Daya’s Addiction – Orange is the New Black Season 6 Review and Reaction (OITNB)

Daya’s Addiction – Orange is the New Black Season 6 Review and Reaction (OITNB)

and this orange is the new black season
6 review we’re gonna be talking about daya’s drug addiction I am a recovering
drug addict so I have a little bit of a reaction to how they portrayed it so
make sure you stay tuned what is everybody this is Chris from the rewired
soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and welcome back
to another video where I’m talking about orange is the new black season 6 it’s a
great show I love this show and if you’re new to my channel I am a mental
health Channel and I also talk about addiction things like that I’ve been
clean from drugs and alcohol for six years now and what I try to do with
these videos is I try to make it so when we’re watching this different type of
content you know whether it’s YouTube or Netflix or movies or TV shows whatever
it is like what lessons can we learn from it so as a drug addict in recovery
something I’m always doing whenever a show depicts drug addiction I always
want to see like are they doing it well are they perpetuating a stigma are they
perpetuating any kind of misconceptions about drug addiction the things like
that so I want to talk about what happened in season six of YTN beep
alright so there will be some spoilers not like major spoilers but whatever go
watch the show come back whatever you got to do anyways so died in season six
she is dealing with the wreckage of her past like this is something that all the
characters are dealing with I’ll link up in the info card the last video I did
like one of the overarching likes themes of this season is like dealing with
stuff like these bad decisions that you made and dealing with the consequences
and stuff like that so anyways so dire she ends up getting
charged with a bunch more stuff which pretty much extends her her sentence for
indefinitely right and this is a result of the prison riot and things like that
she’s actually the one who held the gun in the first place they kind of kicked
this thing off after poussey died but anyways so in this season you know
there’s different blocks and things like that and that’s not too much of this
video but gets introduced to a new character
referred to as daddy and she used to be like a pimp for like a better word on
the outside but now on the inside she works right underneath barb who pretty
much runs that block and she peddles drugs specifically prescription opioids
I believe like the primary drug is oxycontin alright so anyways like one of
the things that’s messed up in this season is like now that there am at like
a lot of these women are getting beaten by the CEOs and stuff like that so daya
has been getting beaten and daddy comes up to her and she’s like yo I got some
pills for you and and she’s just playing nice with daya like and in prison well
you gotta kind of be wondering like what are you trying to give me like what do
you want in return and things like that pretty much was just you know multiple
times then finally Dyer takes the oxy and this kind of sets off a series of
events so dye develops an addiction so we’ll talk about that in a second the
first thing that I want to talk about like how they depicted it and this isn’t
the show’s bad like the show didn’t do anything wrong but when I was watching
this my girlfriend I just told her like I find it really interesting like you
see it coming from a mile away like as somebody who is in recovery and as
somebody who watches like different shows and movies and things like that
like once this character gets introduced to drugs you know that they’re gonna
become addicted and what I was telling that girlfriend it’s interesting like
not everybody develops an addiction like so many people out there like if you go
to some of my other videos like a lot of the negative comments like think that
I’m like saying that oh if you touch this drug you’re gonna become a drug
addict and like that’s not the case that’s not the case at all like 1 out of
every 12 people develops a drug or alcohol addiction
like it’s not the case at all but I find it interesting that shows make it seem
sometimes like okay you tried this drug now you’re hooked and that’s kind of
what happened with diet I’m like it’d be kind of interesting if diet took these
medications to deal with the pain after getting the snot beat out of her by the
COS and then she stopped using up all right that would be interesting you know
what I mean that’s just like me being nitpicky
stuff like you just you know it’s coming and in a sense that kind of does
perpetuate this stigma and I think it might be why so many people push back on
this whole I don’t give opiates or opioids to anybody especially who are in
chronic pain because there’s kind of this idea that anybody who tries them
will become addicted that’s not always the case let’s talk about dyers
addiction so as a recovering drug addict like so much of it like it was real like
they did a great job showing it and here’s why for those of you who aren’t
educated about addiction and you’re not an addict in recovery or anything like
that I hopefully share this video because they showed what can happen like
this isn’t just like making a bad choice so if you get into the mind of the
