Crystal Meth and Cartels in the Philippines: The Shabu Trap

Crystal Meth and Cartels in the Philippines: The Shabu Trap


  1. “You must have a strong moral conviction not to be tempted with bribery.”

    They need to spread this message around the states

  2. It's so stupid when you kill someone when they owe you money for drugs because now you may have the police on you, clientele won't go to you cause they'll kill you over a gram and you aren't getting that fucking money back anyway now!!

  3. So whos plaged by the drug the person buying it or the person that witnesses the sale it doesn't realy seem that bad to me if he or she wants it and will get it whos to say no…?

  4. Honestly Duterte is doing a great job on his war on drugs

    he's kinda the only thing preventing the Philippines from becoming a drug state

  5. Why film the informant? You clearly did show that she was an woman. And you did show her shirt. In other words. You did gave the bad guys info that can doom her. It is not right

  6. Vice is so careless when showing interviews of people who ask to be blurred out under life or death circumstances. I could easily figure out who the former cop is by first seeing what cops in that area were active from 1984 to 2014. Vice has become more of a poverty/crime safari where a white guy with no knowledge of the culture or language gets to safely dip his toes in the sometimes unimaginable horror that the locals have to face every single day. People are so desperate for a solution they are willing to tell the interviewer anything asked of them falsely assuming that vice isn’t going to put them in harms way.

  7. I wonder if this reporter actually reported the drug den or dive he went to. Isn't he considered an accesory to the violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 if he did not report the place to the police?

    I'm really curious as to what became of this drug dealers, users and cartel members now during Duterte Administration.

  8. A truly sad situation…But what's to be expected from a formerly colonized state , (with predominantly Catholic/Christian population) that is saddled by chronic socio-economic inequalities leading to pervasive grinding poverty? Well, according to a recent study on colonized states such as this one, the oppressed, IN ORDER TO FEEL HUMAN, must necessarily act as oppressors. And that is probably why, with all due respect , Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte who is of Higaunon-Sugbuanon extraction,( one of the oppressed sectors of Philippine society), seems to have shown no moral compunctions whatsoever against what seems to be the on-going GENOCIDE of poor sick folks. It seems to have been instigated right at the outset. Unfortunately, even the much revered Honorable Senator Manny Pacquiao who incidentally carries exactly the same DNA as the president, reportedly favors the re-imposition of the death penalty… which is predictably quite oppressive for the poor people who will probably be electing him president. (WHAT?! ) Which is ironic and quite disturbing since the good Senator supposedly loves "God". . . the same one imported into the archipelago by the Spaniards in the 1500s which had precipitated all that grinding poverty in the first place. The Americans who replaced the Spaniards in 1898 were, in truth and in fact, just as brutal and oppressive. Ain't no human rights back then. . . nor now either.

  9. Heres a tip for the Philippinos, When handling illegal weapons and loading bullets USE GLOVES so that way you don't leave any fingerprints. If you were to shoot someone and you didn't pick up the shells you would be FUCKED

  10. Sino nmn ang npaka bobong drug pusher ang papayag na masama sa documentary to think npaka paranoid mg isip ng mga pusher na yan.wag nga kami.mga artista lang yan mga ini interview nio para me mapalabas kau hahaha

  11. All evil must be destroyed. Think of the children and your countries future. Cut the head off the snake. Set a good example for your children for Gods sake!!

  12. These was the ejk come from killing each other killing the rival gang.. But the human rights advocates blame the government all those EJK

  13. It's all about the money!! If I was working for the police I also would try to be make good money on the side…

  14. Chinese is biggest drug dealer with corrupt government from all level of philippines ''BUT''poor hard working filipino pay by blood.

  15. Don't get high with your own supply !!!!!
    if you don't die using drugs you'll die not paying the druglord or killed by the police

  16. Wow,what a fckn shit hole dirtbag place to be,they don't live they exsist and that's it. Can't believe the state of the place,it looks like a rubbish tip in the streets.Really makes you appreciate living in a good country and having a good life.

  17. That's great to block their faces, but they are wearing obvious clothing giving away who they are. The people there don't own hundreds of shirts. This will make it very obvious to find out their identity for repercussions.

  18. I feel like particular was the biggest English word that first particular cop knew LOL He literally said particular and every particular sentence

  19. Now they even kill you if they find weed on you!!!! so crazy dude!! I think it if they legalized marijuana/Mota only. It would definitely help MOTAvate the Filipinos to work longer hours instead of resorting to meth

  20. Hope he gets snatched up in a fucking trap. People like him are exactly why the games fucked up. To each is own. Own those things you do or say. No respect for a man who makes some bad choices then try’s to get someone else jammed up when things don’t workout. #death2snitches

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