Crafting with Ziz – EP 1: Beginners POE Crafting

Crafting with Ziz – EP 1: Beginners POE Crafting

Hi everyone, welcome to crafting with Ziraran. There’s quite a lack of crafting videos in PoE (Path of Exile) And this is going to be a whole new series. We’re gonna start out with the most basic tips and tricks for beginners and We’re gonna have episodes that’ll take you all the way up to like the most advanced endgame crafting possible in the game to make really powerful items and There are a lot of games similar to path of Exile But it’s crafting system is completely different than anything else like in for example games like Diablo You have gold and stuff like that out which we don’t really have in PoE. And something that sets that quite apart, is that the Crafting currency is also the trading currency. So We’re gonna explain a lot of that later Today’s episode is gonna cover basic item properties, essences and orbs and Hope you enjoy So in path of Exile we have five flask slots and we have ten equipment slots So you have things like two rings, helmet, gloves, boots, belt, amulet, chests. You have a primary and a secondary slot Obviously if you use a two-hander you’re using both your hands for this In path of Exile you have four different types of rarities. You have white or Normal items, blue or magic, rare or yellow and you have unique or yeah they’re not really called orange but yeah unique items and we’ll use those terms interchangeably. If you’re looking at different base types, so for example here a serpent wand. You can’t find a better serpent wand. All base types are exactly the same and you can change the quality, which we’ll talk about a little later as well. But if you find ten serpent ones, they’re all gonna be exactly the same in in that regard Now the rarity of an item also determines what orbs can be used on it So we’re gonna go through all the orbs and currencies in the game now and explain how they work Now first we have couple of the quality quality gems or quality orbs and the way these work is that they If you’re using them on a normal or white item they add five percent quality Up to 20 and then if I’m using these on a magic item or blue Then that’ll add two percent. And if you see here on a rare, they’re adding one percent each And this is similar for pretty much all of the quality currency items These can also be sold for wisdom scrolls. They’re very very common. Like don’t feel bad about using them Don’t feel bad about selling them to the vendor. So This is a great way to get wisdom scrolls, which you can also end up buying portal scrolls Now we also have a glass blower’s bauble, which is (for) quality on flasks and if you’re using it on a white flask and it’s again five quality unique or rares one percent quality and And you normally- They are actually fairly rare You can buy one from the vendor for eight blacksmith whetstones but you’re most likely better off saving these or once you are like little seventy sixty~ish and using them on flasks you’re gonna have for a while because they are a fairly rare after actually just find Next up we have the jeweller orb. This will reroll the amount of sockets on an item. Very cheap Don’t feel bad about using this while leveling as well. You’ll get plenty And fusing as well. This will create the links between the sockets and Both of these, very common. Don’t feel bad about using them and it’ll help make your character stronger Now chromatic orbs is how you recolor an item They’re very very common as well and easy to get by selling a red green and a blue linked item So if you have those three linked, it sells for a chromatic herb to the vendor. They’re very common Don’t feel bad about using them to make your gear work. Right next up we have an orb of transmutation It’ll turn a normal white item into a magic blue item also very common and another good use for these, because you will get a lot of them, is selling them to the vendor to get wisdom scrolls and It’s a lot better to pick up one transmitted than for wisdom. So obviously very very common and never feel bad about using these And here we have an orb of alchemy this turns a normal item into a rare item and Normally you’re better off saving these to use with the crafting bench which we’ll go over later. You will very easily run out of alchemies You shouldn’t necessarily feel bad while using them. They’re not super expensive. But out of the ones you’re gonna find yourself It’s very easy to run out of Orb of chance turns a normal item into any rarity So this can turn a normal item into a magic item a rare item And a very small chance that it will turn it into unique item. They’re not worth a lot But you’re also better off saving these because it has a lot of purpose the later so Wouldn’t necessarily use these a lot while leveling Next up we have an orb of scouring It’ll remove all the modifiers from an item. So it’ll turn either you can turn a magic rare Item into a normal item. It does not work on unique items They’re also fairly cheap. You will not find that many while leveling But there’s not a lot of uses for them as a new player Blessed orb, so the blessed orb changes the implicit of an item So in this example here, it changes the implicit off the ruby ring Between 20 and 30. These are fairly common, but you’ll most likely Want to wait with using these later until the endgame when you’re not gonna be changing items all the time they’re fairly cheap, but Fairly rare to actually find yourself. They’re just not used as much A divine orb. This is a fairly rare orb. You don’t want to use this early game at all You want to either sell them or save