got a chill down my spine and my palms still get sweaty but
here’s what I do I don’t even give it a second look if I find myself looking I
look straight I found a focus point I’m four years
sober and I’m still do this shit because we I am continually the rest of my life
going to be powerless over alcohol but not like if I stare at it I’m a good I’m
gonna do it but if I entertain that thought or you know any amount of time
that shit will you know be toxic in my brain because I have a disease of
alcoholism that shit’ll be toxic and that’s what I
call one of y’all get on this camera I called my sponsor
because my brain is our brains are messed up if you guys are anything like
me our brains are we’re sick know it ain’t
nothing to be ashamed about sickness angel fish in the tank ya know that’s uh
I would take it all over there but that’s a if I put my face over there
it’ll focus on it check this out that’s just a goldfish I like goldfish because
they’re tough they’re tough like me you don’t have to have a heater you don’t
have to have a heater for the tank his name’s great white mark and there’s
also an algae eater in there named Al Green he’s black and I love black folk
okay so if any all out there black I love you and I named my fish after you
al green how many green fans out there anyway I was I was looking at alcoholic
movies to to view and do another do another synopsis a sober synopsis on I
did one on leaving Las Vegas I did one on shameless I did one on a scene from
flight the best scene if you ask me we’re Denzel Washington it’s like comes
down to whether or not he’s gonna lie about who drank the vodka bottles on
vodka bottles on the plane I can’t do a very good Denzel but that’s an awesome
video but if y’all have some recommendations
I know clean and sober with Michael Keaton I already watched it I didn’t
really like it I did watch speaking of funny movies qinger Bad Santa with Billy
Bob Thornton good god is that a sick alcoholic he plays in that movie family is the other F word Lizzy how do
you cut off friends that try and get you to drink here’s the somewhat cool part
about me is nobody wants me to drink all my friends and family they know how wild
I get they don’t want me to drink but there are still people that that get you
to drink I even have family members that I used to drink with and it’s tough you
there’s only one thing you got to change when you get sober and nobody wants to
hear this but this is why only 10 to 15 percent of us actually succeed and don’t
let that you know fuck you up because there’s millions but here’s the there’s
only one thing you have to change and it’s everything and that means people
places and things you got to change the people all the autumn cats and kittens I
used to drink with I don’t I don’t do it I don’t do any more I don’t go golfing
with them I don’t go to concerts with them I just don’t do it you know why
because I’ll die it’s life or death if you really want life I don’t want to go
to prison and I don’t want to die so I got to do what I got to do and it’s hard
it’s simple but it’s not easy and how I do it is look I’d say I appreciate the
offer man but at this article I looked up for y’all I actually said something
about this it says decide on a response people who don’t know that you are in
recovery may ask you why you are not drinking it can be helpful to have a
response prepared so that you can calmly reply and avoid temptation for example
responses should it could include I amount of medication and I can’t drink
alcohol lame I have early plans tomorrow it could be an early hike or a meeting
I’m driving tonight I’ve used that before and then went back on it and
drank anyway so some of these are tracks because I told I told a date once that I
was driving and I don’t want to drink and Nicole you know this story it’s
that’s all right we can just drink at my place and I took one look at a waiter
and I said let me get a tequila that was that was one day after I picked up my
year chip came out of nowhere so when you do have a response that one
of my year chips I have six CDs man with damage and I have three consecutive
years figure that one out but uh you gotta have a response here my response
my responses people know or or if they don’t I just say nah thanks I had enough
this morning or no thanks I God cut me off I got life cut me off I had enough
or no thanks I drank at lunch all right you know something funny to break the
ice or actually when I was at Thanksgiving somebody offered me some
some booze and I and I was legitimately starving so I just said no no thanks I’m
I’m starving where the food at it’s amazing the respect people get because
even non alcoholic people have trouble not drinking drinking is a social
lubricant so even non alcoholic people that feel uncomfortable they want to
dance they want to feel sexy or they want their jokes to be better they they
all want to drink so the amount of respect you actually get is surprising
it took me by surprise everything must go with Will Ferrell that was a good one
I I’m gonna write these down I’m gonna start a list let me just start a list on
my word pad here everything must go that’s a bad scene that movies
incredibly accurate just like leaving Las Vegas Billy Billy Bob his character
is so resentful in that movie and such a sick alcoholic that he like his alarm
clock goes off and he smashes his alarm clock and frozen at the wall and then he
just picks up empty beer bottles and starts throwing beer bottles at him and
then in there breaking open the alarm clock and then he just finds a beer
bottle it’s half-full of just liquid piss basically it’s it’s it’s beer it’s
got a cigarette butt in it and he looks at it
and he fucking just drinks it how many L have done that next because I’m one of
them I’ve definitely looked on a beer bottle
that had a cigarette butt in it said fuck it I’m the bottom of the barrel
right now anyway I don’t even have my dignity anymore I’m gonna drink this I’m
gonna drink that should I keep track of my sober days why
is that important sober time is important okay so a a whether y’all
believe in not how many AAA people we got in the house because a a there it is
right there 24 hours a day AAA approved literature hey it does the
chip thing and I figured this out after I started getting chips because the Year
chip the 30-day chip the white chip the white chip is the tip of surrender
you know I’m powerless over alcohol give me a white chip I’m gonna do this damn a
a thing so to answer your question why do we keep track of sober days loco is
because there’s a variety of reasons number one is you get your 30-day chips
