Deewangi – Episode 05 || English Subtitles || 15th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Deewangi – Episode 05 || English Subtitles || 15th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

I am trying to tell you that this job is not
for someone as intelligent as you, you don’t deserve it. I am taking you to the skies and you… You can keep your sky, I am happy with the land I have. Even if I want to go to the sky, I will not go holding your hand. What video is this?
I cannot see Sultan’s face. Make another one and be careful. God bless you. All night you were out in the rain, I think you have fever with flu. Did you take your medication? Yes, I did, that is why I am better
or I was feeling really cold. Ok, have hot soup. No Bi jaan, I don’t want to have soup. Have soup, then rest,
I won’t let you go to work today. I won’t go to work, don’t worry. You have started being worried, is it a business problem
or a girl problem. Problem with a girl?
Why do you feel that way. I have seen a change in your
behavior for a few days now, you look happy and then suddenly you become sad. If you feel that there is a girl then, fine, you are right. SO this means, my doubt is correct. Who is she? She is someone,
I won’t tell you right now. Why not? She has not agreed yet. Who is this who is not
ready to marry you. She is really high headed. First I will have to fix her head, then I will think of marrying her. Okay tell me, how is she? What family is she from? If you like her, she must be beautiful. Yes? Bi Jaan, I don’t know about her family, but she is really pretty. She is so pretty that, I have not seen such a
pretty girl in my life. She is really good Bi Jaan. In fact, when I saw her for the first time, I felt time has stopped. My eyes couldn’t move off her. You have worried me by this, if Narmeen finds out God knows
how she will react. Your uncle is worried too. The election is around the corner, and he thinks that if you
marry outside the family, the wealth will be distributed. One wrong decision will ruin the peace of the family. I have a request from you son, whatever decision take
about your wedding, please do it after the elections. So that Mujadid can prepare
for the election with ease. Ma’am someone sent this for you. For me? Who? They didn’t say that,
they said that boss sent this for madam Nageen. Okay, you go. What do you think of yourself? I think you didn’t like flowers I sent. When a man sends a flower to a
girl it means he likes her. There is no better way to express
love for a girl than flowers. What do you think? I will be impressed with
your show of money. I spit on your money. Who is this mad man,
what does he want? He is a mad rich man. Is he really rich? He is, but I don’t get why he is after me. Such people are dangerous
like a black snake, if they get after you,
they don’t leave you alone all your life. Did he propose you? I don’t know, but I think he is mad, he is always after me. Then meet him once. No, do you remember, Faryal met that boy once and then the threats started. To be honest I am really
scared after that incident, I cannot trust anyone. Look not all men are the same, to know someone you need to trust them. How can I trust someone like that? How can you trust these rich man, he travels in big cars, he looks rich, why would he marry
someone as ordinary as me? Nageen. What is your problem?
Why don’t you hear me? What is your problem? What sort of a man are you? I have said no, insulted you so many times,
still you follow me around. What do you want? Should I complain to the management or
should I gather people and get you beaten? You do what you want,
but hear me out once. I don’t want to hear your
fake love story. Why do you hate me so much? Leave my hand. Leave it. Why are you doing this to me? What have I done? Is there a weakness in me? Am I not worth you? What is the matter?
Why do come after me? Go after girls of your class. Why have you made my life hell. Why? Do you like someone else? Yes, I do. Its up to me, I can like who I want, I can marry who I want. Not your problem. That’s it. You are just mine, I cannot let you be someone elses. I will put a ring on your hand
and make you mine. Leave me. Show me your hand. What is the matter sister? What is happening here? This man was following me, I told him many times not to do it,
but he came here following me, he held my hand forcefully and
put this ring on my hand. You are teasing a girl, you have no shame!
You look respectable! What is it that you do? Look at me. What is wrong?
Look at me. Why did you hit him? Its my personal matter, don’t come in between. You are teasing a respectable girl in the market and you say its your personal matter? Is she your sister? Your wife? Brother please, leave it, its my matter, I will solve it. Madam, you go do your work, we will handle him. He will get hit and come to his senses. Is she your sister, what is this?
Hold him. Hit him. He teases girls. Hit him. Hit him. What happened Nageen? Why are you so worried? Water. Give me water. Who did you fight with?