them for later items and what a divine orb does is that it rerolls all the stats All the affixes, which we’ll explain later, on an item and it’s strictly within the tier But this is a more of a late-game orb not something you have to worry about now Orb of alteration very very common the majority of these you’ll get by selling identified blues and rares To the vendor and they reforge an item. So if it’s if it’s a blue item it will re-roll said blue and give it new stats. Very common, don’t feel about about using it but the big use for these will be using them in the crafting bench, which we will -Especially early game- and we’ll be talking about that in a later episode Orb of augmentation if if the blue only has one stat It’ll give it one more stat max max stats on a blue item is two so Orb of Augment adds one Very very common as well. You get it by selling rarest with six dots and they also drop a lot So don’t be worried about using these Chaos orb, what this does is it re rolls a rare item- minimum of four stats on it- like it’ll always have four starts when you’re rerolling it I mean and This is the cornerstone of the Path of Exile economy. A chaos orb is the most used orb for trading and All like most items are priced in chaos, some of the bigger ones are priced in exalted orbs, which we’ll talk about later but the entire economy basically revolves around chaos orbs and There’s the vendor recipe which we’ll talk about later. Where you can get these orbs and they’re fairly common I’d say normally you’ll get around ten from finishing the storyline So I would be careful about using this on your gear Regal orbs, these change a magic item into a rare item. So it adds one stat and They are very rare. Probably get around two- three from the storyline if not, and yet very rare. Not worth a lot because there is a later recipe for late-game that you can make these with but These are- you’re most likely not going to use these a lot while while leveling yourself Orb of Annulment, this is a very expensive orb it’s used for endgame crafting and There’s really no use- there’s no reason for you to use this during the leveling storyline until you understand more about it at all Vaal Orbs, ummm We’re gonna do a whole separate episode on Vaal orbing. Vaal Orbs basically corrupt an item, and they can’t really be changed anymore There’s a loads very large amount of different outcomes And every use a Vaal Orb on an item unless you’re a hundred percent sure you want to they cannot be further modified and with a few exceptions, which we’ll talk about later and basically save these and We will have a separate Vaal Orb guide because it’s a big topic Now: Exalted Orb, this is one of the rarer orbs in the game and It is used for a lot of the trading in like big-ticket items So if something’s really rare, it’ll be listed in multiple Exalts On the softcore leagues Exalted Orbs will be somewhere in the 100 to 150 Chaos Orb value One of these is worth around a hundred of the Chaos Orbs that we showed off earlier and You don’t want to use these early game at all. You normally want to hold on to them and use it to either buy an item in a build guide that you’re following- which I would recommend, following build guides- And definitely don’t be running around using these on your items very much because of the low chance there you’re gonna hit something you want and 90% of the time especially as a new player you’re better off just buying something with it and Mirror of Kalandra, this is the single most expensive currency in the game I’m only mentioning this just so you don’t get scammed if you do find one This is worth somewhere like a hundred two hundred and fifty Exalted orbs sometimes more so that means it’s around four to seven thousand Chaos Orbs, depending on what league you’re playing and Don’t use it. It just duplicates an item copies it and it’s very much like high-end Crafting and game crafting kind of thing So make sure you know what it’s worth Next we’re going to talk about essences and Essences are very similar to Alchemy hOrbs and what they do is they guarantee one stat They’re fairly self-explanatory, but you’ll find a lot of these while leveling This is something most players will jump into. So if you’re a spell caster, then you can use for example: This one will guarantee that your- the weapon you’re using will have this flat damage to spells. A (Essence of) Contempt will guarantee that a weapon- that will be very useful in Legion- that a weapon will have flat damage to attacks And you can see that -like these-especially like the more common ones- don’t feel bad at all about using them. They’re not super valuable And once they’re like screaming or shrieking and above then they start being very more valuable But the- anything like wailing and below throw it on everything you’ll feel quite a lot while leveling and They’re extremely useful and you’ll definitely notice a power difference. If you’re using for example, the damage ones too, like contempts There’s three different spell ones so you have “Anguish”- you have “Anguish”, “Suffering” and “Torment” and “Woe” as well and then yeah they’re very very good to use while leveling And even if you find something- like as an example like a doubt- none of this is particularly great But at least it works like a free alchemy Do be careful because essence monsters can be pretty rippy and they might kill you so hopefully this was the first episode in the in the guide and Hopefully helps you guys you can send requests and stuff for future videos We’re gonna try to crank out as much as we can and hope it helps and try to die less than I do