you make yourself accountable for the whole group in a a when you get up and
get your 30-day chip number one I figured out when I picked up my first
year chip I figured out the pressure was on they were gonna have a celebration
for me and I and I felt the pressure like I when stuff is pending like a week
from now they’re gonna have a celebration for me for my year chip
I felt like damn this would be a time I would drink so what it does is it
teaches us to face these it teaches us to show up to suit up and show up for
life’s occasions like picking up your year chip without drinking and it also
holds us accountable 30-day chip 60-day chip six-month chip nine-month chip all
different colors and everyone you get people pat you on the back they give you
mad love and it also holds you accountable because yeah yeah it’s got a
reason for everything but to answer your question we count our days because it
means something I mean 24 hours means something you’re three days
means something cuz we were drinking every day I was drinking every day one
day without drinking mean something count that shit mark it on the calendar
countdown shit get your chip represent and find yourself on the back this is a
huge undertaking that that we’re doing don’t let it intimidate you because if
with the help of support groups like AAA na and sites like this and Nicole site
you can you can do it you can do it it’s difficult especially during the holidays but we can do it have I ever seen the dirt and I have not
I saw meet Joe Dirt I was out at liquor store closed a drink cooking wine once a
sh ish message retracted by Liz Stivers wonder what she retracted everybody
would you retract Liz what what kind of thing did you say and then you retracted
it qinger was everyday kharkov vodka and
Powerade zero are you trying to get that them electrolytes you’re trying to get
that vodka into your into your veins quicker I know I know the tricks dinger
I know the tricks well let’s look at one another 10 tips
for staying sober now here’s another thing I want to I want to share well one
of the things that helped me stay sober is we live in a time right now where we
have constant information available at our at our fingertips all I did before
this stream was Google how do I stay sober during the holidays and number the
first thing that this did was it lets my subconscious know that there’s millions
of people out there that want to do this because the holidays are gonna be filled
with all these drinking activities and everybody normal is gonna be drinking
you know what fuck them and not fuck them and they they’re cool people but
that they can drink that’s cool that’s good for them but you know what
I can’t drink I’ll die I want to I want to stay free from jail cells so I got a
I got a have a plan so anyway Google whatever you need to
know and not everything on the internet is is right but what you can do is
triangulate information which means it basically means if you see the same
thing multiple times chances are it’s it’s legit so I’ll tell
you you guys something personal I’m going up to see my eyelid my friends and
family for the holidays like a lot of us do
my sister is she’s my running mate she’s my ride-or-die and she will hang with me
I’m gonna be staying at her house and even though she drinks she doesn’t drink
and excess around me I told her me personally if you don’t have a beer pong
table set up and some like a bar full of just liquor bottles then you don’t have
enough liquor for me to start drinking anyway that’s another thing that’s
another response that I have you know in the clip for when people ask me now I
don’t know no thanks you don’t have enough liquor for me to start drinking
and you know people that know me that’s that’s funny because it’s true January 18 to be four years for me I’m
gonna I’m gonna make a story vid update a lot of shits happen in this last year
I started this YouTube video a lot of shits happen so to me in front of my
January eighteenth story man story I got I got I’m getting not so
horrible at this editing software so I’m making some decent videos now for those
of you who haven’t subscribed I don’t know all the other subscribers aren’t
you message held for review okay I’m gonna show that fat snacks what up fat
snacks I recognize you from the comment feed John Graham what up how you doing
John them damn normies Tinder’s tinker tinker it reminds me of uh what’s that
what’s that Tiger’s name Tigger Tigger the pooh pooh bear Tigger Aaron let it 42 years old and still
optimistic well good for you I’m about to turn 39 here in a week about to be 39
and I’m trying to be optimistic how do you be optimistic all the time Aaron
tell us your secret fat snacks you’re in panic mode what’s up ex fat snacks what
fat snacks was taken so you had to put X in front of it you’re gonna be okay
trust me and said I’ve done a lot worse I just don’t want a record hanging over
my head for the rest of my life yo I have a slew of misdemeanors thank God no
felonies now I I did a video on what my crash in 2007 that I crashed woke up
three months later in a from a coma my blood alcohol they told me that my sure
my car insurance wouldn’t cover it because my blood alcohol was just off
the charts so I was waiting for the cops that would have been my third DUI which
all y’all know well in the state of New York
three duis is an f-bomb it’s a felony so I was in a coma I had a tube in my neck
barely I was like 140 pounds skeleton I got a picture of that shit anyway that
video is on there I got pictures it’s on my channel if you wanted to see that
that story but I was waiting for the cops to come in to give me my felony
charge of my third DUI so I hear what you’re saying fat snacks about having a record but
here’s the thing and I and I and I swear this from the bottom of my my heart once
we get sober everything falls into place the our only job as addicts and
alcoholics is to not drink and not use and once we do that and we do the
written to the next right thing and we continue to live a life of sobriety
because Co we can’t drink we’ve tried we can’t do it once we do
that shit falls into place you wouldn’t believe the the I mean I’m just gonna
call a miracle for lack of a better term you know judges I spent 45 days in jail
over Christmas New Year’s my birthday because if I wasn’t in jail I was gonna
be homeless anyway so I just did time served and and right before I went to
court after those 45 days I shaved I had a baby face I looked all dumb all the
cellmates and you look 10 years younger well I did it on purpose cuz I went in