character of diet light things have been going bad for her for a long time so she
is the child of you know a mother who you know always was dating drug dealers
and things like that so like from a young age dai has already been around it
and one of the leading risk factors for developing an addiction is being around
that stuff costly when you’re out of young age that’s one thing that she had
going for the next one is her baby so not only did she get him pregnant by a
co but this dude just straight up and left okay so that’s another thing right
next she had to give her baby up for adoption
okay next after that I guess an additional sentence added on to her
original sentence and there’s much more that I can’t even remember right now but
these things start stacking up so in prison especially in this character
situation I could see how hope is lost right when you’re feeling hopeless and
the three weeks is people use drugs or drink alcohol is to get a feeling to get
rid of a feeling or to have an escape and I can see daya having all three of
those if not just to get rid of a feeling and to have an escape right like
you’re stuck in prison you’re gonna be there forever so I can see diet just
saying screw this like I’m just gonna used well it’s like well I’ve avoided it
I have a Mike drugs and things like that but whatever I’m gonna start using and
abusing these drugs like the only thing I’ll say that the show could have done a
little bit better is if they show it how this thinking like sneak up on you but
what dies it was a really really fast progression okay and one thing okay so I
guess there is one thing I don’t think that they did very well
dier was like physically dependent on these drugs after a very short period of
time that doesn’t really happen you got to be abusing drugs like an excess for a
while like even if you’re getting a standard dose it’s gonna take a while to
become physically dependent your body has to change its internal chemistry to
think that it needs this substance in order to feel well and for daya like her
full-blown dependency happened like in a matter of days maybe maybe weeks but she
was dependent very very quick so anyways play ends up happening is the
supplier ends up not being there anymore right
well he’s still there but he can’t supply drugs anymore for whatever
reasons there was this little rat infestation joke that they played and
that’s not the point anyways so they can’t really get these drugs anymore
so anyways daddy intz up showing daya the secret stash of barb so barb for
those of you don’t know she’s like the head gal in charge Riley she calls out
here it’s like she’s like the ringleader she is the head boss okay so daddy ends
up giving daya some of the secret stash from this little cleaning closet okay
so daddy is faced with this dilemma because so many people are feeding and
I’m gonna talk touch on that in a second so many people are Femi and she ends up
giving a diet a little bit of barb stuff but when daya wants more and daddys not
getting more daya ends up making the insane decision to go in there and steal
from barb okay and like this is very real like this is
real like when you become addicted to a substance you put yourself in danger
right you put yourself in danger in ways that you would have never done before
because you need it so bad so dial was literally literally putting her life at
risk to go steal drugs not only that but she was putting daddy’s life at risk by
going to steal these drugs from barb like barb could have put a hit out on
them like that okay so that is very realistic
like I don’t think people understand like people like oh do since just a
choice like we do so many things that we know is wrong that we know is dangerous
but we do it because we don’t know what else to do okay so they portrayed that
really well like she went to lazy lanes but anyways I think the other
thing that they did really well was showing all of the other inmates who are
struggling with withdrawal and how they were costly nagging daddy for drugs when
are you getting them when are you getting them what’s going on and you
could see them getting more restless and they’re getting more irritable and you
know they’re getting very angry and things like that yeah that’s some real
stuff like I went to a detox center and like it’s like that you know like costly
people were at the nurse’s station like trying to figure out ways to manipulate
and get different drugs and things like that oh I need this you don’t understand
they get very angry and agitated you might have already seen this like maybe
a pharmacy counter like if somebody’s prescription didn’t go through they get
really agitated so I think orange is the new black did a good job with that
overall I think they did you know maybe yeah maybe we’ll give it a 7 they did a
7 out of 10 on depicting addiction and things like that I just had a few little
crimes many ways I hope you like this analysis if you did like please give it
a thumbs up let me know if there’s any other characters or storyline so you
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  1. I just started this season. Last season was so good I was
    Trying to figure out how they’d start this season!
    Anyway, am afraid if I watch too much it will give
    Spoilers! However I still had to give it a like a watch a min or two or
    Three-maybe five!!!!

