Cyberpunk 2077 – Future Drugs Explained!

Cyberpunk 2077 – Future Drugs Explained!

What’s up Neon Nation time welcome to a
new Cyberpunk 2077 Explained / Lore video on the Futuristic Drugs of Night City. We’ll be looking at the some of the most
insidious substances being peddled on the streets of Night City, their debilitating
side effects, and the repercussions your character might feel if you find yourself fiending for
a fix. The drugs of Cyberpunk 2077 are far more lethal
than their 20th century counterparts. Many of these are experimental in nature and
distributed throughout the streets of Night City by Megacorporations looking for some
guinea pigs, and to leverage their control. Some drugs are brewed at home by street scum,
looking to create the next big addicting formula in their grungy basement labs. Others are military grade combat drugs meticulously
crafted in their chemical compositions by Corporations looking to zombifiy their employees
into becoming bloodthirsty killing machines. Most of the drugs in the Cyberpunk universe
are highly addictive by nature, and with these addictive properties comes the promise of
monetary gain. Trying to captivate a market of addicts is
something sought after by all those involved in the drug trade. The wealthy can afford the highest grade of
chemically pure compounds and designer drugs, whilst the street dwellers are generally left
ingesting the toxic waste by products of these compounds, which are less pure, create more
psychosis and are more harmful to the user. Let’s take a look at some of the common
street drugs, what type of compound they are, their side effects, and their respective strengths. So first up we have SynthCoke. This is a stimulant type drug and a synthetic
replacement for traditional cocaine. Synthetic formulas are usually more detrimental
than their counter-parts and have the same side effects of cocaine including paranoia,
psychological addiction. It’s one of the more tame drugs in Night
City exclusive for party goers and recreationalists and has a strength level of 1. Next we have Syncomp 15. This broad spectrum poison antidote is used
to treat nerve and biotoxins. It’s side effects are ironically slower
Reflexes, but if used right ends up treating a potentially fatal systemic poison. It has a strength value of 3. Next we have Stim, which also carries a strength
value of 3. Stim increases endurance, allowing the user
to stay alert for longer periods. It’s Cyberpunk 2077’s answer to modern
day coffee or energy drinks. It’s side effects include mental delusions. Next we have Speed heal, which we actually
see in the gameplay demo. Speedheal is as you can imagine in the healing
class of drugs and is designed to enhance the natural healing process. Next we have one of my favorite drugs simply
named “boost”. If you remember the movie Limitless and NZT-48,
you essentially get a good grasp on what boost does. Boost increases your intelligence stat by
1 point for a 2-7 hour period. A boost addict has gained full tolerance,
as his Intelligence is no longer increasing, but must re-dose with boost in 12 hours or
be reduced to screaming fits and hallucinations. Boost has a strength level of 4. Blue glass is a 1 strength hallucinogenic
drug which may make you immediately think of Breaking Bad and Heisenbergs signature
formula. Blue glass was originally developed as a biological
weapon. Taking blue glass gives you a 30% chance of
“Flashing Out” meaning your vision will start to spin into a kaleidoscope of colors
and your mind will start drawing blanks until it’s sedated. This reduces your intelligence by 1 per dose. Next we have the euphoric compound called
smash. This is the Cyberpunk equivalent of alcohol
and is yellow, foamy and comes in cans. It is a party drug and a social lubricant
which makes you feel giddy and excited. It’s side effects kick in when it starts
to wear off and includes feelings of suicide. Worse case scenario side – effects wise
is catanonia which will make you feel excrutiation and overwhelming pain, reducing you to the
fetal position and ripe to get robbed or beaten to a pulp by a passing booster gang. Dorph is uo next and is a pain negation drug
with a strength value of 2. Designed as a combat drug and painkiller,
dorph short for endorphins reduce pain and stress levels. Each time you use dorph however, your nervous
system takes a hit and you lose one point of reflexes permanently. Black lace is another pain negation drug,
slightly stronger than Dorph. At a level 3 strength level black lace gives
you a sense of euphoria, adrenal rush and makes you impervious to pain. You are also heavily resistant to stun and
shocking effects. Lace users become killing machines, exactly
what military designers were looking for when developing the drug. Side effects are similar to Cyberpsychosis. Now many of these drugs are taken via similar
ways to the real world with intravenous, oral and nasal delivery methods being the most
popular. We do also see the air hypodermic needle in
the gameplay demo which is used in administering Night City’s illicit drugs. In the table top game, the GM could also make
their own drugs and concotions, so maybe in 2077 well be able to have a chemistry lab
and experiment with the creation of these drugs. Finally we have some additional side effects
you may come to have in your experiences with some of the chemical vices of Night City. This includes Tremors, Sterility, Psychotic
Rage, Irrational Fear and Forming various cancers. That’s it for this explained video, check
the playlist for more Cyberpunk 2077 and 2020 lore explanations and for everything Cyberpunk
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  2. Thanks for good video!

    But I actually do not understand what the strength level is exactly. Can someone please explain the term for me please (in a nutshell)?

  3. If you look through the cyberpunk 2020 wiki, drug use is a giant part of being a Solo. Having the maximum edge at all times is a must for high end killers.

  4. damn… so cool! this game and dying light 2 are the 2 only games i wont pirate and i will straight up buy! ahh.. if only i had the cash to buy the gold version or the more premium one lmao

  5. Why'd you think I go with high end Cyber implants such as Cyberliver/kidney/spleen whenever I ran a game 😛

  6. At first I was keen on taking the 'boost' drug but the moment I found out that you'll start to hear screaming if you don't take it in the next 12 hours 😬😩 I'm up on outta there 😂

  7. You know, the background element of the DEA wiping out cocaine and opium plants is pretty clever. Given the original editions were published in the late 80's/early 90's when accurately portraying the natural drugs would likely get R. Talsorian accused of being pro-drug.

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