  1. Hey! This is a new series I've wanted to do forever. Its finally going up! I hope you get tons of useful information if you're new and later we'll get in to the big crafts. We're also doing something new with videos, closed captioning will be done in Portuguese, Russian, Korean and English! There is also a Written Guide provided if you don't have time to watch the video. Leave a comment for things you want to see in the future. Stop by the stream if you have any questions. A lot of effort is going in to this behind the scenes!

  2. Thank you for this serie in advance. I play the game for a long time now, but the end game crafting still puzzles me. So I am looking forward to the more advanced crafting techniques 🙂 Keep up the good videos, thanks!

  3. I get the feeling you're adressing existing PoE players that don't really bother with crafting yet.
    I am not sure if that's your intention but if this was meant for new players in general you'd have to be a little slower on your examples to let them see what's happening and explain a little bit more what the use for some of the orbs are, for example you didn't explain what the orb of annulment does. Anyway I liked the video nonetheless. Good work.

  4. Thanks man been hoping someone updated beginners crafting. Will you be covering splinters, silver coins and what not?

  5. Hi Zizaran – thank you so much for doing this. I'm 1000 hours in still a noob. Really appreciate your advise in including when you should stop or save something. I really struggle with the discretion of knowing if I should roll one more time or not when crafting. If you could provide advise on the reference points you use, particularly which websites and when, to help with that kind of decision would be appreciated.

  6. Ziz, are you going to do a guide for building the atlas from 0 too? Faster early completion of it for example i think that would be cool too.

  7. I usually just doodle in pob to figure out what gives me the most dps and then multimod that stuff on it or buy something close to what i want

  8. Thanks Ziz being a somewhat new player to crafting ive just recently crafted a 10-13ex weapon witch is a big increase of dps for me 😀

  9. when i learned about these blue-craft stuff i started flask crafting. this was by far the most lucrative thing ive ever done, i sold flasks that looked like shit to me for 5-10 chaos because they were in the "wrong" stash. the only thing i learned was: when it comes to rares, im better of using one regal and hope for the best and use the rest for trading 😀 i would really like to hear your opinion since i only have about 700h played and would consider myself still a beginner..

  10. I came to introduce the Korean translator. I have seen your video for a long time, but it was inconvenient because I did not fully understand it. Now you do not have to worry about it. I will subscribe now and watch the video often.

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  14. 한글 자막을 추가했습니다.
    앞으로 지자란 유튜브 영상을 독점으로 번역하게 된 Art_라고 합니다.

    이해하기 힘든 부분이나 번역이 매끄럽지 못한점, 오역이 있으면 피드백 남겨주세요.


  15. I am wanting to play SSF for the first time this league and I have never done much of my own crafting. This series is going to help me a lot I am sure! Thanks for putting these together.

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  17. TL;DW – Don't feel bad about using any currency except; Chaos orb, Mirror and exalted.

    Also; great video!

  18. I like Ziz, he's entertaining and fun to watch.

    DO NOT EVER USE YOUR CURRENCY TO CRAFT. Currency's use is to buy thing off the trade web-site. 100% of your currency (except GCP and baubles) goes to buy things. Those 64 alchs you have? Sell 'em. Find an exalt? Use it to buy currency to flip.

    Do not attempt to craft yourself (except jewels at the beginning of a league, since any good one for you is better than any bad one).

  19. Thanks, this is what I'm looking for. I imagine you will talk about items can have multiple mods at some point. I don't know how to get that recipe. It's through that lady that you give silver coins to, I think it's the pale court mission. But how do I get the pale court mission?

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    If he was showing off maps, I'm 100% sure he would have mirror'ed it for the memes.

  27. orb of scouring is also used for reimbuing an extra suffix/prefix in your hideout so they're actually a fairly essential part in capping your resists as a new player.

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    자막 영어로 나오길래 지나가려다 설정 만지니 한글자막도 나오길래 시청하려는데
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