Danny Trejo talks about getting Sober and Fighting for His Life

Danny Trejo talks about getting Sober and Fighting for His Life

My parents — great people, hard workers, you know — didn’t really have enough time for a wild kind of kid. So I kind of was just left to run wild. I had an uncle that started teaching me how to box when I was about 8 years old, and basically I had to learn how to fight or get the hell kicked out of me. I learned how to fight pretty good. I thought that drugs were my answer — as long as I stay loaded I’m OK — but life would turn into chaos. I grew up in juvenile hall and started going to prison. I immediately started boxing in prison. I was fighting all my life. I became lightweight and welterweight champion of every institution I was in. The last time I got out of prison, I remember for the first time in five years, I saw a dog and I went, “Whoa, a dog!” And everybody like looked at me like I was crazy. It came up and I petted it, and it was like, wow, I’m really out! I’m really home. I had dedicated my life to helping other people, and I became a drug counselor. I started going to juvenile halls and prisons, and one of the kids I was working with who was about 18 years old, he called me up and he said, “Hey, there’s a lot of drugs down here at my job, Danny. I think I’m gonna use.” I went down to support him. I thought he worked at a warehouse, but he didn’t. He was production assistant on a film called “Runaway Train.” I walked onto that set, and there was all these people dressed as convicts. I thought it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen in my life. This other guy comes over and he says,
“You’re Danny Trejo!” I go, “Yeah!”
He’s, “I’m Eddie Bunker!” Eddie, we were in prison together. He said, “Are you still boxing? We need someone to train one of the actors how to box.” And I said, “What’s it pay?” And he said, “320 a day.” For 320 bucks, give him a stick! I’ve been beat up for free! I started training Eric Roberts how to box. The director saw that I could handle Eric. Andrey Konchalovskiy, I’ll never forget, he’s Russian, an aristocrat, very aristocratic. “You be in movie! You fight Eric in movie!” That’s how I got into the film business. I’ve been working ever since. Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else. My passion is talking to young people
who want to stay out of trouble. My message is staying away from drugs and alcohol, and education is the key to anything you want to do. The blessing that I’ve gotten is when I walk onto a campus, I have their attention immediately. The guy from “Spy Kids,” the guy from
“Con Air,” the guy from “Heat,” every one of those kids wants to hear
what that guy’s got to say. Every morning I say a prayer: “Dear Heavenly Father, please let me sign every autograph, please let me take every picture, because what a blessing you’ve bestowed upon me just being able to make somebody’s day!” I love that responsibility, of being able to help people do right. I was an addict, an alcoholic, and I know that road. That road leads to death, institutions or insanity. I’ve been sober for 46 years, and I’ve had a great, great life.


  1. Danny you are a blessing to many people. I've seen you in many movies I always took notice. I was mesmerized by your intense eyes. they speave cast volumes over any scripted word. . my every day my every step I ask the Powers that be please allow me the honors of being an instrument to Your Peace and bring Glory to honor you not me. I've had an extremely rough life. I never. broke laws and the look on people's faces when I reach their hearts is mind blowing but the moment they praise me I stop them in their tracks and I tell them this ability I have to let others see comes not from me but from the THUTH THE Wisdom the Light all Glory belongs to Him as He puts the words in my hand and I know it is not mine to give but mine to share. 15 yrs ago there was a COUNTRY song where people dang I believe there are Angels among us sent down to us from somewhere up above they come to us in our darkest hours. I broke down crying when my sons little girlfriend and her mom dang that to me. all my life I was told how worthless I was and I knew that was true coming from my family all throughout my life and I heard something like that being sung to me. yes I told them not from me but from HIM. I KNEW BEFORE THEN You are the one that song is about. God bless you Sweetheart may He keep blessing you through all that you do. Angel hugs to surround you and your family always

  2. He got his first acting gig because someone from the joint, through pure happenstance, recognized him and remembered that he was a good boxer. However, his message is that kids should stay out of trouble and that education is the key. Prison was the prerequisite for his career. Love Danny Trejo though, it's just kind of ironic. You know just how he tells kids to stay clean and out of trouble, yet him getting into trouble was the genesis of his own fame.

  3. thanks Danny. I'm nearly 60 myself. I'm trying hard to fight through my own addictions and issues, but maybe not hard enough. It was great to see this interview. I have been a member of AARP also, and it's very surprising to me that they present your interview here. Certainly, no matter who posts it, you have a great story. But what does AARP wish to gain? Regardless, I have a lot more respect (I already had a lot) for you, and your talents (if not your drive which is even better). I wish I could meet you somewhere. I could use the motivation myself sometimes at this age. You seem to present that you have it sorted out, as I used to think that I do, but then you realize you are a very small part of the overall picture. I find it difficult at times. I've been through quite a bit, but I keep on keeping on. I know I am insignificant, and that in itself is very sobering.

