Cross-Party Mental Health and Addictions Wellbeing Group | NZ Parliament

>>I just wanted you to dance for the joy
of dancing. Are you ready? Let’s hope this is loud enough. ♫ JOYFUL ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING ♫>>Talofa lava! Josiah Tualamali’i is my name. I’m here tonight at the Grand Hall at Parliament,
where the different parties in Parliament have come together, and they’ve launched a
cross-party group on mental health and addictions wellbeing. MPs from our five current parties in Parliament
are going to work together, take politics out of mental health and addiction so that
people can get the support they need.>>I have to acknowledge the chair, Professor Patterson and his team,
who went to 26 different locations, held over 400 meetings, engaged with over
2,000 New Zealanders, about this kaupapa, mental health and addiction. And one of those recommendations was that
we as parliamentarians come together and form this cross-party group.>>MPs across the House have heard the call
from New Zealanders. They want us to work in a bipartisan approach. They want us to work collaboratively. So tonight with this opening, Parliament takes
a small step forward.>>One of the things that really impacted
on me is that we need to come together to support each other. So for me, being part of this cross-party
group, we’ve put our politics to the side. We have come together to do our part in supporting
New Zealanders.>>What you have here is nearly two years
of negotiation and trying to bring this together. The importance of that is that the basis of
this Government report, He Ara Oranga, is that it’s the first time that the Government
has ever done an inquiry into mental health and well-being that doesn’t seek to pathologise
or medicalise issues of mental health and addiction.>>So it’s important that we’re going to keep
debating, but with the understanding that we are all wholly committed to this country
transforming the way that we see the mind. Thank you very much. I’m so honoured to be part of this group and
this event. Congratulations to all those who have contributed
to getting us here tonight. Thank you.>>Every time that I see the stats and see
that we’re up there, second or third in the developed world, I can’t accept that. This is the greatest country in the world,
and New Zealand isn’t ever scared of anything, so we need to embrace it.>>And that’s the confidence of building up
children free from fear, free from the fears or anxiety about their world, because it’s
OK to be who you are.>>Honestly, stand up, try a hug – ♫ JOYFUL ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING ♫

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