front of the judge and you could see on my face that I was done drinking and and
and he’s like time served and about five misdemeanors including
trespassing criminal contempt criminal contempt resisting arrest
I got attacked by a German Shepherd I don’t know if I can I got a scar on my
ankle that’s a whole nother story but anyway
I feel you about not wanting charges I want y’all to know that this I can’t
figure out how to I don’t have a USB cord capable of holding the plugin into
my camera so I might have to check and see if I see how much battery life this
camera’s got I finally got rid of the Box on my face this is my second
livestream ever is my third including the one free with you Nicole I look Amy
Crabtree says same I look horrible when I drink if you would if y’all what if
okay so I don’t want to tell y’all because if if I look up the my mug shot
you don’t even want to see that shit maybe I’ll put a picture of my mug shot
next to what I look like now for my for my uh for my sobriety date flushed red
nose gets all red like Saint Nick G I think I think Santa Claus is a
straight-up alcoholic his nose is all bulbous and red thirty-three days
drei Sturm says still trying not to feel busy and anxious at the gym that snacks
it’s crazy how much your skin clears up when you quit alcohol I mean here’s
another thing we can Google the effects of alcohol in the body alcohol attacks
every organ including the skin y’all ever heard of jaundice yo there’s three
stages of alcoholism the first one it’s kind of fun we all know that one we
always try to get back to that one when we’re in the second one the second one
is hangovers turn into kind of shakes and insomnia and you start to lose
friends and jobs and that always happen then the third one you don’t even want
to go there because it involves jaundice dementia death cirrhosis I mean your
whole body starts to shut down alcohol is a poison straight-up I mean we used
to listen to you know adults when we were teenagers and 20s you know
everybody say that alcohols are straight-up poison it’s a fact I mean
there is nothing about alcohol that the body agrees with David they’re even
saying now that two glasses of red wine isn’t beneficial like they thought it
was wet brain pancreatitis thank you Tigger yeah stage
good God look that one up let’s look it up right now stage 3 of alcoholism stage
3 of alcoholism let’s see what this is all about three stages of alcoholism
less safety Dutton alcoholism is a chronic and relapsing disease marked by
changes in the brain structure and function that affect behavior and
perception stages of alcoholism mid or early stage the early stage is
characterized by an increasingly higher tolerance for alcohol I was in a
discussion today with one of the commenter’s on the channel about whether
alcoholics can handle alcohol better I don’t know that I’m basically on the
boat that says that depends on your definition of handle many experience
blackouts regularly in the mid or early stage memory lapses when you blackout
Robin Williams was talking to David Letterman he called he called blackouts
sleepwalking with activities and Robin Williams you can look that up it’s Robin
Williams on the David Letterman Show he went to rehab and he went on the David
Letterman Show after he was sober and everything moderate or middle stage
alcoholism middle stage of alcoholism the consequences of your alcohol abuse
begin to pile up you may call in sick to work done it lost jobs I would drink
nine o’clock in the morning and just be like fuck work I don’t need that job you
may hit drink to alleviate your hangovers your brain is adapted to
having alcohol in your body you’ve probably lost your ability to control
your drinking even though you may want to and you likely hide the extent of
your drinking from others this is the middle stage withdrawal symptoms can be
excruciating and blackouts become more frequent in the middle stages you must
drink to alleviate you know shaking and stuff severe or late stage alcoholism
this is stage 3 nightmares come in threes too in the late stage of
alcoholism your life has likely become unmanageable that’s step one of
Alcoholics Anonymous we admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives
have become unmanageable word-for-word you may begin to exhibit signs of
medical problems like high blood pressure
liver disease acute pancreatitis there you go ting ER and you may be suffering
from insomnia depression you’re likely obsessed with alcohol and you may avoid
the people and activities you used to enjoy so that you can drink to excess
alone you probably have alcohol hidden around your house I’ve talked to people
that had a hidden in your toilet next to the bed
and there under the pillow in your car legal financial problems stemming from
your drinking if you try to stop drinking at this stage you may
experience tremors hallucinations quitting on your own without medical
supervision at this point can be dangerous or even fatal there’s three
drugs you can die from withdrawal that’s alcohol benzodiazepines and barbiturates
those are three heroin hellish there’s babies crawling on the ceiling with
their heads turning around and shit we all seem Trainspotting but alcohol I
experienced a grand mal seizure that that that video is on the channel check
it out that’s a good good story now I know the music’s too loud I’m still
getting I that was that that was when I first started making videos so I know to
music in my earlier videos it’s kind of loud but denial DTS these are the the
late stages of alcoholism dementia denial DTS and death alright so
y’all talking about uh Tyler why I’m 28 and I am a recovering addict and
alcoholic I used to drink mouthwash at work so nobody suspected anything and
would do it at home also when me and my wife started living together it was bad
it is bad and I can relate I was in the Navy and it was on the we were I was a
part of an Air Wing and it was on the beach we called it on the beach it was
on a naval air station we had lockers on the flight line I remember having a
bottle of vodka and my my locker I was in my 20s
Navy cats drinking that was only once only once I did that but it’s
unavoidable the UH in our 20s we can you know well for those of you who were 20
don’t take this as an excuse to drink because I was bad bad in my 20s when I
was 27 I wrapped my car around a tree I’ve uh I’ve been in the hospital for
just falling straight on my face xanax and booze crazy shit so Sturm gee
where’re 70 I’m glad I found your channel drinking was my way of dealing