  2. The Barb and Carol Feud:
    Red's Revenge:
    If you're struggling with your mental health, give BetterHelp online therapy a try:

  3. I became dependant I. Cents to after 2 weeks. It depends on how long the drug acts. Of its a short acting drug you can become dependant in days. I was hooked I'm Xanax after not even a week! Just saying. Long acting drugs take longer to get addicted to. Short acting takes no time at all. Love your channel!

  4. I felt that daddy was sooo stupid to show Dyana even the proximity of where the drug stash is. Daddy is not a stranger to drugs or addicts. She should have known that of course dya would steal them!

  5. So I can definitely add some feedback to this. I'm a newbie btw. I was addicted to oxycodone 200mg daily and tramadol 200mg daily simultaneously, horrible I know.
    I have been clean over 6 months now and my meds were all prescribed for legit pain but due to tolerance I self medicated and the Doctor refused to take me off so I did an outpatient detox on my own accord. I ended up developing a wicked fast tolerance to the oxycodone the standard 5mg pill 2x daily within 24 hours no longer had any effect. It would literally graduate to the next level in a matter of 48hours. I often wonder if this has to do with serotonin imbalance/dopamine receptor deficit, I'm unsure. They did do a very quick escalation in her addiction with the pain pill seeking (usually after 2 weeks or longer with prolonged usage you can begin to exhibit the feeling of being unwell in MOST cases. The flu like symptoms in the other inmates was a decent depiction but I had an issue with Barb obviously not knowing one batch wasnt even good. An addict knows almost within 30 minutes if the stuff is legit once withdrawal precipitates.
    Great analysis!

  6. I hope daddy just fucking dies…come to think of it, now that Barb and Carol are out, I'm pretty sure Madison is going to try to make some moves. I'm wondering if Daddy and her will end up turning everything back to the way it was. I don't admire daddy in any way and I'm mostly gay. She doesn't seem capable of a real human connection and she's making the stupidest decisions. Didn't even stick up for herself when a dude was killing her whores. Worst pimp ever! She's locked up for being a shitty pimp.

  7. And as someone who works at a rehab center, I agree with all of this. We have 2 right now we've gotta watch out for and sometimes clients will try to sneak out some of their suboxone out of the nurse's station during meds for example (a drug used to help people come off of heroin) and offer it to other addicts for money and then we end up having to kick those 2 out because they're a danger to the others. And hearing most women's stories is really depressing and often involve oppressive men. Before this I used to work at a theater and this one girl that was still in high school at the time ended up being one of our clients. She has a permanently strung out pixie look and is very pregnant. She was definitely exploited and now it's hard to tell if her current relationship is oppressive or not because the dad is old af but stopped by to bring her stuff and the other addicts don't seem to think it's at all weird, if anything sexy *throws up in mouth*. I'd overhear her already false logicing her way back into addiction and other addicts would be like "wow you're so smart" and I'd just heavily sigh to myself feeling bad for all of them.

  8. You’re very inspiring, you have a great energy about you and keep up the good work! Currently struggling ever since my surgery.. I wish the doctor told me about the drugs he was prescribing me I had no idea at first. I have tapered off more than half of what I was doing but I still wish I could say I’m clean. I wish I was where you’re at. I think they did a pretty good job too the only thing I didn’t agree on was how the withdrawals made them scratch themselves so deep that they have scabs all over, I know while you’re high you get itchy but withdrawals don’t make me itch but the sweating and the restlessness and the body aches is def accurate, idk how they’re even walking around though even tho they’re probably forced to, I can’t get outta bed for days. Wishing I had health insurance to get help. I’m praying though, sorry for telling you my life story 😂

  9. I’m a pharmacy technician and i died when you made the comment about someone at the pharmacy counter when the prescription doesn’t go through. It’s so true!!

  10. A show that I watched called mom has characters that are all in recovery from being an alcoholic or drug addict

  11. Opiods are addictive and its just as likely she would get addicted doing life im recovering off diluadid morphine opana oxycontin oxycodone vics you name it i got in methadone maintenance still used when i could but not as much introduced my fiance to it unfortunetly she didnt like it at first finally did now is wd after on an off was fast as dyas for me my gf is physically dependent after two weeks so you dont know i watched it your experience was different dude my gf is also a substance abuse counseler well was an knows it all

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