Crop Circle Theorist Thinks the Truth is Out There

Electronics often go wrong in crop circles some people will describe a strange tingling headaches or feeling rather ill my name is Andy Thomas and I’m a researcher of mysteries and the paranormal and crop circles I began investigating crop circles in 1991 something really hit me and it just touched me inside and I thought I need to know more about this 27 years old I’m still going the question of the origins of crop circles has never yet been nailed many think you know there’s an intelligence behind them I think they’re made by aliens or extra dimensional z– I mean it’s a big universe there must be other life out there whether it’s coming here of course is one of the great debates it may well be that we are being visited by other intelligences and maybe they feel like leaving some graffiti in the fields or maybe it’s more than that that they’re trying to very gently make people aware of them in a way that doesn’t create fear it has been argued the slow acclimatization process of little patterns built up a little bit more and a bit more every year is a way of getting us used to the idea of other nests but there are many many other theories some very strange some religious you would never even imagine I have had some very strange experiences myself around the circles I was with a group of two other colleagues and we were up on a hillside looking down over a field with crop circles in it and we saw three of these small glowing balls of light so I have seen it for myself and I know it’s there we cannot say what they were but they would appear above the field and then suddenly just fly away we also witnessed on another occasion in the same week strange very dark shapes flying very very quickly over the fields and there was no reasonable explanation as to what they were that we could find they were soundless they were quite eerie in the famous Mel Gibson film signs of course the crop circles in that film are announcing the arrival of rather evil aliens but I don’t personally feel that that’s what’s going on there feels something very benevolent about crop circles I don’t sense anything of evil intent and it would seem to me a strange thing to do just kind of make these beautiful patterns if you wanted to scare anybody and I don’t feel that that is what’s going on it’s going to be something rather stranger or more subtle but certainly yeah I think that they are not evil if they are evil or they’re too beautiful it seems to me crop circles tend to appear in any given country as you would imagine in the summer months although sometimes you do get them out of season in winter crops or even occasionally you know laid into snow and ice is that the same thing we’re not sure but the ones that appear in the fields of course you’re going to get when the fields are up if you consider that it might be an intelligent force behind it well it’s going to use the canvas which is going to work best for it [Music] some crop circles have had direct information in them there was one very famous one in 2002 that looks like the classic alien holding a disc of a binary code well that can generate text on a computer and the message was beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises and then it went on to warn about they opposed deception and that the conduit was closing so many people thought that was very portentous I think you could meet aliens through various ways actually probably is standing around in a field isn’t necessarily the best way to see one I think coming to UFO spots where people say they see them a lot you’re more likely to perhaps be taken up on board bonds of ships whether that’s an experience you want is another matter as some people have come back with all kinds of interesting tales and we’re crop circles and UFOs it is absolutely clear that they are not telling the truth the intense debunking that we’ve seen of the crop circles over the years and the flat refusal of the media especially to even acknowledge them much in the last few years in a way says that there’s something they’re afraid of and I think it’s very clear that the authorities know more than they are letting on to us because they must keep tabs on any strange phenomena it would be in their interest to we would almost hope they would because they’re meant to be protecting us one hopes we were doing experiments in the mid-1990s trying to see could the power of the mind in any way have something to do with it and we’ve done an experiment where we draw on a crop circle so they’re basically fairly simple six circular elements in a line and we had performed some kind of meditation if you want to call it that up on a hillside and that exact shape appeared as a crop circle that very night we didn’t make it we have nothing to do with it and it was perfect it was a beautiful formation that really I think because of the connection we felt with that whatever was going on that’s probably my favorite crop circle of all time skepticism is an issue it’s easy to have a very basic opinion but you know as soon as you talk to them they have never looked at the detail people do say oh you’re just a flat earther and I go no I’m not I don’t believe that but you know that’s the way it goes and what I always say to people is look if you want to be skeptical and try and debunk me that is fine but do it based on the evidence don’t do it based on some opinion you’ve heard from somebody on the telly a few days ago get informed look at all the evidence spend 27 years looking at it like I have and then we’ll have the debate and then everything’s fair and square [Music]

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