with stress and depression from an injury and very messy divorce guess what
it was only temporary fix took me a long time that snacks yours is your your
comment is held for review I’m gonna take this review option off I want you
all to be able to say whatever the fuck you want there ain’t no censorship on alcohol
commercials they get to show us right here on this on YouTube I’ve seen
Smirnoff commercials and stuff they should allow us to say what whatever the
fuck we want benzo withdrawal has to insane because I
suppose the only way they can treat that is to taper them yeah they use out of an
ativan is I think one of the mildest benzos
the thing about benzos if benzos are a bitch because it’s a magic pill
first of all benzos and alcohol both affect the central nervous system so if
you’ve ever you probably noticed this but taking xanax and klonopin and all
that it feels like you’re drunk and if you take it with alcohol its
blackout City my cousin and I used to call them fucking time capsules because
you just take one and you wake up Monday you take one Friday and you wake up
Monday hola amigos chillin go Ching Gong I don’t know how to pronounce it hola
okaywe gateway Chilango Tyler it’s been about a year since you
drank anything congratulations addicted to benzos alcohol opiates all at once
I don’t remember from basically 18 to 26 Dan those are probably your golden years
yeah that sucks I can’t some people asked me some people
asked me the band’s I’ve seen I’ve seen a shit ton of bands you know Rob Zombie
Sevendust I was at Woodstock 99 but half of those bands I probably seen bands I
don’t even remember this fat snacks I my vaping I don’t did today and yesterday
and the day that I don’t if you saw my first live
I was vaping a blue who’s like a BL you but uh I gave in I don’t know if it’s
the holidays or whatever but I don’t bake in fact you know I don’t I tried to
eliminate it from I did eliminate it from my life I used to have my kid a
little vape kid and but oh this is um you know what I don’t even know what
this is called it’s like I don’t know I picked it up at a gas station said they
got me they got me with an advertisement right at eye level
it says 99 cents for the little machine and then it was 14 bucks for the for the
two cartridges and I was like it is an alto Tyler dinger
smoking the reefer do I do that time to time the answer is no no I do not smoke
the reefer but I knew trade pot stocks what you know about the pot stock market
I did a video on that how to get rich on pot stocks you can check that out that
has everything you need to know to make money on the legal marijuana circuit but
no I don’t smoke I tried to smoke I’ve tried everything I’ve tried everything
you know I tried wine not liquor beer not wine I tried weed not alcohol but I
ended up as my friend puts it getting thirsty I would try out be playing Grand
Theft Auto smoking mad weed and I started smoking weed like it was crack
how I was going school at the time and I would be in class obsessing about when
I’m gonna get out to go smoke my weed because I’m an addict any mind-altering
substance I obsess over and they say people are different some people are
different weed is not physically addictive you’re not gonna have physical
withdrawals from from weed nicotine is physically addictive cocaine heroin
alcohol benzos these are all physically addictive marijuana is not marijuana
however is a mind-altering substance and the Attucks of the world this is a
controversy there’s something called marijuana maintenance I’m sure you all
have heard of it there’s there’s arguments on both sides for that when I
personally tried it listen to this short story I bought a quarter pound of
basically dirt weed and with the intent to sell it and smoke the whole
thing didn’t even sell a nickel bag I smoked the whole quarter pound of weed
and astonishingly quick to because I mean you know we you can only get so
high and I would just get there and just smoke more and smoke more and then I was
like you know I fucked this I’m gonna go get some food
actually know it started with I don’t want to give you all any ideas but it
started out with my girlfriend at the time she had ambien and we took some
ambien and we stayed up watching a movie and I remember looking at the the TV and
the back of the TV was kind of waving like that and I started talking my head
and I’m like yo I’m trippin I’m trippin right now and then I remembered if you
if you take it and be in and don’t don’t y’all go try this and she cuz it’s no
fun it’s blackout city but if you take ambien to stay up you you trip you
hallucinate but it started with that and I said fuck this I’m taking ambien too–
smoking weed I might as well I might as well go drink YouTube probably isn’t
gonna let this air because now I’m talking about ways to to get high but
that’s what we do with anything weed ambien robitussin anything that will
give you a mind-altering state the attic which there’s two types of people on
this earth there’s those people at the Christmas party that are gonna drink and
maybe embarrass themselves slightly and they have a hangover and then they’ll go
about their lives and then there’s people like me I drink at that party
you’re not gonna hear from me for a month and then you might see me on the
news Anthony Hopkins said when he was when he was trying to get when he was on
a wagon he was on a flight and a stewardess asked him would you like
something to drink and he he said no no I have to work next month I can’t do an
Anthony Hopkins accent no it’s probably something but anyway you know he goes no
I know I have to work next month because that’s how it is if I take that drink
I’m gonna be ghosts for a month fat snacks ever think of starting a
sober podcast I’m not aware of any but I’m sure there’s ones out there yeah I
got a couple of friends right now they uh they want to get one started and
I’m down for it but this channel I’m loving making this channel I’m loving
the community I’m loving how how we’re all coming together and the love and the
support I’m loving the comments the shares the
likes and subscriptions keep them coming I literally wake up to do this now in
Nichola you probably know what I’m talking about once you started your
channel I I am so stoked on this my mom god rest her lung
lung cancer died a couple years ago fellow addict lung cancer it’ll take you
but she if she was alive today I know I just know she would be like James this
is what this is what you were meant to do I love but I forget how I got on that
tangent were you more of a bar hound or a stay home and low-key parties in the