What happened? Sultan.
You please give me water. Sir. Sir you have this water. I am extremely sorry about this. You tell me, how can I care for you? Shut these people up. They are making a scene
for this small this. This shouldn’t go to the media. If this goes to media,
I will not leave you. Sir with me here,
how can this go to the media? Sir, its good that no one recognized you there, its good I came there on time or it would have been a big
scandal for your party. Sir, you and Mr. Mujadid
have really helped me. I have a lot of favors of yours.
You don’t get upset, have water. I will fire her today, this is the same girl who was invited at the morning show,
and she did a drama there. I know how to handle such girls. You don’t worry, you please have water.
I will go and see. I am upset with your anger, what is this that you lose your senses. You lost your senses in the talk show and today was the limit. He was putting the ring on, you could have said now or
smashed it in his face, but no, you had to slap him. Insult him and create a scene. Look Nageen, if you continue this attitude, you will lose this job and
you won’t get a job anywhere. Madam, boss is calling you. Go, you have been called. Do you like someone else? Yes, I do. Its up to me, I can like who I want, I can marry who I want. Not your problem. Hit him. Beat him. If you had to create a scene you
should have done it somewhere else. This is a well known and reputed organization,
to get publicity, you cannot ruin the name
of this organization. Sir, I didn’t do anything like this, my respect… sir that man was misbehaving with me. He didn’t misbehave, he proposed you. You created a scene on something so small. Sir small thing? He held my hand and put a ring on my finger and then threatened me that…
What? Putting a ring on your hand
threatened your respect? Sir maybe for you this is ordinary but my respect is important to me, I cannot give anyone permission to
put a ring on my hand. Fine, I agree what they did was wrong, but what you did was also not right. You could have come to me and complained. What was the reason behind creating a scene
and disrespecting him and us? On top of that, you slapped in front of people. You should be thankful that such a high
profile man proposed you and gave you respect. You know who he is? He is Sultan Durrani, he is the ex-interior minister
Mujaddid Durrani’s nephew. Look Nageen, we have good relations with his party, if a careless girl like you
ruins our relation, Sir, I will resign. I have fired you before you can resign. It is Sultan’s Durrani’s greatness
that he told me not to. Sir, I want to resign right now. Nageen, for the last time, resignation will ruin things further, you can go and work. Get lost. What is the matter sister? What is happening here? This man was following me, I told him many times not to do it, but he came here following me, he held my hand forcefully and
put this ring on my hand. You are teasing a girl, you have no shame! You look respectable!
What is it that you do? Look at me. What is wrong?
Look at me. Why did you hit him? Its my personal matter,
don’t come in between. You are teasing a respectable girl in the market
and you say its your personal matter? Is she your sister? Your wife? Hit him. Hit him. Beat him. Beat him. Hit him. Hit him. Child, tell me something, what happened to him? Bi Jaan, you know your grandson, he loses it in his anger. What is he upset about, tell me. Even I don’t know the reason, I know he came angry and
locked himself up. I went to ask him a couple of times
but he didn’t respond. The person you insulted so much
for expressing his love, your job got saved cause of him or else boss would have fired you. I will not stay here, I will resign and go. Boss will never accept your resignation. Why will he ignore something Sultan said? Do you feel sad for what you did. If you were in my place, you would have done the same. I didn’t create a scene, people there did. I didn’t know that me making a little
noise will create such a big scene. What does Sultan Durrani think, he will put on a ring and I will be his? Look Nageen, there is still time, you call Sultan and apologize. Why do you want me to apologize to him? I don’t have any fault. He really loves you, after all the things that happened, one thing is clear that
Sultan Durrani is no flirt, not a cheat. If he was a bad person, he wouldn’t have proposed you and him putting on a ring in your hand
is the truth of his love. Fine, I will apologize. But I will not stay here. I will go to Hyderabad tomorrow. You got this job with so much difficulty and you want to lose it cause of your ego. Its not about Ego Amina, its about my self respect. The scene that was created and
what happened today, I cannot stay here. People are looking at me in a weird way, they are laughing, saying weird things. I cannot tolerate this, ts not possible for me to live here. Sultan, my child, what have you done to yourself? What has happened? Tell me something. Speak up. I cannot answer your
questions right now, leave me alone and go. What has he done to himself.