    Regardless, Happy Holidays Danny. I never thought I'd make you my 'go to guy' for 2015. But you are. And it fits my life totally. Good fortune for you and your family in 2016.


  4. I must be weird. I got drunk almost every day for over 40 years. Loved my booze. Then one day about 12 years ago I made a rum & coke, my favorite, and drank about half of it. It just didn't taste good and I didn't like the way it made me feel. That was my last drink of booze. No big deal, simply lost my taste for it.

  5. Good man..as soon as I saw him showing love to his dogs, that was all I needed to know, but to knw that he is drug free, he is an inspiration to others..I'm trying to get away from alcohol and have used it for years to medicate my bipolar brain…and it is the worst drug for my condition…Danny you have inspired me this morning as I am sitting in my back yard searching for answers and trying to get over the poison that I drank last night..thank you.

  6. man I know that road , shot up cocaine for 15 years and quit cold turkey , no rehab no nothing just shut it down , its amazing what your body will do when you stop feeding the venom into your veins . it was hard the hardest thing I ever did , but I made it , with the help of my parents and girlfriend who is now my wife . it has taken its toll on me thou but I manage . married to the same women for 16 years blessed with 2 wonderful little girls . left my pass in the pass and started over

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  8. I saw 36 thumbs down…how could anyone give a thumbs down to this inspired video… this world needs more Danny Trejos….

  9. great work Danny. Im 4 weeks in to a sober life and can already see the benfits. Check it out if you are interested in seeing how it changes you mentally and physically. 90 Days of Sober Ways.

  10. How can anyone give this video a dislike! What, they don't like to hear about someone turning his life around?! Strange world………..

  11. indeed awesome Danny! Very encouraging. I wonder though how long should one dedicate their life to helping other people before a big break? I know someone who has working for the community for about 6years and prior to that they have been obedient and helpful to community members

  12. He may be one of the scariest looking guys out there, but man, Danny Trejo sounds like one hell of a great person. He made a hysterically funny Marsha Brady too…

  13. So im talking to God just A Few days ago .asking him to help me . I tell him that I cant do it on my own , Mr. Trejo today God spoke to me through you. You have inspired me .addiction is a horrible monster. I have told God that I to will help another once I get right.

  14. Week and a half and I'll be 6 months!! Don't plan on giving up my sobriety for a while this time round! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  15. Sounds like a great human being , no question he has helped a lot of others through his own hard life he learned and gave back .

  16. Danny Trejo, is my favorite Hispanic bad ass, not because the movies portray him as a bad ass, but because he is a real bad ass who spent prison time, and was a great boxer who turned his life around, and went from dirt bag, to a somebody! And that's what life is about! Life kicks you in the teeth, and either you give up, or get up off your sorry ass, and kick back. Danny kicked back big time. He did not go quietly into the night! But looking like you can kick everyone's ass sure doesn't hurt when you are making kick ass movies.

  17. Right on. 10 years sober, but it took me about 35 years to get there. Helping others = helping yourself = helping the world.

  18. Thanks for sharing, you never know when you are planting the seed to help another person. God bless and keep sharing. It works if you work it.

  19. And you will surely find some of us as you trudge the road to happy destiny. May god bless you and keep you – until then.

  20. I would have thought he would be a guy to have bbqs n beer every weekend at his place…wow how i was so wrong .. Congratulations on 46 years you are an inspiration to me.. I am 37 yrs old been drinking beer steady for about 21 years ..i feel like i want to quit but im afraid .. Most things i do revolve around an ice cold beer .. I may need help

  21. Mr Danny, I've had so much love for you since I was a teen, and learned of you from Heat and Dusk Til Dawn. You're an awesome, AWESOME person and actor. You're an inspiration. Salute, sir. Peace and love to you and yours.

  22. Danny…Your an asset to our society, we need more people like you to give good advice to the kids growing up!

  23. Seriously, I can't believe he's 73. He don't look it at all. I mean, look others actors with the same 73 y.o. ? they look it. But not Danny. I'd give him 60 maximum.
    He looks good, even if his face is not perfect, its his journey on this life who made that face. I'm very proud of him. He's a message of hope for all the actual inmates

  24. WOW. Helping others never gets old. We always have our needs met when we do so; and most often we have our wants satisfied as well.

  25. This Video was very inspirational. Hit 60 Days today. I started a daily documentary recording each day of sobriety. Hoping to inspire newcomers to break free from the clutches of addiction. Come check it out. https://youtu.be/qMCcH6ZrcdQ or search Daily Recovery on YouTube!!

  26. Rite on!! Machete..im glad to know u now personally understanding how its a blessing to be sober &clean. Peace

  27. Danny i have a little niece that Thinks if she works out with you You will. Make her unstoppable. Please. Just give her that .

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