beginning teenager early 20s I was all about the party in fact but if the party
didn’t have booze I wasn’t having it and the concert they didn’t have booze I
wasn’t having it then after my accident in 2007 nobody wanted to drink with me
because I turned from fun drunk James kind of crazy and doing crazy shit all
the time but kind of fun too James got in an accident and almost killed himself
nobody wants to drink with James anymore so I either had to find new friends or
drink alone and I’m sure you guys can relate when I say I’d rather drink alone
anyway because people don’t drink like I do unless their fellow alcoholics nobody
drinks like I do I literally have run into a handful of
people um in my life that drank like I do like drinking alone was more fun to
me I would do it I could wallow in my despair and lack of dignity and not get
humiliated except oh here’s another there’s another one of my personal joke
I tell people I was a social drinker I drank alone but I was on Facebook all
the time and I would get drunk alone and just be posting crazy shit on Facebook
and and then the next day I’d have to see it any healthy
foods I can eat and drink to clean my liver I have a smoothie video if you dig
back into my old videos I have a smoothie video I’ve been drinking
smoothies in sobriety I do it’s got blueberries oh it’s a
nutribullet that video has a link for the nutribullet and all that
it’s called healthy healthy smoothies or something like that my video we see if I
can retro somebody’s some of these comments if I missed some of your
questions just type them again how are you doing James I’m a huge fan Bob Smith
says thanks for trying to spread positivity and sobriety it really helps
during the holidays thanks again bro stay cool I try to stay cool Bob but I
don’t know if you guys are anything like me staying cool can be a problem
especially in work situations I’ll go from 0 to 100 in like not even a second
and that is a hell yeah Loco fuck the holidays I can turn
censorship off of this susan emery good evening where is your where is my orange
it’s there in there there in the refrigerator I’ll get one here I’m gonna
check the battery if for any questions or comments just post them up I’ll be
right back here you go Susan this is a this is a cutie cutie
Orange these are my jam right here so to answer your question about healthy
healthy stuff you can detox your liver there is nothing better than fruits and
vegetables and this can be proven with just the millions of people that have
been saying it ever since we were kids eat your fruits and vegetables fruits
and vegetables and exercise that’ll detox your shit other than that
I’ve gone to GNC before and and looked up liver detox and stuff like that
qinger says what do you do for work a career well I’ve done everything from
aviation electrician in the Navy to industrial commercial electrician after
that right now I work at a car factory building cars and it and I hurt my back
a year ago I’ve got a herniated disc had to get a microdiscectomy there’s a video
on my channel about when they tried to give me narcotics and that’s when I
started going back to AAA meetings but I am seriously gonna try to do this for a
living dinger I say you know what fuck it I’m gonna we are
so powerful when we get sober some of the greatest minds and and personalities
on earth have been addicts and alcoholics and you can look them up but
uh my point is we are so powerful when we get sober I have so much energy and
so much like focus that that I made this channel and I get to do whatever the I
get to do whatever I want now and I’m trying to do this channel I’m making a
video every every week I’m making two three videos now now I’m doing this live
thing I’m monetized I have a patreon for all y’all that uh would like to help me
support help support me follow my dream and help me help others because this is
what I’m gonna do like I said my mom would say James is
what you were born to do and it feels that way I wake up to do this I wake up
with like five o’clock voluntarily in the morning and start working on videos
and like chatting with people and like answering comments so to answer your
question what do I do for a living this this is what this is my calling sharing
my experience strength and hope I mean I have such an education on drugs and
alcohol and addiction and recovery it’s not even funny
I’ve been down every alley that you can think of and so if you guys and we come
together and we share we share this knowledge and we help each other it’s I
I do have a patreon fat snacks let me post a link I have a home right now I
have seven papers if you all want to get your name in the credits of each video I
don’t know if you notice but Adam you’re right you do have to get a sponsor you
know why we’ve got a good a sponsor because we’re sick whether we want to
think admit it or not we’re sick it’s just the way it is
some people have schizophrenia some people have OCD
we got alcoholism so we need a sponsor because we need that person who has
gotten sober to tell us what move to make that first year of our sobriety
because we don’t know shit I didn’t know shit you know when I got sober I started
noticing girls and shit around the rooms and all I wanted to go to meetings for
was to flirt with girls my sponsor was like dead it no no and he was damn and
he was right guess what I ended up relapsing on a
date with a girl that wanted me to have drinks at her house you start to learn these things that’s
why you got to get a sponsors because they know they know better than we do
here let me give my patreon link for all the all who are interested it’s um it’s
linked up in each of my videos but I have a $3 tier and a $6 tier which the
$3 tier will get your name in the credits and I post stuff on my on my
patreon patron only stuff I’m trying to put it together because I mean this came
out of nowhere this whole channel thing to doing so I don’t know I’m trying to
do it this is the link sober James patreon you go there however you want
your name in the credits I can put it in any font I can put it on and put
whatever name you want put your full name I can put your pseudo name I could
put King Adam Perry I could put Sir John Graham I can put ting ur I can put Susan
Emery I can just I can put loco fat snacks I want to get y’all’s name in the
credits then the sixth i love tyr is outtakes so i don’t know if y’all notice
some of the some of the some of my videos have outtakes on you know they’re
fun they’re fun to do they’re funny and i’m i want i made it a $6 tier to post
and then I’m gonna start doing live chats like this for all I know