Have you had a fight? Tell me. She said no to marrying me. She said no? So what happened son, the world doesn’t end on one girl, you have a lot of girls that you are sitting here like Romeo.
She said no to me Bi Jaan, Sultan Durrani. She just doesn’t say no, she slapped me in front of everyone,
insulted me. Till today, Sultan Durrani has never been insulted
so much in the world. What was my fault? That I proposed her? That girl has made me lose my respect. I cannot show my face anywhere. Proposing a girl, making her your respect, is it a crime? That I was punished so badly Bi Jaan? Not at all, she was at fault. Absolutely wrong was that girl. Forget her. She was not made for you. She is not worth you,
understand? You are right, she was not worth me, I was the one who went mad after her. Uncle was right, if you give these cheap people
importance they go crazy. I made a big mistake. Bi Jaan, I got insulted bad. You are my brave son, be strong. I cannot see you broken like this, be strong, have patience. Bi Jaan, I am not sad
cause of her rejection, I am sad that she insulted
my love and feelings. First time someone broke
Sultan Durrani’s heart. First time. Nageen, I wanted some money,
4-5 thousand, I will return it as soon as I get the committee. You can send them over today. I am coming back to Hyderabad. I will give it to you when I come. Hyderabad? You went 2 days back. I have resigned from the job. What? Have you gone mad? Rashid, gave you this job
with so much difficulty, why are you leaving it? Why do you worry so much, I will get another job. Why should I not worry, Rashid lost his job too, you are our only hope. Brother Rashid lost his job? How? The company fired him a month back, me and mama found out today. I had committees for your wedding, I put the children in a private
school cause you told me to, now you tell me if you leave this job,
how will I manage? Okay, you don’t worry, I will do something. I haven’t given my resignation, but please give me some time to think. I… fine I won’t resign, but you please don’t worry. Bye. Are you going somewhere? I am going from here. I think you fought with Sultan and like always you are leaving upset. You get upset with the one you
have a relation with, I don’t have any relation
with your grandson. Nor do I want it. What do you mean? I don’t get it. Look at this. Your grandson’s great doings. You know this video is viral on
social media since morning, the whole of Pakistan
must have seen it. I had told you earlier you
are making a mistake, what was the need to go after that girl. She is a normal girl, you are forgetting you are Sultan. What could I do man? I had lost my heart to her. I was madly in love with her. I couldn’t see anyone but her. She didn’t care for me. You finally learned. Now you are in your senses, right? Senses and mind! Hey, you bother girls, don’t you have shame. You like from a good family. How dare you? Damn you. Sultan, who uploaded this video? Huh? What video? The scene at the bus stand, someone made the video
viral on social media. Is she your sister? Your wife? Oh God. Look at me, what is wrong?
What are you looking at? You are teasing a girl in the market, you say its personal. Is she your sister? Your wife? Beat him. Beat him. Hit him. The gathering tomorrow
should be memorable. 10-15000 people should be there. If our opposing party can
do such a big gathering with the same number,
then why can’t we do it? Sir don’t worry,
as per the surveys you are winning. Sir, look at the TV there is a
big conspiracy against you. What? Yes sir. People, this is the video that has been viral on
social media since last night. This is not the first incident of
harassing a bus hostess, before this several such incidences
have occurred. Recently, one such issue happened where an
innocent girl was killed by acid or refusing to get married. But this incident has big names attached to it. Viewers, this is famous politician Mujadid Durrani’s
grandson Sultan Durrani, who was caught red handed intoxicated
and teasing a bus hostess. You can see in the video that Sultan Durrani
is holding the hand of the girl and trying to harass her. The woman is trying
to free her hand and slaps him. The people at the bus stand made this video and got it viral on social media. Till now this video has got more
than 50000 views. The people present there said that
Sultan Durrani was intoxicated and he was trying to harass
the girl constantly. The people tried to get him away, but Sultan Durrani couldn’t be controlled. He had lost his senses and forgot that he
had a woman in front of him. He was beating her up constantly. Sultan! Sultan!


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