David Cassidy’s Struggle with Addiction

David Cassidy’s Struggle with Addiction

– Well before there was Bieber, there was another teen
heartthrob that sang his way into the hearts of women, and
girls, all over the world. He starred in the american TV classic, The Partridge Family, and
he’s joining us here today. Please welcome, musician, the
one and only David Cassidy. (audience cheering)
(upbeat pop music) They love you man. Down girl. – I never thought I’d get to do that. – We’re gonna have to hose her down. – My dressing room is upstairs. (audience clapping) – I have to say that you
really hold a place in a lot of people’s hearts, and
I want you to remember that. – I do. – Many people struggle with alcohol, and it wasn’t an easy road to recovery. I know that you’ve had some
relapses and other things. – Nope. – What was the pivotal
moment in your life, when you decided, I’ve had
enough, like your bottom. – Well, the person I love
the most, on the earth, is my son Beau, and when he said to me, “I can’t have a relationship
with you anymore dad. “I don’t know who you are know,” that broke my heart. I can’t even tell you
the effect it had on me. I realized there was only
one way for me to go, in the rest of my life; otherwise, I’d lose the
person that was the closest, and I love the most,
I care the most about, and he’s like my best friend. He’s now 25. He’s in New York now. He’s just done a couple
of theatrical pieces, in New York, and he is following – Well, clearly talent runs in the family, and David, I do wanna ask you about another health condition. You’ve been open, discussing
your issues with alcohol, but this is a completely
different health issue, that you’ve been dealing
with for much of your life. Tell us about that. – When I was born, I had a
hereditary, wandering eye, and I’ve actually discovered, from having now, five eye surgeries, I know for a fact that when
I was an infant, in my crib, this eye wandered, and my brain said, okay, that one doesn’t work,
so we’ll just use this one. So I am so left eye dominant, I could walk around like
this for the rest of my life, with my left eye, without my right eye. It sees clearly, but my
brain doesn’t use it. – The medical term for this is strabismus, and certainly, with a child, if you’re noticing this,
where the wandering eye, you need to need to address
it sooner rather than later, because a child will
begin to neglect that eye, and then it becomes more difficult. – No question. – So what are the causes of it? Muscle weakness? – Well, it’s your extraocular muscles. It’s that complex balance. All those muscles, we don’t
realize how complex it is to move in all those dimensions and to coordinate the two sides. – And it’s much easier, if you can, to allow your own eye muscles to evolve, because the surgeries can be, obviously, very, very difficult. – Well, now it’s so much
different than 1962. – [Travis] It is. – Oh my gosh. – And that’s such a
blessing, and a blessing for those of you out there who are fans. He’s back in the studio. – I recorded my very first
solo, Christmas album, over the past few months.
(audience applauding) – So Dave, is this classic
Christmas songs that you did your rendition? – Some. I took my favorite Christmas songs, that actually had some
meaning to me, personally, and I tried to avoid most of
the ones that we hear over and over and over again. I have an original song, which is called My Christmas Card To You, that I’m very, very proud of. We recorded the whole thing, with my band, and did it live. – [Travis] David, I would like
to introduce you to someone. – Okay. – One of your super fans, she’s
our very own line producer, Carol.
– Hi. – You had something you want to say. – You represent a childhood memory, and it makes me feel good. I remember going to your concert. I must have been 10 years old. It was the first thing my
mom and sister took me to. You were my very first concert, my very first, little crush. – And the blessing for
those of you out there, who are fans, like I said before, he’s back in the studio, a holiday album. If you wanna get your
hands on David’s new album, head to our website: thedoctorstv.com. – [David] I’m so proud of it. – David, thanks so much.
(people clapping)


  1. As some posters state, the way these doctors are looking at him says it all. They’re looking at an addict, a dying man. Mr. Cassidy is on record as stating he never had dementia, that he lied (as alcoholics do), that it was alcohol all along, He is very swollen in tthe video. His liver is shutting down. Alcohol kills, and it certainly did. Please don’t drink.

  2. Rude hosts. They never let him finish answering their questions. They were trying to railroad home and be the center of attention.

  3. David was pissed in this interview and they know that. He lied about dementia and admitted this before his death. I hate this interview because it reminds me of a freak show. I don't think David should have gone on the show but hey, it boosts the ratings when someone is pissed and that is all they cared about, ratings. Alcoholism is a disease and i am sad David could not beat it.

  4. Immensely sad that David could not get on top of his addictions ..He was such a talent and so much time gets wasted when people have addictions ..Fame and loneliness could have contributed towards this as he often talks about being lonely at the height of his Fame ..Stunning man to look at and such a Real person who lost his way for a few years .Comes across as a genuine down to earth guy with a sense of humour . Hope he is happy n at peace now ..xoxo

  5. He was my first ever crush. He made me love music and made me soooo happy. God bless you David cassidy! Our Higher power carries u in its arms now….love and peace forever! Xxxx. Incredible man

  6. David was so down to earth and honest about his life and problems. I love how friendly he was and I think much more courageous then most give him credit for…

  7. He must have passed away and deteriorated very quickly. He was staying active it seems all most till the end. He was most likely taking medications to help with his thinking more clearly and it seems no one gives this a thought. He was very courageous to come out in public and have dementia and so close to the end of his life, he done very well hiding it as long as he did. God bless him.

  8. Everyone in the audience is looking at him like "He is drunk!" and he's spewing some bullshit about a wandering eye. LOL

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