YouTube isn’t gonna hear this because we’re talking about you know drinking
robitussin and fuck the holidays and shit but I’m my patreon they can’t you
know they can’t again fuck with us so I’m gonna start a I’m gonna start a
personal chat room I’m getting all my technology
together and all and I’m gonna get sick with it I’m gonna get sick with the
technology I’m gonna try to maybe we can get like some of y’all on camera if you
if you want to or we can get some of your voices I don’t know this is it’s a
great time you live in sobriety that’s I mean it’s a great time you live in that
we can connect ting are just shared this live stream to all the alcohol recovery
groups I’m in on Facebook thank you dinger we got to spread the love and the
holiday cheer that all of us are representing Adam Perry your wife’s in the
Philippines haha just kidding Bermuda Triangle can be a killer I don’t know
what that means but I have heard on the Discovery Channel in the Travel Channel
and the History Channel and all them channels that the Bermuda Triangle can
be a killer with a ki lol a where y’all from does anybody want to shoot a
shout-out where y’all are hailing from let me guess Adam Perry you seem like a
let me just say and now I’m not Jersey Minnesota ting er Minnesota Vikings fan
are we let me see if I can guess Connecticut
living in Maine lobsters I’m from up north near Connecticut I’ve gotten drunk
in what is it New Haven New Haven Connecticut toads place there’s a place
called toads plays there Allen Allen says I like what he said the other day
it’s a good time to be an addict cuz we are all we are starting to understand
addiction better yeah shout out to Oklahoma howling and Oklahoma says good
time to be an addict it is for this reason number one we’re connecting right
now like none of us would have known we existed you know back in the day
Northern California John Graham live in that California life yo let me just say
when this I’m trying to make this dream happen I’m going to make this dream
happen with this channel and everything and I’m gonna be able to work from
wherever I want and let me just tell you John Northern the Pacific Northwest has
always been calling my name I don’t know if it’s because I like the rain or
grunge music or horror movies like the ring or you know big
that sequoia trees I don’t know I like bald eagles and shit I would like to
check out the Pacific Northwest I went to rehab in Southern California in
Temecula Valley figure that one out they put a rehab in wine country Arizona oh there you are me
how you doing me how you feeling me I was worried about you where do I reside
it’s a secret John it’s um subscribe to my patreon and we can we can get
personal but I don’t this is all new to me this internet thing so I’m not
exactly sure I should be putting my location out there but um let me just
get well I’m from up up damn near Canada I’m from damn near
Canada I got an aunt that is in homeland security that doesn’t like me putting my
personal information on the internet so I’m straight up and down red-blooded
American let’s just put it like that negative 40 degree windchill with a 5
negative 5 regular temp I remember that shit it was a big snowstorm up near
where I’m from I’m from the Capital Region of New York Albany Schenectady
Troy up there they just got pounded with like 20 24 inches of snow me thank God
five hours sober you must be still drunk dude or chick what are you a female or a
male me here’s me I have some I have some videos
on my channel that address well as a matter of fact I don’t I’m gonna do a
video on early sobriety one of the videos I do have is the the pink cloud
when we start feeling all owe me like Michelle okay well hey Michelle and
congratulations on your sobriety I know it’s tough I could sense what you were
going through in here I’m sorry I couldn’t get to the to the to the live
stream earlier I know I was just kidding about you being drunk I’m just saying
five hours you know it’s still in you so this is what to expect there’s I about
this on my seizure video I don’t know how long you’ve been drinking or how
heavy maybe you could fill us in with that but yeah we’re gonna feel gross and
our body’s going to be wanting the alcohol because what it does is some
physiological thing where your body gets used to the alcohol and it’s going to
start pulling for it and you’re not gonna be able to sleep you’re gonna be
shaky I’m not sure how much you drank and shit but if you’re anything like me
Oh a fifth daily a long time okay so I’m sure you’ve quit drinking
I’m sure you’ve quit drinking you know what to expect right basically what I
recommend what I used to do is slots of water gatorade electrolytes fruits
vegetables I know you’re not going to have an appetite and it’s gonna be hell
fifth day that’s that’s tough definitely get to a meeting I don’t know if that’s
what you meant fat snacks start a meeting
a while since I’ve tried to get sober well good on you for keeping up the
fight it’s like I say you just we just got to keep doing the damn thing right
now we’re doing a damn thing right now you’re you’re seeking recovery community
fellowship on this on this stream you just got to do the damn thing it comes
down for me it came down to am I gonna do the damn thing or am I just gonna
knock and if I don’t I’m gonna die or go to prison guaranteed so I did the damn
thing and I do it it’s a daily reprieve Michelle I don’t know how familiar what
you are or how against you are don’t believe all the bullshit on on YouTube
and out there about a a it’s not a religious cult it’s not it’s not it’s
straight up there’s no money to be made it’s just people that want to stay sober
and help you get sober and yeah there’s some touchy-feely shit in there but you
know what it’s better than fucking hanging out with drunk hobos that are
touchy-feely you know drinking in the snow and shit like I used to do Thank
You Adam the only reason this channel is legit like you say is because I’m legit
a straight up alcoholic like I am a straight up recovering alcoholic now
which is infinitely times better than an active alcoholic I was disgusting I was
a disgusting drunk that’s the only reason this channel is legit because I
have the experience you know I don’t know it all and I’m humble enough to say
this is what we need to fill in you know our psyche with is this this is an 80
year old book and this shit has been working for 80 years
there’s no money to be made hey this is a big book of a a Michelle I highly
suggest and I did a I did a video on the meeting guide app that’s meeting guide
