Cyberpunk 2077 – Braindance (What Is It?)

Cyberpunk 2077 – Braindance (What Is It?)

What’s up Neon nation welcome back to the
Neon arcade and episode 1 of the Cyberpunk 2077 Quick Lore series. Today we are looking at Braindance, what it
is, how it impacts Night City and some of its uses. Braindances are digital recording’s of a
certain person’s experience. These recordings can be planned out and filmed
like a movie, or even real events that happen in someone’s life. Viewers of braindances can stream their experiences
directly into their neural system via a special brain augmentation call a BD player. Braindances allow the viewer to experience
ALL the brain processes registered during the recording including the emotions, muscle
movements, and stimuli. This makes them feel like they were actually
there and experiencing the event first hand. Themes of the braindances range from simplistic
recordings made by megacorporations which give the viewer the full experience of something
entertaining like a secret agent on a mission filled with the thrills, smells, and sounds
that come with it. Whilst these are more mass produced and legal,
there are black market braindances that are very controversial by nature. With these illegal recordings you can enter
the mind of a serial killer on a murderous rampage and not only see the monstrosities
he performs, but also feel his lust for violence and killing. Naturally this new entertainment fad can be
incredibly addicting, and there are many megacorporations and businesses alike looking to profit off
of this. This is an increasing problem in Night City
with braindance junkies obsessed with getting their hands on the latest and greatest Hollywood
braindances, and experiences that give you an adrenaline rush like no other and spike
those feel-good chemicals in your brain. Brain dance is a mass consumed out of body
experience and many citizens of Night City let their physical bodies and lives waste
away in exchange for braindancing. You can order them right in your apartment
room, or potentially experience them in Brain Dance shacks where there may be a larger collection
of braindances at your disposal. That’s it for me look out for episode 2
coming next week which will be quick Lore about Alt Cunningham + the Soulkiller Program. Also make sure you’re subscribed for anything
and everything Cyberpunk


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  2. So the thing I find confusing about braindances is how you can have staged movie style ones if the braindance records how the actor is feeling. If the event is staged then wouldnt the brain dance come off flat as the actors know that they are acting a scene and are not actually spies on a secret mission for example.

  3. As someone who you know likes your content… Let me give a little tip… The Neon Arcade… Don't be afraid to slow down and really punch that name… Cause it's a dope name! And in general… Keep up the great work!

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