GUI de it’s a meeting guide app it’s an app for your Android or Apple
phone where you can where you can just plug in your location and it’ll it’ll
tell you where the meetings are here I’ll put the link of the plank in the in
the chat feed it’s a org easy to remember this the
best site of your life right here hey org na org for those of you who if
you’re anything like me you used anything and everything that was not
altering so you gotta na org and a org this one will that link I just posted
will take you directly to the meeting bed where you can download it to your
phone and it’ll show you what meetings how far they are away I did a video on
it just search meeting guy down on YouTube
looking mug a bit of video I try to have fun with these videos cuz it’s it’s
better to laugh than to cry let’s just put it like that and Alcoholism will
have you straight up crying I’m sure you all can relate yeah use that up and
here’s the thing with a yay you just have to put one foot in front of the
other our addictions will get in our head and say AAA’s lame haze occult oh
this is what it did to me and I I made a video of when I was away from a a
meeting makers make it just remember that keep coming back
meeting makers make it I learned this the hard way
look all the times and then recently through the tools of a a I was able to
call my sponsor and now I’m like I get into meetings I made coffee I chair
meetings I’m taking on a leadership role I do service work
I’m helping cats I made this channel this is like what I live for now so your
mind is gonna tell you don’t download the meeting your mind is gonna be like
don’t download the meeting app you don’t need a AAAS a bunch of lame drunks and
shit Hays got like some of the coolest people I’ve ever met
best friend and sponsor is in a a you you’ll go to your first a a meeting or
maybe you’ve been to them before here’s the other thing if you don’t like one
meeting look up another one and go to that one go to five meetings because
your there’s meetings that suck and there’s meetings that will rock your
world but that’s where it’s at that’s I found disc golf I don’t know if y’all
disc golf who’s that John you’re from northern Cali you
probably you probably disc golf I found a disc golfing in the rooms of
AAA it’s legit so I had 40% battery when I
when I checked earlier I don’t know how much it is now but we probably got like
I don’t know we’ll call it we’ve been going for an hour and five minutes
we’ll go until about an hour and 20 here let me check the battery real quick one
six so we’ll go for a little bit longer and
uh what kind of questions y’all got for me uh I know I named this stream how to
do the holidays sober yeah this list I found is you you have a
sober friend on call for the holidays find someone you can turn to if you
experience cravings to drink this person maybe a therapist friend or family
member for me that’s my sister I’m gonna be calling my sponsor I’ll call my
sponsor and the reason he’s my sponsor is because he’s got 14 years sober he’s
done it he’s done it he has a similar personality to mine but he and his
drinking was as bad as mine but he’s been sober for 14 years you go to these
meetings you find somebody that’s been sober you find somebody that you that
has what you want and you ask them how they got it and that’s what I’m trying
to share with y’all and straight up and down a a it’s where it’s at for me
I got a uncle I’m gonna be doing a livestream with he found the church so
he’s a Christian he doesn’t go to hay but he found the church and he switched
from a hardcore drinker to a hardcore Catholic that’s not for me but if it’s
for you it might work I’m tell you right now you don’t have to be religious to be
an a a I’m an agnostic that’s not atheist it’s agnostic but I I
talked to an atheist today Bill W the founder of AAA was was an atheist in the
beginning it’s not religious don’t listen to your your your just I can’t
think of them a bad enough word to call my addiction bullshit addiction don’t
listen to your addiction your addiction will lie to you in your own voice stay
in a stay on channels like this stay in sobriety because the drink the drug
it’ll kill us Adam going to a meeting tomorrow to get a sponsor using the
meeting app no doubt Adam no doubt I want to hear how that went we want to
hear how that went bills grave site where is bills grave
site what could do I have hanging on the wall I have
that one oh that’s an electric that’s a Gretsch guitar and that that one over
there is my first guitar from 25 years ago
that’s a dustin oscar schmidt Washburn makes oscar schmidt I believe you you
play guitar fat snacks so bills grave is in New Hampshire is that what NH stands
for yeah that’s a grush Mini streamline that’s uh it’s like a mini streamline or
whatever and it’s totally out of tune so I’m gonna try to play anything I go I go
playing guitar I go i i i go you a year without putting it down and i’ll go a
year without picking it up i just go up and down we happen to be in a year where
i haven’t picked it up in a while so it’s out of tune yeah youtube has great fat snacks for lick and riff it’s called lick and riff
on youtube it’ll teach you how to play any song
whatsoever there’s a ton of YouTube channels that that teach guitar songs
and how to do chords and stuff yeah that is a nice cherry finish it’s funny I got
this guitar probably I don’t know a couple years ago and I recently got a
truck that’s the same color and then I realized I had a bicycle from like 15
years ago that that was the same color too so I
got over the course of 15 years I’ve got three things that that are cherry red
I’m like I got way too much red in my life but yeah it’s a tattoo and this
ain’t a guitar-playing channel so I’m not gonna embarrass myself with my lack
of rusty skills but listen y’all I figure we’ll go for about five ten more
minutes is there anything anybody any burning
desires there any burning desires that we should talk about here Michelle I
think we’re all very very happy for you you five hours sober I suggest hey org
has a hotline you can call and they will build we’re sick when we first get sober
so we do things like the hotline and take suggestions of AAA
you know even if you don’t believe in AAA just there’s one thing you
definitely believe in and that is drinking will kill you so just take the
next thing take something else and take the suggestions is what I suggest yeah
my attention span fucks with me – fat snacks I up there’s a ton of songs I
used to know and there’s a ton of songs I I would like to learn but I only
learned like the cool parts of the songs and never the whole song that snacks I
just want to say thanks and that I really enjoyed this live stream loved
the level of interaction with the chat hey check out the I’m trying to do more
stuff like this I’m gonna try to set some stuff up on my patreon so you don’t
want to check it out I’m gonna try to get more involved in my patreon let me
see if I can oh here it is there there’s the there’s a patreon check it out I’m
literally trying I’m not much I’m going to do this for a living I’m
gonna make this my thing it’s gonna be the story of my life I I got sober and
now I help people around the world I help the guy his name well I’m not gonna
say his name but he’s from South Africa he didn’t know a a was available in
South Africa I helped him find a meeting it was 35 minutes away from his house he
come to me that dude was struggling but uh this this brings so much joy to me
and I’ve never experienced joy before without doing drugs so thank you thank
each and every one of y’all I love you if if nobody’s told you that they love
you today I love you we have a common enemy and we have a common nightmare
that we have lived or are currently living and I love you and I feel you I’m
here for you yes thank you there’s the link right there if you want
to well we’re about to be 15 hour and 15 minutes if we don’t have any burning
desires I think I think we should just wrap it up with else just do the damn
thing over the holidays you got to be strong but also we’re not we’re
powerless over alcohol we cannot alcohol we’re powerless the
only answer is surrender to the fact that we are powerless over alcohol and
that’s how I got sober these four years have been the best for you this how this
home I’m in right now I used to be homeless y’all and I bought this home in
these past four years of sobriety i straight started representing and bought
a home so like if you don’t believe it look at some of the old pictures I have
of me on my on some of my story videos I straight up homeless jail institutions
and damn near dead and now I’m a homeowner I got my own YouTube channel I
got a dope ass cherry finished guitar and I got I got friends from like
Minnesota and Connecticut that I’m talking to I love
y’all I love y’all and I’m gonna I’m gonna be doing this more often
and check out my patreon and I’m gonna try to I mean they’re gonna review Bad
Santa or there’s a or that Bradley Cooper and
Lady Gaga Fela now is a hard one to watch too but I like to I like to review
addiction and alcohol it my playlist check out the playlist it’s got okay I
really like that that leaving Las Vegas video are just dude that was fun to do
and fun to watch but uh Susan Adam that snacks ting er John Connor they’ll have
a great night and just keep doing the damn thing and I I will see you in the
next one I’m still figuring out how to do this stars born that’s the name of
that movie that is a great movie he pisses himself onstage Bradley Cooper
these these addiction movies they do these crazy things but little do people
know is like that shit is real pitiful and D pitiful and incomprehensible
demoralization is how they put it in the book and I’m sure you guys can relate it
gets that bad but uh this is this is been really fun and until the next one
just keep doing a damn thing and I’ll see you guys on the next one all right
have a good night Thank You Susan
that’s next Adam John all y’all peace


  1. GREAT stream..listening to this on my way to work here in England. I’m an A.A. and I’m not worrying too much about the holidays. I’m early in my sobriety and will not be putting myself in the face of any danger/triggers. All about self-preservation for me. I’ll be doing meetings Xmas Eve, Xmas day, NYE etc. I’m swerving all drinking functions with work etc.,make the excuses!! I’m on an honest program so am careful not to lie too hard but a white lie to save my life is ok in my book. I wouldn’t go to the zoo and climb in the tiger’s cage know..same/same.
    I do not drink zero alcohol beer or wine as, like you James, I never liked the taste anyways so why would I?? It was my birthday last week and I had a sparkling fruit juice which came with a cork, like champagne, and drank it out of a champagne flute..even THAT felt uncomfortable to close for comfort and won’t be repeating that.
    So many holidays ruined for myself and all around me due to my alcoholism so am looking forward to a peaceful one this year!!! This channel is a life saver with great practical tips and insights. Real talk. X

  2. Man, hate that I've been missing the live streams but I work at night until midnight. I met with my sponsor today before work and hitting the meetings every chance I get at this time of the year. I am an Al Green fan.😂 I live five hours away from any family that drink and use and I was going to go home this year but over thanksgiving I have a cousin that ended up in jail with dwi and possession and she lost her kids over it so they're all getting started early this year apparently. I've decided that I don't want to be in the middle of that stress and drama so I'm staying home and close to my group and sober family where I am this christmas. It makes me depressed but like you, I can't be around the shit. I just cant. I quit bullshitting myself a long time ago (I've also had a seizure after heavy drinking and….fuck. that.) I also have dealt with pancreatitis. This Sunday the 15th I will have three months sober since my last relapse after three years sober. The nastiest thing I ever drank when desperate was vanilla extract 😝. The struggle is damn sure real. Keep the videos coming! I'll try to make the next live stream! Love your shirt!

  3. I just watched bad Santa a couple days ago I hadn’t seen it in years. It’s billy bob Thornton not Thorton I use to pronounce it wrong too lol.

  4. Hi! I just wanted to say I know its a bit early but merry Christmas or happy holidays to you and your loved ones!😊🙏🎄☃️ hope you have a lovely time

  5. Thank you for your show it helps me. I’m 7 days sober did detox at hospital but I’m struggling with the triggers & I don’t have the coppping skills

  6. I’m thinking about going back to rehab because I don’t have the coping skills but my insurance will only pay for 14 days of rehab. If I drink they will pay 10 to detox & than 14 days rehab. I’m going to meetings but I’m on the cliff ready to jump.

  7. Thank you James Your show is so freakin awesome‼️‼️‼️‼️ I’m struggling so bad ‼️‼️‼️it’s not 1 day at a time for me it’s a minute at a time. M

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